Mate worth loving

Girl Power Counterattack

Lila just wants to feel loved by someone.

Jason is the future of his pack and eagerly wants to take the next step forward.

What happens when the future of the pack discovers his one true mate is the girl who believes she is not good enough to ever be loved?

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Chapter 1: Him
*Lila Pov     I remember a couple of kids in my class were having a conversation about what superpower they would want if they were ever presented with the chance of having one. One of them significantly admitted that being invisible was the best superpower out there. You could do anything you wanted without being caught. You could rob a bank or steal the answers to the midterms, and no one would ever know. After being at this school for a couple of months, I can confidently say being invisible is not remarkable.      I moved here about six months ago after my parents died in a freak accident. They were driving down the back roads and got a flat tire. When they got out to change it, they were attacked by some wolves. After they died, the state sent me to live with my aunt, but she couldn't stand me. Never could. Today is my eighteenth birthday, so I suggested that I go live somewhere where I can get a scholarship and here I am. I never thought I would end up in Minnesota. My aunt called me crazy because there are wolves in and out of the city. I have yet to see one. I was going through potential colleges that I could easily commute to from where I would be living throughout my last year of high school. Something about this place just screamed out to me. Even before my parent's accident, I had put Minnesota as one of my list of schools. I aspire to write. I love writing my feelings out since I can't seem to convey them very well. I think that was part of the reason my aunt didn't want anything to do with me. I had cried a single tear for my parents when they passed.      On the outside, to everyone else, we looked like a perfect family—loving parents with a straight-A student. Everyone would tell me that my life was perfect. Kind and caring parents that anyone would kill to have. But that couldn't be the furthest thing from the truth. My parents were cruel and vindictive. My parents used to beat the living shit out of me.  My day-to-day life consisted of waking up, making them breakfast, eating the scraps they leave behind (and that was a big maybe), getting beat if I didn't wake up fast enough or cooked fast enough, etc. It all started when I was about ten years old. They both worked for some factory that laid off over one hundred and fifty people, and my parents were both a part of that lot. They both started to drink their frustrations away of not being able to find new work. It didn't take long after that for them to become violent.  And, of course, no one caught on. When it first started, I told one of my teachers in school, and they sent a social worker around to the house that same night. They saw no immediate danger to my well being and left me in their care. As soon as the social worker left, they beat me until I had an inch of life left in me. They loaded us up and moved us to the next town, so no one would say anything when they took me to the hospital. I couldn't eat properly for two months. I can't remember the last time anyone had said I love you or ask if I'm alright or just genuinely cared. I've never had any friends despite the fact everyone thought I lived a perfect life. Instead, they used that to 'bully' me, and I guess most would say. But compared to my parents, they were nothing.     And that's why I like being here in Minnesota. I've been here for a few months but have only started school a few weeks ago. Something about my transcripts coming from 3 different places. I didn't quite understand what they were saying. I think they were making up many excuses because they dropped the ball and didn't prepare for my transfer. I didn't mind, though. It gave me time to explore the town and observe the people, as weird as that may sound. I found a great spot to go and do my homework at a bit of cafe and, when it's busy, found this beautiful flower field about a mile or two into the woods.     Although I haven't made any friends, I have had people come up and warn me about going into the woods after sundown. It can get overrun with the wolves I have yet to see. I can't tell if they are being kind and trying to warn me or just having fun scaring the new kid.      About halfway through the school day, I noticed that all the students seemed to be talking about some big rager that was happening tonight. They had posted flyers up all around the school, trying to get as many people as possible to come. This guy does this pretty frequently. I have yet to meet this guy, and he wasn't here the first few weeks of school from when I started. Today was the first day I had seen him. However, I didn't get an evident look. He seemed to be surrounded by every single hot chick at this school. I usually don't care about people, especially the 'popular' ones, because in my experience, they are nothing but arrogant rich people that think they can treat people however they see fit. But something about him intrigued me. It's like, I feel like I know him from somewhere. Haha, although that sounds super stalkerish, considering I haven't even met the guy face to face.      Oh well. Best keep to myself, I have managed to pull my life out of the gutter, and I will be damned if I let anyone put me back there. I would rather have no one than someone that can potentially ruin my life. Just as I turn around to exit the school building, I hit something that feels like a brick wall and falls flat on my ass. I instantly put one hand on my face and the other on my ass as the pain becomes more apparent. I look up to see the guy assume everyone is obsessing over. Jason Stark. He looks like a fucking sex god; no wonder all the girls fall at his feet. He looks like he is 6'2, maybe 6'3. His biceps are bulging out of his black short sleeve shirt, and his hair is a beautiful shade of black, styled like something out of a magazine. I can't help but go at him. He is beautiful. He puts out his hand to help me up, and as soon as I take it, something like electric shock courses through my body from his touch. As soon as I am back on my feet, I rip my hand out of his, never breaking eyesight. This feeling is intense and fucking weird.      "Um, sorry, I didn't see you there." I'm casually trying to back out of this weird encounter. I hadn't noticed before, but for some reason, everyone was staring at us.  "What's your name?" His voice shook me to my core. But, God, was it sexy. His entire presence alone was driving me wild, but through his voice in the mix and I'm just about to lose my god damn mind.     "My name is Lila." That came out much quieter than I intended. I looked on the ground and noticed all my stuff is still all over the floor. I bend down and start picking up my stuff, and suddenly another hand is down with me, helping me back up with my shit. Every time we touch, my body seems to go into overdrive, sending tingles up and down my body.     "Um, thanks. I've got to get going. Sorry again." Before he could say anything, I bolt for the door. I wouldn't say I like how I am reacting to this guy I just met. Sure it feels good, but it scares me. I have never felt like this before. But before I could make it to the steps of the stairs, I think an arm pull me back into a pair of muscular arms. I look up to see none other than Jason. I try to wiggle out of his grasp and ask him what his deal is, but before I could, the last thing that came out of his mouth was, "Mine."

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