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Jamie is the baby sister to two alpha brothers. One evil and one good. She is a werewolf that's one of a kind and when she meets Alpha Cameron, her mate, she is hesitant to let him into her world. Can she trust him, his pack and all the other packs with her secrets? Or will he reject her because of them? How can she let them all in and then fight off the evil chasing her?

When Cameron meets Jamie, he is completely confused by this mysterious and beautiful she-wolf. What will happen when he learns what she is? And can he keep her safe from the evil that wants to take her time and time again?

What will they learn along their journey? And can their allies really help them?

Book 2- The Broken Beta (Book 2 of Forest Wolf Series)

Book 3- The Alpha and His Rogue (Book 3 of The Forest Wolf Series)

Book 4- The Hexed Luna (Book 4 of Forest Wolf Series)

Book 5- The Lone Alpha (Book 5 of Forest Wolf Series)

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Trinity Forest Pack
Here in the United States, the population of humans has grown to an astounding 331,002,651 million people. That's just humans, but what about the unknown? Like the witches and their covens? The vampires and their clans? The werewolves and their packs? All of these communities stay hidden from the human world as much as possible, so they aren't counted. Well, when it comes to werewolves, the United States alone holds ten packs that make up about 10,000 wolves. This doesn’t include all the rogues that run wild and rampant in the country. The Moon Goddess has been worried about the werewolf's survival for many thousands of years. So at the turn of the first millennia, she created a God that would walk the earth. One to help the packs and secure their survival. One that would help them not to have to rely on the world of the humans that hunted and killed them. Prophecy: "You will have several children, all very healthy. But one son will be drawn to the darkness, and one child will be born of power and light.” Jamie’s POV It’s the start of summer so it’s hot. Hot enough to melt your boobs right off your body. But that’s not stopping anyone from working in the gardens or the orchards. Sure I'm uncomfortable as hell but there's work to be done, and what can you expect from the weather in the deep South. To help feed our pack of three hundred werewolves, we have a vegetable garden that spans one full acre, and a fruit orchard and berry patch that covers another two acres. We also raise and butcher a large portion of our own meat. To say we are almost a fully self-sufficient community is an amazing thing. This was our parents' dream, and I’m happy that I’ve been able to help get our pack as far as we have. “Jamie, would you hurry up. I’m so over this heat,” Tara says clearly irritated. Tara’s been my best friend since we were toddlers and tends to be a little snippy when she’s hot and hungry. She’s about five feet tall with all the curves you could ask for, dirty blond hair and big brown eyes. To say she’s beautiful would be an understatement. “Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’m almost done with this bush,” I say, rolling my eyes with a large smile. It’s the start of blueberry season and the bushes are just starting to explode with their large dark blue morsels of goodness. By the looks of the bushes, the season will last well into August this year. They are so full of berries. I pull three more ripe berries off the bush, dropping two in my bucket and popping the last one in my mouth. As soon as I bite down I can’t help the slight moan that escapes me. “They’re that good this year huh?” Tara teases with wide eyes and a sly grin. “Mmmhmm,” I say with my eyes closed and a small smile. “Let me try one,” Tara says, grabbing a ripe one off the bush. “Not that one, try this one,” I handed her one from my bucket. She eats the one I handed her, “Mmm.” Then pops the one she picked into her mouth, “Yuck!” She gags spitting it back out while saying, “I don’t know how you can always tell which ones are the best, but I should know to listen to you by now.” “Yep,” I say laughing, turning towards the packhouse. This girl cracks me up. I can't help but laugh at her little misfortune here. “Let’s go store everything and get cleaned up for lunch,” I tell her. We both walk in silence down the dirt path to the packhouse, both of us in our own thoughts. As we walk I think about how different Tara and I are, not just in looks but personality too. We are like night and day making it an oddly cohesive friendship. I’m five foot five inches tall with a runner's build, meaning I’m average height and thin but athletic looking. My eyes are dark green, with long dark, wavy, brown hair that I keep up in a bun almost all the time. Tara tends to speak her mind at all times no matter what the situation. She’s very much an open book and you can tell what she’s thinking almost at all times. I, on the other hand, am very reserved and quiet. I speak my mind when needed. In other words, I’m the silent observer that's always thinking. Neither one of us has found our mates, our other halves to our souls. In order to have a long healthy life as a werewolf, you have to find your mate. I wondered what was taking so long to find the other half of us. We walk into the packhouse as it buzzes with members getting ready for lunch. Tara leads the way to the kitchen to give the staff the fresh food we harvested this morning. The kitchen staff will wash then put away or use the food we bring in. Teamwork makes the dream work here! As we place our buckets on the counter we hear, “Oh, fresh blueberries,” come from our Luna Meredith, my older brother's mate. She meets me with the biggest smile as she rubs her big round pregnant belly. I return her smile and giggle a little. I hand her a handful of berries and then place my hands on her belly and bend down to talk to the little one. “Hello, there little pup. Aunt Jamie can’t wait to meet and hold you,” I say smiling as the little one moves at the sound of my voice. Meredith is a few inches shorter than me with naturally copper-colored skin, black long wavy hair and big honey-colored eyes. She’s absolutely beautiful and has a heart of gold which just makes her even more beautiful. She’s been an amazing addition to our family and our pack. She is a sweet Luna and works hard to keep the pack and my brother happy. “Aunt Jamie!” I hear James, our three-year-old future Alpha squeal as he sees me, making me jump. I immediately engulf my little squishy love bug in a huge hug. My nephew has the same colored skin and hair like his mother but has his dad's dark blue eyes. He’s adorable and smart and he knows it. “Are you behaving today?” I ask, giving him a grin and some side-eye. He is always running amuck and is always into things he shouldn’t be. “Never,” he says with a giggle. Meredith nods with wide eyes still munching on blueberries. To be honest I figured this would be his answer. The kid is honest. “Oh Jamie, when you get a chance your brother wants to see you in his office. He said he had something to talk to you about,” Meredith says as she eats the last of the blueberries in her hand. “Ok. Do you know what’s going on?” I ask in curiosity. I wonder what’s up. The last time he called me into his office it was about meeting with an Alpha he thought might be my mate. Oh, how wrong he was about that. That guy wasn’t my mate but was clearly a little too interested in me. He ended up leaving with a broken nose after grabbing my butt. I believe his name was Alex, but I can't remember. Anyways, this Alpha better not get handsy or he might lose one. “I know we have a neighboring pack’s Alpha coming to visit tomorrow. I don’t know any more than that,” she says. Shit, he’s at it again, I thought. I know the point of trying to find my mate but come on. Was he trying to get rid of me? That's a joke. I know he loves me. I'm his favorite sister... His only sister, but it still counts. “Alright. Let him know I’m headed to his office.” I wash my hands and tell everyone I will see them soon, and head off to Duncan’s office. I sigh and shake my head, worried he is trying to see if this new Alpha is my mate. I know the reason for finding my mate is of great importance but I'm fine without him right now. As I stand in the hallway outside the closed door, I remember when this was our father's office. Everyone adored our parents, even the neighboring packs we had alliances with. It was a huge tragedy when they were killed. I heave out a heavy sigh from missing them. Then I collected myself to see my brother. He hates it when I’m depressed. I reach my hand out to knock but the door opens before I get the chance. Duncan is standing on the other side of the door with his phone to his ear, and motions for me to come in.

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