Chapter 1: Disaster

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When I awoke, I was on a beach. That much was self-evident - waves were lapping at me, and there was a salty taste in my mouth. I struggled to get to my feet, only to be greeted by a horrible sight. What lay before me was the ocean. It stretched into the horizon with no sign of life anywhere, aside from the occasional seagull.   I spun around in a hurry, spotting the remains of the plane I had been on immediately. Pieces of the wreckage were scattered around a short distance away, and thick, black smoke was still rising into the air. Mangled bodies lay in the immediate vicinity.   “Fuck!” I yelled, horrified. The scene was ghastly, and the scent of blood and burning bodies made me feel like throwing up. Bending over, I retched. Only seawater trickled out of my mouth, but it did make me feel a little better. I sat down heavily, keeping my back to the scene of carnage until I felt like I had my wits about me again.   The last thing I remembered was being on a plane. The president of my company had decided to take everyone to a New Year’s party, and we had encountered turbulence on the way. I had never imagined that it would result in a plane crash.   Still, what else could I do? I was marooned on what seemed like a deserted island, and I had no choice but to explore and find some shelter before dark. Swallowing against the nausea that rose in me at the sight of the bodies littered along the beach, I began to move further inland.   All of a sudden, I stumbled over something half-buried in the sand. It was my manager, Elsa Sprout!   Elsa was notoriously cold and unapproachable. She seemed to be married to her work, since she never joined any of us when we went for lunch or drinks, and I even had a private nickname for her. She was the Ice Queen, since her attitude was glacial at best. However, Elsa looked quite different now that she was lying right before me on the sandy beach. She lay on her side, one arm cradling her head while the other flopped limply over her abdomen. She looked rather seductive, even in what I hoped was just sleep.   Elsa was soaking wet, and her office attire was clinging to her tightly. She was still dressed, but she was far from covered. The black suit jacket she favored was probably in the middle of the ocean, leaving her clad in just a white blouse and a skirt. Her breasts had shifted and displaced themselves from the confines of her bra, and I could even make out her nipples since her wet shirt had turned see through. The skirt had been pushed up, revealing a gray thong.   A thong! That was something I had never imagined her wearing. Does the Ice Queen have a warm side hidden away? I could not help but wonder. Drawn by the soft, plump curve of her cheeks peeking out around the thong, I stumbled over and took her into my arms.   Holding her was something I had never even dared to imagine before. Well - Elsa was still my manager, if there was a company to go back to at all, and I dared not hold her for long.   After I put her back down, I conducted a quick visual inspection even though my hands longed to skim over her curves. Fortunately, she seemed uninjured. Phew! We were on a deserted island with no medical supplies, after all.   “Forrest Chaplain! What are you doing?” Elsa barked the very moment I let out my sigh of relief. Her expression was guarded, just like it usually was at the office. The Ice Queen was back.   “If I really wanted to do something to you, I would have done it by now. You really think I’d have waited for you to wake up?” I scoffed. "Anyway, I think everyone else might be dead."   “Dead?” Elsa turned pale. Several things seemed to hit her at once - the plane crash, the fact that we were alone on a beach, and her semi-nudity. “You… You mean that we’re still alive?” she blurted, hugging herself and covering her chest with her arms.   “We’re alive. For now, anyway,” I tossed back.   Elsa’s eyes darted around quickly, taking in the situation. I could see that she was coming to the same conclusions that I had arrived at shortly after waking up - the ocean stretching endlessly before us signaled that we were well and truly alone, and the wreckage of the plane around us dashed all hopes of finding any usable luggage, including our phones. Elsa began trembling, her teeth chattering a little. I could not blame her for being afraid. She had spent all her adult life working in an office, as had I. How on earth were we going to survive?   “Wait here for me,” I instructed, pushing myself upright and brushing off my palms with a grunt. “I’ll check and see if there are any other survivors.”   “Don’t leave me!” Elsa cried, lunging over and grabbing my leg. Just as I was about to speak, I looked down.   My thigh was pressed right against her ample chest, and her mouth - well. It was right atop my crotch. How on earth was I going to avoid getting hard? The simple answer was that there was no way I could. As she and I both watched, the sodden material of my office pants began to tent.   “Ah!” Elsa yelled, jerking back a little. I winced, trying to pull my leg out of her grasp, but she refused to let go. A mere moment later, she began rubbing her cheek against the top of my thigh, leaving her parted lips tantalizingly close to my dick.   It was the closest I had ever been to getting a blowjob, and I could not help but gasp.   “Don’t leave me. I’ll do anything you want,” Elsa breathed. I thought I could feel her hot breath through the fabric of my pants, soaked though they were. She raised her head and looked at me. How could this be the same woman whom I had dubbed the Ice Queen? There was nothing but limpid desperation in her eyes now.   “I’m not leaving you. I’m just going to see if anyone else made it. I’ll see if I can rustle up something to eat too,” I promised, hoping that it would comfort her. It was the hardest thing I had ever done - no pun intended, of course. Her offer of doing anything I wanted was so very enticing, but I knew I had to ensure our survival instead of thinking with my other head, so to speak.   “You promise?” Elsa pleaded, batting her eyelashes as she pressed her bosom even more tightly against my thigh.   “Of course,” I murmured soothingly, detaching myself with a great deal of difficulty. “Be a good girl and wait for me here.”    “Alright,” Elsa agreed, nodding even though she had a strange look on her face. Only after I had taken a few steps away did I realize why the look had seemed alien on her - it was terror. Maybe she really does feel afraid to be alone, I thought. Who wouldn’t?   A few moments later, I found a piece of luggage that looked familiar. It was a backpack, and it was an excellent find indeed. It contained a small first-aid kit.    This looks like Yvonne’s, I thought, scrutinizing it carefully. Yvonne Louis was our company’s main anchor. She was exceptionally beautiful, and it was said that being the recipient of her smile was just like being able to see a rare flower bloom right before you. Apparently, someone had donated millions for the sake of meeting Yvonne just once, but she had turned him down politely and even brought up returning her share of the money. Ever since then, Yvonne’s popularity had skyrocketed, and she had no shortage of fans.   Could she be alive, too? I thought, hurrying along the beach. If her backpack made it out, what about her?   She was only a few feet away from her own backpack, and the dress she had worn on the plane had disappeared. Instead, I got to see what she had put on beneath it - a cute set of bra and panties. My lucky day, I thought gleefully, moving closer until I was kneeling down next to her. A smear of blood alerted me to the fact that there was a cut on her ankle, and I picked up her foot lightly, wiping it off.   “Yvonne!” I called quietly, touching her hand. She was still breathing - that marvelous chest was still rising and falling - but she was unresponsive. Well, that was just fine. It gave me leeway to hoist her onto my back in a fireman’s carry so that I could get back to Elsa.   The unfortunate fact was that I was an office worker, through and through. Being a man did not make me fit, even though I wished I did. Yvonne was still an adult woman, and I struggled to keep her in position as I staggered along, the sand sinking beneath my feet.   “Come on, don’t fall off,” I grunted, using my left hand to support the dead weight on my shoulder.   “Ah!” I heard, and I froze. Only then did I realize what my hand had touched. In trying to support the woman on my shoulder, my hand had landed squarely on her behind, and was, in fact, wedged sideways into her crotch.   “Are you awake?” I asked hurriedly, my heart pounding double time. What if she wakes up and thinks I’m a pervert?    Yvonne did not respond. Instead, I felt a twitch beneath my palm.   It can’t be… She was drenched, yes, but the warmth I was feeling could not possibly be from seawater. Emboldened, I shifted my palm just a little, pressing further against her vulva. Another yelp slipped out, but Yvonne did not move. It looked like it was just her body responding to my touch, even though she was unable to respond.   She’s turned on, I thought. She always seemed like she was above carnal desire. I wonder… I shook my head hurriedly, trying to shake my thoughts out of my head. Yvonne was unconscious, after all. It would not be right for me to touch her any further. Putting my back into the task, I made my way doggedly back along the beach to where I had left Elsa.   “Forrest, I-I’m hungry!” Elsa barely looked at Yvonne at all, even after I had laid her down carefully on the sand. She had barely given me the time of day when she was my manager, but now? The look that she turned on me nearly gave me a heart attack. She looked like a little sex kitten as she pushed her chest forward, her full lips twisting into a pout. I winced. I had no choice but to disappoint her - I had found another survivor, but no food at all.   “Forrest, you have to protect me!” she mewled, rushing toward me and wrapping her arms around my torso. I stood stock-still, unable to respond. Her breasts were right up against my own chest, and I could feel myself getting hard again.   “I think we’re not in any immediate danger,” I tried to reassure her. “Let’s just hold on. I’m sure someone will rescue us, since there were a lot of us on the plane.”   “Oh, right. We’ll be rescued!” Elsa only clung on tighter to me. She was still trembling, and deep down, I knew that it was out of an instinctual fear of the unknown.   “Let me go check and see if anyone else survived the crash. The more people there are, the greater our chances at surviving,” I suggested. My idea was not entirely altruistic - I was hoping that having more people around would allow us to look for shelter and food at the same time. Elsa and Yvonne were both very beautiful girls, yes, but one couldn’t live off beauty. Not literally, anyway.   “Alright. Make sure you’re careful,” Elsa whispered into my ear. “If you come back to me, I’ll give you… I’ll give you my virginity.”   Her virginity?   I looked at Elsa, narrowing my eyes in suspicion. She had practically humped my leg and offered a blowjob earlier. That doesn’t seem like what a virgin would do, I thought. However, Elsa met my gaze and nodded firmly.    “Then save it properly for me,” I chuckled, feeling my heart swell. Pulling back a little, I caressed her face. “Take care of Yvonne for now. I’m going to see if there’s anything we can eat.”   My trek earlier had only netted me a first-aid kit. Reluctantly, I disentangled myself from Elsa and returned to the wreckage of the pain, stepping carefully around the bodies strewn around. Luck was on my side - I found a pair of pricey kitchen knives and a few bottles of water. Miraculously, the bottles were intact, merely sandy from where they had landed. Who on earth packed these? I wondered, frowning down at my find.   I had no idea, but it did not matter. The next stroke of luck put the provenance of the knives right out of my mind. I came across a rocky tide pool, which contained a few small fish! Although there were only three, it was still better than nothing. I plunged my hand into the pool and grabbed the fish, smashing their heads against the rock to stun them before putting them in Yvonne’s backpack. It felt disgusting to put fresh fish in a clean backpack, but there was nothing I could do.    Time to get back to Yvonne and Elsa, I thought, straightening up. Only then did I notice what lay just beyond the rock pool - it was someone else. Maybe I’ll get to see another beautiful woman! I scrambled over the rocks, approaching the limp form. It was the flight attendant!   She looked rather more disheveled than when we had first met. Her pristine white blouse had come undone, revealing a white lacy bra underneath. There was one upside to having her shirt open, however - I could see quite clearly that she was still breathing. I squatted down, ready to hoist her into another fireman’s carry like I had done before, but was startled badly by a loud roar.
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