The Love Contract

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Kiara D' Aramitz is twenty-five, CEO of CKD Hotels, the largest hotel chain in the world. She has never been in love before. That is until one night at a club she meets someone.

Austin Lokela twenty-nine is a law student and a part-time waiter. That night at the club he fell in love with Kiara. But when he found out who she was, he realized he was way out of her league.

But Kiara has made it her mission to have him so she prepared the only kind of proposal that she knew to make. A business proposal. She offered him a contract marriage.

He turned her down. But he couldn't seem to stop thinking about her.

And when Austin's brother, Bret meets her, he wants Kiara. But his reasons for wanting her are completely different than anyone had ever imagined

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Chapter 1
Kiara Prudence D'Aramitz, twenty-five years old. My father, Carlos D'Aramitz, died in a plane crash when I was twenty. He owned and was the CEO of CKD. It is the largest hotel chain in the world. My father was a billionaire. He was born and raised in Marseille France. I lived there until I was one. I inherited my father's business, houses, and everything else that he owned. My father's parents didn't like my mother, they said that she was a commoner compared to them. My mother's family wasn't poor, nor were they rich. They always lived a comfortable life. But my grandparents refused to accept that and my mother. So one day when my father left to go on a business trip, my grandparents shipped my mother and me back to the United States. My grandfather even sent Michael with us. He was our personal bodyguard. Michael brought his wife Mara with him. He knew that we would never return to Marseille to live. Both of them helped raise me. They were and still are very protective of me. My mother, Keri McCall - D'Aramitz, died when I was eighteen. She died in a car accident. She and some friends were planning a girl's weekend. The weather turned bad and a truck hit my mother's car. My mother was biracial. She was eighteen, my father was twenty-two when they met in Los Angeles. He was here on a business trip. They fell in love instantly with each other. He proposed to my mother a couple of hours after they met. Then they had a small wedding at my mother's apartment. He said that he didn't want her to get away from him. Four days later, he took her back to France with him. A year and a half later, I was born. After my grandparents sent us away, my father came a week later. Mara said that my parents were locked in a room for over five hours. That she and Michael didn't have a clue what was going on. But a few days later, my father bought my mother a house. It's the same house that I live in now. He has always supported us financially. My father always made sure that my mother and I had everything we needed or wanted. I went to a private school. Which I wasn't happy about. But I didn't have a say in that. That is until I was in high school. Then I had tutors at home. But my father did allow me to go to a university. There was and still is one thing that I am confused about. That is every time my mother wanted to start a career. I would hear her and my father arguing on the phone. Or he would arrive a few days later to discuss that with her. I never understood why she couldn't do what she wanted to. After all, they were not together anymore. I loved that my father was at every important event in my life. He would stay at the house whenever he came to visit. But in a separate bedroom. In the summer I would spend it with him. We traveled to every hotel that he owned. Just my father and me. That is until I met my best friend Simone and she started traveling with us. When I was seventeen, my grandparents died right out of the blue. Also, their deaths were a month apart. First my grandfather, then my grandmother. I have to admit I didn't cry for either one of them. It wasn't as if we were close. I only saw them twice a year. Which were two times too many for me. That was when my father and I would travel to Marseille. But for some strange reason, I was listed as their only heir. When I turned twelve, my father started teaching me about his business. That included all of his property affairs. Even if I wasn't interested in learning. He forced me, now I am happy that he did. It seems that he was right. He and my mother are both gone now. His exact words were. "You have to learn everything about this business. I built it for you, I'm not going to be around forever ma belle Princesse ( my beautiful princess in french)" My mother never dated anyone. My father was the love of her life. She didn't want anyone else. She would go away alone on long vacations. She always said that was her me time. As far as I know, my father never dated anyone else either. If he did I never did see or hear about anyone. When the accident happened, my mother lived for a week. My father never left her side. He took it hard when she died. That is when I found out that they never did get a divorce. I guess he still loved her too. Simone and I met at the mall when we were fifteen years old. We're still best friends today. I offered to pay her tuition for college. She wouldn't let me. Then in our third year of college, I made a deal with her. She would work for my company, and for two years, and I would pay her intuition. The loan would be paid in full. She didn't understand how that would work, since she still was getting a salary. To be honest I didn't know either but that was something that I wanted to do for her. That was three years ago. She is still here, she's the marketing manager. She's married to Bryan Winters Spencer is someone that I wish to forget. He was my boyfriend of four years. Let's see how do I explain him. He is handsome and charming. Hell, he knew the right words to say to get me to go out with him. But for some reason, I couldn't fall in love with him. I didn't know why. Until about three months into our relations. I planned on giving him my virginity that night. But I was still having so many doubts. My mother always told me to pray about things. I prayed that morning that if he is not the one to give me a sign. God did better than what he showed me. I went to Spencer's house early to prepare a romantic dinner. Then I took a long hot bubble bath and dressed in a sheer black teddy. Then something under his pillow caught my eye. When I reach under it I never expected to pull out a pair of black thongs. That was the night that I should have left his whorest ass. But I decided that I would keep him around just for a show. At least for a while longer. But I didn't give myself to him. I changed back into my clothes. When he arrived home we had dinner and I left. He was confused because he saw theVictoria's Secret bag that was sitting beside my purse. That was four years ago. So let's just say that I kept Spencer around way too long. Two weeks ago I went to his house. I didn't knock, besides that didn't matter I had a key to his house. When I walked into the living room I saw that there were two wine glasses sitting on the table. I heard moaning sounds coming from upstairs. I smiled as I walk closer to his bedroom. There he was in bed with Jordan Baker. She was on top of him. I clap my hands, turn around, and walked out of the room and out of his front door. As I was driving off. Spencer was standing in the front yard yelling my name and naked as the day that he was born. I blew my horn and kept driving. I was done with him for good.

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