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Winter Firewalker will be eighteen and the Queen of all werewolves in five months. Winter wanted to spend those months away from the palace, so she took a communication class at the university. That's where she met eighteen-year-old Alpha Nicholas Forrester of the Goldtooth Manes pack. When he realized she was his mate, he and his wolf wanted to be close to her. He and Winter started dating.

Then on her eighteenth birthday, he rejected her.

Not long after Nicholas rejects Winter, she meets a childhood friend- Alpha Shane Atinkson. He's the Alpha of the Bravecrest Shadows pack. Shane has been in love with Winter ever since they were kids. Now that her mate has rejected her he vows to win her heart and never let her go. But when Nicholas walks back into her life, and Shane's vow of keeping her heart forever, who will Winter choose?

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Chapter 1
Winter wants to study communications at the nearby university. She wanted to experience studying with others. She has always had tutors. King Reese was against the idea of her attending the university. It wasn't that he was trying to control her life. The King has a fear that her mate or other men would worm their way into this daughter's heart because of who she is. King Reese didn't want Winter or her other two siblings to experience the pain of a broken heart. Queen Pilar understood their daughter. She has always tried to make sure that Winter and her youngest daughter Autumn and her son, Sacha have as normal a life as much as possible. That's one of the reasons that she and Reese made sure they kept their children out of the public eye. King Reese summons Winter to his office. He points to a chair as soon as she walks into his office. Her father doesn't give her time to sit down. "Young lady, it appears that your mother agrees that it would be a good experience for you. Therefore, I'll permit you to attend the university for the next five months. Then on to your aunts for two weeks for some much-needed relaxation. After that, on your eighteenth birthday, you'll be crowned the queen. I have one stipulation. That is you can't let anyone know who you are, not even if you find your mate. That is until I met him. You'll only be known by your first name. Let's just assume that your Cher." He narrows his eyes looking at her Winter is so excited that she agrees before her father finished his last sentence. She just wants to go to a public university even if it is only for a couple of months. Two weeks later Winter is parking in the university parking lot. A black Audi Q7 parks beside her. It's Winter's Beta, Harper and Parker her Delta. The girls are also best friends. "It seems that I have missed out on a lot while I was away for two weeks. "Who is that gorgeous raven hair color Goddess?" Future Alpha Nicholas Forrester of the Goldtooth Manes pack is staring at Winter closing the car door of her black 2021 Audi R8 V10. He glances at his Beta, Blake Clayton, and his mate Shonda Keaton kissing. "Break that up long enough to answer my question." Nicholas looks back at the 5'8 raven-haired, brown eyes beautiful Winter. Her hair is in a swooping braid to the right. Blake walks over to him and at the young lady " Aw, Hayden and I had a feeling that you would be interested in her. That my future Alpha is the mysterious Winter, her major is communications. The twins are her friends, Harper Munson, and Parker Munson." He points at two blue-eyed 5'7 burnets with a shoulder-length combover lob. "Winter what? What pack is she from? Does she have a boyfriend?" Nicholas is still looking at Winter inhaling her sweet scent of Oriental Lilies, wondering "Why she hasn't acknowledged him as her mate. His wolf Wilder has been yelling mate in his head before Winter drove up. "Just Winter. No last name. All I know is that those three are living in one of the high-rise apartments together. Why are you asking?" Blake is looking at Winter, Parker, and Harper talking and walking to the courtyard. "Because she's my mate." Nicholas walks away. **** Later that day Winter, Harper, and Parker are sitting in class when Nicholas walks in. His eyes are glued to her. She's reading a book. He sits down, wondering "Is her ignoring him her way of rejecting me," He's brought out of his thoughts when Taffy Tuttle is rubbing his arm. He looks up at her, she's batting her eyes. "Hey Nick, why haven't you called me lately?" "I've been busy" He looks back at Winter. She's looking at him smiling, then she quickly turns her head. A huge smile comes on his face. Taffy follows his eyes to see who he's smiling at. She frowns when she sees that it's Winter. "Nick, how about tonight you and I go to the lake?" She rubs his neck. Only to get her hand slapped. "No, I'm busy for the rest of my life." He starts talking to Blake ad Hayden. Taffy storms to her desk, looking at Winter. Nicholas can't focus during class. He's tapping his finger on the desk thinking "At least she smiled at me. Maybe that's her way of letting me know that she's my mate. Winter must be shy." After class Winter, Parker, and Harper walk out still not speaking to him. Nicholas is displeased with Winter's behavior. Harper nudges Winter's arm "It seems that you have an admirer. That is Nicholas Forrester, the future Alpha of Goldtooth Manes pack" "I have to admit he's handsome." Winter is looking at a handsome 6'2 short black-haired and black-eyed Alpha. "Well, he can't seem to keep his eyes off of you. Nor can you keep stopping taking little glimpses at him when you think he's not looking. " Parker laughs "Something about him is different. Come on let's grab a bite at the food court before heading home." Winter looks at Nicholas again. He's still looking at her smiling with a narrowed eye. Blake and Hayden have been speaking with several young ladies. That they have seen Winter, Parker, and Harper talking to. Hayden sees that Nicholas's wolf Wilder is about to come out so he's inquiring about her. Hayden laughs walks over to him and pats him on his back. "Calm down Alpha. "As always your Beta and Delta have your back. Winter is only seventeen. So she doesn't know that you're her mate. They don't know if she has a boyfriend." Blake is standing on the other side of him. Nicholas is getting angry looking at her and talking to Brandon. "Those two seem pretty close. I can't and will not allow another man to touch what is mine." Hayden is looking around the courtyard. "What are you planning to do? Have you forgotten there are humans here? " Well, we can't kill Brandon, his pack and ours have an alliance." Blake is staring at Brandon and Winter. She's handing him a piece of paper. "It seems that I'll have to date my mate until she realizes that she belongs to me" Nicholas walks over toward Winter. Shonda runs and jumps on Blake's back. "What's going on?" She looking at the Alpha. Blake doesn't answer her. She looks over at Taffy and shook her head. Taffy is motioning to her to ask more questions. "Did Winter accept him?" Hayden sees her looking at Taffy, thinking "They're up to no good. Taffy is only using Shondra. Hell, she puts the dumb ass girl down every chance she gets." "No, she doesn't know that he's her mate. The Alpha is about to do something that he has never done. I sure hope it goes well. If not he and Wilder might set this place off." Blake is still looking at Nicholas "What is he doing?" She's sliding off his back looking at Nicholas introducing himself to Winter. Blake takes her hand walking toward Nicholas, Hayden, Winter, Harper, and Parker. "Asking his mate out for a date. Nicholas has never had to ask any woman out before."

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