Stealing the bad boys heart

opposites attract
friends to lovers

When Amelia moved to stay with her Aunt and Cousin for her last year of high school due to problems at home she never realized in the process she would end up stealing someones heart let alone the bad boys heart who happens to be her cousin's best friend.

Amelia has lived a very shelter life, not used to attention from anyone yet alone the one guy that everyone wants. The two are complete opposites.

Ethan never expected for any girl to steal his heart let alone his best friends cousin, someone that he knows is forbidden and someone that could make him lose his best friend but no matter how hard he tries she keeps pulling him in without meaning to.

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Chapter One - Meeting Ethan
Amelia’s P.O.V I sighed in relief as I finally pulled up outside of my Aunt Tanya’s house. I had been driving for eight hours straight to get here. I would be staying here for the next year, doing my last year of high school here. This was not the original plan but things change…life changes. Things were not too great at home at the moment that is why I am here. My mother ran off a few months ago with a younger guy. My dad not taking it to well, he has no time for me. I remind him too much of mother. His way of coping with it? Drinking too much, sleeping around with different woman or working constantly. I know it is not who my dad is but he needs time to heal and me being there was not making anything easier hence why I am staying with his sister. My Aunt Tanya for the next year and hopefully after that my father and I can get back on track. “Millie!”  I heard my Aunt gush as I climbed out of the car using my nickname she called me, only she was allowed to call me it “Aunt Tanya, I have missed you.” I gushed back.  I have not seen her in a month, she and I have always been very close. She was more like a mother to me than an aunt, more of a mother than my actual mother. She wrapped her arms around me, pulling me into her and hugging me tightly.  “I missed you too my sweet girl.” She said We pulled apart after a moment, my aunt Tanya helping me with my cases that were in my car. “How was the drive?” she asked “Long and boring.” I laughed “Well let’s get these things in. I will make us something to eat and some tea.” She smiled “Sounds perfect.” I smiled I had not had anything to eat since I left this morning. I could hear my stomach begging me to feed it. We placed my cases at the bottom of the stairs, deciding to leave them until later, making our way into the kitchen. “Where is Matt?” I asked, referring to my big cousin as I took a seat at the breakfast bar in the kitchen. “Out with some friends probably getting into trouble. You know what he is like but he will be home soon cause he knows you are coming.” She smiled.  Matt and I were very close too. He was like my big brother, he was only a couple of months older than me and he always makes sure I remember that. My Aunt has had a lot of trouble with him recently. He went a bit off the rails when his father…my Uncle Tom got killed in the line of duty a few months ago. He was a cop, had been for over twenty years, he got killed in a shoot-out along with another one of his colleagues. Matt took it badly and has been spiralling out of control since which is understandable but he is not a bad guy, just hurting. We are all still hurting over losing him. He was an amazing human being that was always happy. I don’t think my Aunt will ever love again after losing him, he was the love of her life…her his too. “How is he doing?” I asked, “How are you doing?” I added “I don’t know, he will not talk to me. He will open up when he is ready.” She said sadly sitting across from me “As for me I have good and bad days, night time is the worst cause I am half expecting him to climb into bed with me, pulling me close and covering me with kisses like he always did.” She said, managing a small smile with the last part.  I reached over, placing my hand over hers, giving it a squeeze,  “I am here if you need anything, Aunt Tanya,” I said giving her a small smile “And that I am thankful for sweetheart, gets lonely around here, Matt is never home.” She said sadly “Well you have me now and you are stuck with me for a year.” I giggled, trying to make her smile which worked.  “I would not have it any other way. We need to make plans for the last two weeks of the summer holidays before you start school.” She smiled widely “Yes that we do.” I smiled Aunt Tanya stood up, going to make us some lunch. I offered to help but she was having none of it. She prepared us some Chicken salad sandwiches and a pot of lemon tea between us. “HEY DWEBE WHERE YOU AT?” I heard Matt’s voice call out from the hallway “I KNOW YOU ARE HERE CAUSE I NEARLY TRIPPED OVER YOUR DAMN CASES.” He added, laughing at the end. I smiled widely, jumping to my feet and rushing through to him. “Shame you never tripped.” I giggled “Shut up. Come here, you dork.” He said extending his arms to me I stepped in, Matt wrapping his arm around me, hugging me and I hugged him back. “I missed you, dork.” He said as he pulled away “I never missed you. Is it not about time you stop calling me a dork?” I laughed “Yes you did, don’t lie. Nope, I am never gonna stop calling you that cause I know it annoys you.” He said smugly.  I flipped him off, chuckling. Next thing I hear someone clear their voice behind us? I am guessing Matt is not alone? I looked over Matt’s shoulder to see who it was. I swallowed hard when I see a very good looking guy standing there. He was only a few inches taller than my 5’5 height. He has the most beautiful dirty blond hair, piercing green eyes and a smile that would make your heart melt. I have never seen such a beautiful guy in my life. “Oh yeah. Ethan this is my cousin Amelia…Amelia my best mate Ethan. He is in our year, you will probably be in some classes with him.” Matt said introducing us,  Ethan stepped in closer to me, extending his hand,  “It is nice to meet you sweet cheeks.” He winked I felt my cheeks and neck heat up, telling me I was probably now bright red and looked like an idiot. I took his hand in my shaky one. He gripped my hand in his, he had a strong grip on him,  “H….hi.” I managed to stutter out “Amelia, what is wrong with you?” Matt laughed “You are blushing like crazy.” he added Thank you for that cuz, make things even more awkward for me. “No…no…nothing I am fine, shut up.” I snapped at him at annoyed.  Matt chuckled while Ethan stood smirking at me, his hand still holding onto mine. “Dude don’t even think about it,” Matt warned, looking at Ethan “I will try,” Ethan said smirking, finally letting go of my hand Wait, what? What was all that about? I looked at the both of them confused. Ethan let out a chuckle while Matt shot him another death glare. “Fine!” Ethan said raising his hands in the air I honestly have no clue what they are both on about. I decided it would be best for me to walk away. I don’t need to embarrass myself even more. I headed back into the kitchen to join my Aunt Tanya, “Sweetie, you OK? You look a little flustered.” She asked “Hey, mum.” I heard Matt say as he entered the kitchen, Ethan behind him “Hi, Mrs Turner,” Ethan said “Hello, boys. You hungry?” she smiled They both nodded “Take a seat I will make you both some sandwiches.” She smiled.  Before she walked away, she turned to me, a small smirk on her lips,  “I understand now why you are flustered.” She whispered to me, nodding in Ethan’s directions.  I shot a glare but she took no notice. Instead, she winked at me before turning away. Matt sat down next to me, while Ethan sat across from me.  “How was the drive dork?” Matt asked, stealing half my sandwich “Hey! That was mine. The drive was boring and long. Give me my sandwich back jackass.” I groaned annoyed. “Nope.” He said popping it into his mouth I reached in, slapping him across the back of his head, making him yelp and glared at me. Ethan laughed, what a laugh it was…it was intoxicating. Ethan laughing made Matt even more annoyed which made it more fun for me. “You looking forward to being stuck here with me for a year?” Matt smiled widely “Ask me again in a few weeks.” I laughed “Thanks. Anyway, we are heading out to a party later, you should come with us.” Matt said “You know me well enough to know I do not do parties, Matt.” I laughed “Hey, new town…new experiences.” Ethan said, winking at me With him doing that he earned himself a slap across the back of the head from Matt. “All of you behave and eat your lunch.” My Aunt Tanya laughed We all nodded, doing as we were told. I was happy to be here. Maybe it could be a new lease of life for me, back home I lived a very quiet, boring life, maybe I could change that while I am here. 

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