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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses and places are purely coincidental. Some events and incidents are purely products of the author's imaginations. Any resemblence to actual person, living or dead or actual events are purely coincidental. No part of this book maybe reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without the author's permission. Plagiarism is a crime!⚠️ This story is unedited and there is purely grammaticaly errors and some typo so please bare with the author. PROLOGUE:   Fate is Fate.... The destiny is destined ... You can't change it ... You can't intervene ...  Let the creator decide... But what if one of your loved ones is destined to lose?  Makakaya mo pa rin bang manahimik? Makakaya mo pa rin bang magsawalang-kibo? Or you broke what should have been their destination? Para saan pa at ipinagkaloob sa akin ng maykapal ang ganitong uri ng abilidad kung wala rin naman itong magiging saysay? I am Rhyan Olaf Villiantez Mcfadden. I can take all the risk huwag ka lang maagaw mula sa akin ng kabilang mundo. Mundo ng mga Espiritu. Your life is in my hands... I'm the one you must obey... Because I am now your....MASTER.
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