The Witch And Her Alpha Mate

first love

Taylor and Duncan have been in love with each other since they were little. Duncan is the future Alpha of the Stone Creek pack. Taylor is a witch. But only her father and Duncan know that about her. Everyone else thinks that she is human.

Taylor left the night before Duncan turned eighteen. Because she could not take seeing him with someone else.

Burt, Duncan's father told him he could not mate with Taylor because she is a weak human. So for almost two years, he sends Duncan to different packs to find his Mate.

Something bad happens and brings Taylor home.

After she returns a lot of secrets come to the surface.

Alpha Gomez is planning to make Taylor his Mate. Her stepsister wants her dead.

Taylor discovers who she really is.

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Chapter 1
My name is Taylor Maria Green, I will be eighteen in a couple of months. My mother, Doris died when I was ten. My father Zach remarried last year to Estella Pope. She has a daughter named Amanda, that is twenty years old. Taylor and Amanda are in the den. Amanda is always saying mean things to Taylor. The two argue all the time. This time they did not know that Zach was at the door listening to them. "Your mother was worthless. I am glad she is dead." Amanda is looking at Taylor "Watch yourself, Amanda, you are walking on very thin ice," Taylor is also looking at her. "If I don't what are you going to do?  Your nothing but a weak-ass human. Just like your mother" Amanda is looking at her up and down. Taylor points at her. "You keep pushing me and I will show your dumb ass what I will do to you. "Taylor is looking at her dead in her eyes. The two are standing in front of each other staring each other down. Zach has had enough. "Amanda, I am sick and tired of your shit. Pack your things and get out. You will not talk about Taylor's mother like that. Nor will you talk to Taylor like that either. Not in our house and not in front of me." Zach said looking at Amanda Estella walks into the room smirking. "Why does she have to move? They are always saying things like that  to one another" She is standing beside her daugther. He looks at Estella "Amanda is heartless. Nobody will talk about Doris or to Taylor like that. You are more than welcome to leave with her."  She looks at him. She could not believe that he said that to her. "Come on, I will help you pack," Estella said looking at Amanda. When Taylor and Zach weren't looking at her. She rolls her eyes at Taylor.  Doris was a powerful witch. She was also beautiful. Taylor is the spitting image of her mother. Taylor has long golden-brown hair. Beautiful grey eyes and light pink lips. 5'7 weighs 134 pounds and has a beautiful hourglass figure. Amanda has always been jealous of how beautiful Taylor is.  She also has a crush on Duncan Holland the future Alpha of Stone Creek Pack. But Duncan only has eyes for Taylor.  Taylor hides that she is a witch just as her mother did. Her mother told her something that she will never forget. She didn't understand it back then or now. That was there will always be someone trying to use them for their powers. Be careful of peoples whose hearts are cold as ice. Everyone except Duncan and her father thinks she's human. Her father, Estella, and Amanda are werewolves.   "She loves her father, she doesn't know why he married Estella. She wasn't his second chance mate. Estella must be really good in bed." Taylor is thinking as she is looking at Amanda and Estella. They are loading her clothes in her car. Estella was a cruel woman. She wasn't pretty or average-looking. She always said things to hurt Taylor. But her father would always defend Taylor. He will never let her or Amanda mistreat Taylor. Taylor and Duncan have been in love with each other seem like forever. Duncan is 6'2 blonde shoulder-length wavy hair and blue eyes. But he has a mate out there somewhere. So they never go too far when they are making out. Duncan will be turning eighteen in a week. He could find his mate any time after that. Tay is not happy about it. But it's nothing that she can do about it. Taylor came home after a day at the beach with Duncan.  As soon as  Taylor walks inside the house Estella looks at her up and down with her nose turned up. “You are wasting your time with that Alpha. He will leave you as soon as he finds his mate.” Estella said looking at Taylor smirking Zach is standing in the doorway “I have told you to leave the child alone. They have been friends since they were born.” Her father is looking at Stella frowning up. Taylor looks at Estella rolls her eyes. “Did you have a good time?” Her father asks her smiling “Yes, father I did.” She is still looking at her stepmother. “Alpha and Luna are giving Duncan a huge party for his eighteenth birthday. Are you going?” She asks looking at Taylor smirking “No, I'm not. “ She said shaking her head. “Why not? After all you two are friends.” Estella said still looking at her. She knows that Taylor is in love with Duncan.  That it would hurt her to see Duncan find his Mate in front of her. Estella will do anything to hurt her. “I have  already made other plans.” She is walking upstairs. Taylor goes  to her bedroom crying and to take a shower. No one knew that Taylor plan is to leave the night before Duncan turns eighteen. She couldn't bear to watch him with someone else. It would kill her. Taylor is still crying when she is getting into bed. She hears Duncan coming through her window. Same as he does every night. She wipes the tears from her cheeks. “What's wrong?” He asks as he leans down lifting her chin up “Nothing.” She looks away, shaking her head. “My Tay,  why are you crying?” Duncan asks placing his hands on her face. He turns her face back to him. “Estella gets to me sometimes. She is always saying something on purpose to hurt me.” Taylor  look at him. “Don't pay her any attention.” He said as he takes off his clothes. Then he slides in the bed beside her. Taylor lays her head on his chest. He wraps his arms around her, kissing her forehead. “I want to do something special the night before your birthday,” Tay said kissing his chest. “ Sure anything you want. What do you want to do?" He said pulling her closer to him, sniffing her hair “Go somewhere just us. No Ash and Renay.  I want you to make love to me.” She said raising her head up to look at him “Are you sure about this?” He asks  looking at her smiling. Duncan is happy about it. He loves Taylor with all his heart. He knew that she is only doing this because he might find his mate. Any time after he turns eighteen. But he has no intention of accepting a mate. He hasn't told her about his plans. “Yes, I'm sure. I want this more than anything.” Tay kisses his chest again “Okay,” Duncan smiles, nodding his head. Taylor and Duncan fell asleep holding each other.

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