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Teaser Define Love? Love is difficult to define. Love is far quite a risk, but could be a risk that one can take and grasp and make up a dark abyss or dig oneself a hole and only crawl back after you overcome your emotions. Love is giving someone the ability to interrupt your heart, but trusting them to not. Love is that the feeling that drives you to be a higher person for each other, because they deserve absolutely the best. Love is once you finally feel as if you'll rest and relax with someone. You do not need items, you do not need parties, all you would like is that the person you're keen on. It's like as soon as you discover that one amazing person, that's all you crave in life. Just be in their embrace and be able to truly enjoy who they're, for everything they're. That's love. Love is after you fully embrace the entire package of an individual. Love may be a total commitment controlled by both lovers' heart and mind. Love is knowing someone's flaws and accepting them anyway. Love is often mutual. You can not truly love someone who doesn't love you reciprocally. Love causes you to want to be the simplest you'll be able to be for the opposite person. Love takes time to happen. Once you are crazy in love, you will not have to ask "what is love?" This is how I define Love. Now? What was yours? -Marinel Gomez Magtalas
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