The Lone Alpha (Book 5 of Forest Wolf Series)

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Sean is the fourth Alpha to be born in his family. His need to lead his own pack starts his journey in life and pushes him to travel to each pack to learn from every Alpha that he can. He’s on the hunt for knowledge, his Beta and his fated Luna. After searching the packs in the United States and coming up with nothing, he decides to travel the world in search of his future. This is where he meets Akila and they forge an everlasting friendship that lands her the Beta position of what will be Sean’s pack one day. Along their adventure, they learn of the evil that is in the world and the good that’s still in it. 

As the last stop in his journey, Sean ends up at college to study psychology while the pack is starting to build on the territory he has purchased. He’s unaware that he is right where he needs to be and finds his mate and future Luna. 

Paris has just started college and is looking forward to meeting new people and going on new adventures. What will happen when she meets a mysterious man named Sean that makes her feel in a way she never has before? She feels this automatic attraction and a pull to be around him constantly. What is that about?  

Will Sean accept the fact that he is fated to have a human as his mate? Or will he reject her after all he has done? Will she be able to accept the fact that he’s a werewolf or not? 

Book 1- The Alpha's Baby Sister

Book 2- The Borken Beta

Book 3- The Alpha and His Rogue

Book 4- The Hexed Luna

Book 5- The Lone Alpha

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Leaving Home
Sean’s POV It’s the day of my high school graduation and I couldn’t be happier to be saying goodbye to this part of my life. It was time to start my journey towards the future. My eighteenth birthday was a week ago and Charlie, my wolf, was more excited than ever. Soon nothing would be standing in our way when it came to finding our mate and establishing our pack. We would soon be able to roam and find the one that was meant for us. My graduating class here at the pack school was only fifteen wolves. It was the largest class we have had in a while. There was a sweet little ceremony to mark that we had ended the journey of school life. This was an exciting day for all of us. Most of the wolves graduating were going on to be warriors in the pack. A few were going to go to college then come back to the pack to help strengthen it. I was the only one about to leave and not really come back. I mean I would come to visit but I wouldn’t be back to stay. After the principal said his big speech to the crowd, which I didn’t pay any attention to at all, we walked the stage. I was so happy to walk across that stage and get my diploma. I was officially free of the pack school and soon my birth pack. That was a bitter sweet thought. When everyone had their diplomas, the principal made his final remarks. Again I didn’t listen to a word he said. I was ready to get out of here. Once he was done there was a count down and we threw our hats in the air while howling loudly. I followed Duncan, Meredith and the pups back to the packhouse when everything was done. As we approached the front porch, I noticed the picnic tables were set up along with all kinds of decorations and games. There was food and drinks waiting on us also. When we reached the party everyone that was there screamed, “congratulations.” I smiled brightly at them. Meredith had set up a surprise graduation party for me. I made sure to thank everyone before I pulled Meredith into a big hug while she was holding little Cam. “Thank you so much for this,” I told her. “You’re welcome. I knew you would appreciate it,” she said like it was nothing big at all. “I’ve appreciated everything you have always done for me. Mom.” She started to tear up as I said that and hugged me even tighter. She knew I was about to leave the pack and it was going to be hard for her. She was more of a mom to me than my real one could have been since she was taken away from me. I was so thankful to have this amazing woman and Luna in my life. I let go of Meredith after a while and joined my friends so we could enjoy the party. We had a blast and scarfed the food down before we started playing around. James came and joined us as I grabbed a tub of water balloons. I set the tub down away from the adults so we wouldn't get them wet. I handed James a balloon and took one for myself. Each of my three friends grabbed their own tub and the war would soon begin. I threw my first water balloon and it hit my friend Ethan right on the shoulder. I stopped and noticed there was now green paint on his shirt. We all looked at the balloons then over to Meredith who had a huge smile on her face. This was about to be messy but fun as hell! Ethan, Bec and Colt all got balloons out of the tub and looked them over. We started throwing balloons back and forth getting paint all over us and all over the grassy area outside the packhouse. This was so much fun. All of us were laughing and having a blast. James was covered in paint and just laughing up a storm. When we were out of paint balloons I walked over to Meredith holding James’ hand. “Mommy, that was so much fun!” James told her. “Good. I’m glad y’all had a blast.” I nodded my head and dropped James’s hand. He walked over to show Duncan and he had wide eyes that looked horrified because James was so messy. Duncan hates messes where Meredith is more free spirited. James tried to put his hands on Duncan’s pants and he grabbed his wrists while shaking his head. “It was a blast. Thank you for that,” I told her. “You’re welcome!” she screamed as I wrapped my arms around her and gave her a big hug. I covered her in paint and all she could do was laugh. James laughed along with her. Duncan sat there with Alison and Cam and shook his head at us. If he would just let loose and have fun life wouldn’t make him look so damn old. Freddie and Willow were there laughing at us. Freddie had little Micah in his arms as they joined Duncan on the bench and started talking. “How did you like the party?” Willow asks me. “I loved it. Did you help pull this off?” “Yes. The paint balloons were all Meredith though.” I sat down on a bench close by and continued to talk until it was time to go inside and clean up. I went to my room on the second floor of the packhouse and took a shower. After cleaning up, I laid down in my bed and thought about what I wanted to happen tomorrow. I got my phone out and messaged Jamie. They just had an Alpha Council Meeting and she was the head of the council now. To say my big sister is a badass is an understatement. I really looked up to her. “I’m ready to start my journey through the packs.” “Awesome, I will message the Alphas tomorrow morning and let them know. Where will you be starting this journey?” “Hunter’s Moon.” “I can’t wait to see you again. When should we expect you?” “How about late tomorrow afternoon?” “Perfect!” I put my phone down and settled into my bed. Tomorrow, I will start my journey. Tomorrow, I will need to pack my things. Tomorrow, I will need to say goodbye to my family here. That’s gonna be hard. ~ I woke up early the next morning and got out of bed. I got dressed in blue jeans and a grey t-shirt. I mind-linked Duncan to call him and Freddie for a meeting this morning. I’m sure they knew what the meeting would be about but I still needed to have the conversation with them. I walked into Duncan’s office and found him at his desk as always. Sometimes I would have flashbacks when I walked into this room. Today I didn’t. I didn’t think of our dad, I didn’t think of our mom and the awful things our brother did to our family. Freddie was already in the office, seated on the couch and waiting for me. Both of them looked up as I entered the room. “Hey,” I said. “Hey, Sean. Let me guess, this meeting is about going on the hunt for your mate,” Duncan says. “Yeah. I know y’all already know what I wanted to do. I already texted Jamie and they are expecting me there by the end of the day. I’ll be taking my car and traveling there first,” I told them. “Sounds like you already have a solid plan put together,” Freddie said. “Kind of. If I don’t find my mate at Hunter’s Moon then I’ll go to every pack until I find her.” “What’s your plan for after you find your mate?” Duncan asks. “If I find her then I’ll be out to look for a place to start my own pack,” I answered. “When you are ready to do that and need mine and Jamie’s support you know you can always ask for it,” Duncan tells him. “I know. And thank you for that. It means a lot,” I told him. “Always,” Duncan says with a nod. That concluded our conversation and I turned to leave Duncan’s office to go pack my things in my room. I got my bags out and started piling my clothes in them. I packed all of them and got my sentimental things packed too. I grabbed my computer and some notebooks and put them in my backpack. This adventure was just about finding the other half of my soul, it was about learning how to be the best Alpha for the members I would have. It was about learning everything I could to build the pack perfectly. When I was done I went down to the dining hall to eat lunch with my family before I left. I sat down at a table with Duncan, Meredith, Freddie, Willow and all of their pups. The kitchen served us our food and we started eating. “Are you excited to be traveling around the country?” Willow asked me. “Yeah. Though I’m still worried that it will be hard to find what I’m looking for out there,” I told her She nods her head and says, “just be patient and things will happen the way they are supposed to. Enjoy the sights and have some fun along the way.” “I will,” I told her with a big smile. Once we were done eating, I loaded all of my bags in my car and turned to hug everyone goodbye. First, I said goodbye to James, Alison and Cam. Alison ended up clinging to my neck so I held onto her. She would miss me a lot and so would James. I had always been close to them. “Why do you have to leave?” James asked in an irritated voice. “Because I need my mate and I want to start my own pack,” I told him. “I get that you need your mate Uncle Sean, but why not just come back here with her? Why do you want to start your own pack?” he asked innocently. “Because I’m an Alpha like your dad. I’m supposed to lead others. I have a destiny and I need to fulfill it,” I told him. “Ok,” James huffs out, finally giving the conversation up. I hugged Meredith next. It was hard to say goodbye to her and I could feel her need to cry at the moment. I didn’t want her to cry because I was leaving. She should know that I would come for visits and call. I would be far away but I would still bug her like I always did. When Meredith released me she tried to take Alison from me. Alison just screamed and clung to me even more. I kept a hold of her for the time being. It was going to be hard to get her to let go of me. I hugged Willow next and said goodbye to her and Micah. I shook Freddie’s hand then moved on to Duncan. I hugged him with one arm while still holding onto Alison. “Stay in touch and be smart,” Duncan said. “Like I could go without talking to any of you. Of course, I’ll stay in touch.” “What about being smart?” Duncan asked with a raised eyebrow. “I promise to stay out of trouble.” He nodded his head before he went to pry Alison off my neck. She started to cry but Duncan was able to get her off me. She screamed and cried while reaching out for me. I had to back away so she wouldn’t latch onto me again. It broke my heart to see her like this because I was leaving. I put my hand on top of her head and told her, “little bug, I’ll be back soon. Ok?” “Ok,” she sobbed out before burying her head in Duncan’s shoulder. Duncan hugged Alison tightly to comfort her. She hugged him back just as tightly letting all her emotions out that she didn’t quite understand. I nodded my head and walked to my car, climbed in and started it up. I rolled the window down and started to drive off towards the territory gates. I put my arm out the window and waved while looking in the rearview mirror to watch everyone wave goodbye to me. This wouldn’t be the first time I’ve driven off territory but this would be the longest I would be away from home. This would be some adventure. I’m sure of it.

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