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Willow is just an average human girl until she goes to college and meets a handsome young man Sebastian they hit it off straight away and start a relationship. But she seems to keep coming across this other drop dead gorgeous guy Tobias who is a complete asshole to her, he seems hell bent on making her life hell. So starts a love triangle. Not known to all parties involved Willow is actually Tobias' fated mate and Sebastian is his beta. What happens when the truth comes out?

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Chapter 1
*Willow POV* "Freshman here" I walk towards the voice, feeling slightly overwhelmed as people scurry around me, some slightly knocking me in their haste. I stand at the back of the crowd, I have no interest in being in the middle of this mess, or fighting to be first, I just quietly stand back and observe. "Get your class schedules, dorm information and school maps from here when you sign in" Everyone gathers up into a line. I just grab my bag and sit on the lawn out of the way. Enjoying some sunshine, listening to some music and reading a book as I keep an eye on the line moving at snails pace. Finally it's down to the last few people I get up and join the line. I get all my things and head upstairs and find my dorm room. I start unpacking my things when the door suddenly bursts open. I look up from what I am doing. I see a girl and a guy pretty much going at it against the door. I clear my throat unsure what to actually do in this situation. They break away and look at me. The girl rolls her eyes. "Well I guess your my new roommate" I feel like this may be one of the most awkward ways to meet someone, I am not the best at it usually, but now I have no idea where to rest me eyes. "Umm yes I guess so, I am Willow" "Whatever, can you just give me like an hour here" "I was just unpacking" "Well we are going to do this whether you are in the room or not so I guess you had better make your decision." I roll my eyes and sigh grabbing my bag and walking out the door. Leaving them to do what they are doing. Hmmm great I wonder how often that is going to happen. I stick in my earphones and sit down grabbing the map out of my bag and studying it. I find where my classes are for tomorrow and start walking around trying to burn time and getting the layout of the buildings. I see some people gathered around something. I decide to go have a look. There are 2 boys on the ground wrestling and fist fighting. I avert my eyes and turn away. Is this college life? I have been here for a total of a couple of hours and have been treated to an x-rated show and a boxing match. *Tobias POV* 'Alpha 2 of the omegas are fighting at the quad' 'And what do you want me to do about it?' I sigh seriously these boys and their tiffs why can't they just wait until they get back to the pack to fight. 'Well Alpha, there are just lots of humans gathering around' 'Fine I will be there in 3 minutes' I spot the crowd straight away and stalk over. I see a girl turn away from the crowd, her beauty is something else. Her deep red, luxuriously shiny hair hanging long and loose around her shoulders. Her green eyes dazzling me even from where I am standing. Her pale skin. A few cute freckles dotted across her face. Big full lips and a little button nose. A black long sleeved tee covering her little body with some light skinny jeans. I am so taken by her beauty that at first I don't even notice the smell that has taken over all my senses. My wolf is screaming at me. Mate. Mine. I stare at the little human for a moment longer before a sneer hooks the corner of my lips. I don't care how beautiful she is. I have no interest in making this human my Luna. I skirt around around trying to keep as far away from her as possible. I push in through the crowd. "That is enough" The 2 stop fighting and look at me. Bowing to me. I link them 'You 2 will report to my office at 4, how dare you fight in front of all these humans, if I catch you fighting again before then you both will be punished' 'Yes alpha' They reply in unison. I glare at them before turning back to where she was. I head back out of the crowd. I look around and can't see her anywhere. Just as well, I am not interested in her anyway. If I never have to see her again it will just fine with me. 'Sebastian meet me at the quad' 'Be there in 2 minutes' I see Sebastian walking over to me. Sebastian is my beta and life long best friend. He has a goofy smile on his face. "What are you so happy about?" I snap at him. His goofy smile grows larger. "Nothing, what are you so pissed off about?" "Nothing" His smile just making me more furious. "Good" "Fine, lets head home and train I need to let off some steam" "Come on Mr Alpha grouchy pants lets go" He starts laughing and puts a hand on my back pushing me out towards our cars. *Sebastian POV* I start walking towards the quad I know that Tobias is out there dealing with an omega fight. I look down at my phone trying to reply to a quick email. I run into someone. I drop my phone and quickly grab her as she starts to fall. I look into her beautiful green eyes. I fell an instant connection to her. My desire to protect her is insane. I stand her back on her feet. I say. "I am so sorry" "It's my fault I wasn't watching where I was going" Her voice is almost as beautiful as her.. "Well either was I, so let's just say it was both our faults" She laughs. The sound is magical. "Okay deal" I look her over. Her hair is the richest red I have ever seen. The way it shines in the sunlight. The light literally dances over it. Her green eyes sparkle with the smile that plays on her full plump lips. Her tiny little freckles on that little button nose. I just want to wrap my arms around her and never let her go. "What is you name?" "Willow" "That is a very beautiful name" A blush starts to form on those cheeks of hers. "W..W..what's your name?" She stammers out. My smile just increases, her shy demeanor is so cute. "It's Sebastian" I grab her hand and bow down kissing it gently. Which earns a giggle from her. I continue. "Very nice to meet you Willow" "Very nice to meet you too Sebastian" 'Sebastian meet me in the quad.' 'I will be there in 2 minutes' "Well Willow, I really have to be somewhere. I hope to see you around soon" "Me too, I mean hope to, I mean I hope to see you around too" I smile and kiss her hand again and walk away. I turn back to see her still standing there. I can't wipe the grin off my face. Even when walking over to the obviously very pissed off looking Alpha. "What are you so happy about?" Yep definitely very pissed off. He needs to find his mate and do it soon. It's been way too many years and I swear he gets more irritable everyday. I was lucky enough to find my mate really young but then very unlucky that I lost her only a year later. She was killed right in front of me. It has taken me a long time to get over it and I know that I will never fill the hole in my heart that she left, but I know that she wouldn't want me to live a life of misery so I put in a brave face and started living for the both of us. The longer I did that the happier I became, until I think I have become a semi normal member of society. "Nothing, what are you so pissed off about?" "Nothing" "Good" "Fine, lets head home and train I need to let off some steam" "Come on Mr Alpha grouchy pants lets go" I push him towards the cars. I don't mind training with him even when he is in a pissed mood which is 90% of the time anyway. That is my job anyway and my main job is to my best friend to make him feel better anyway that I can. I jump in my car and follow his out of the parking lot. I just keep picturing Willow. I can't wait to see her tomorrow. Her innocence and beauty is something that I haven’t seen in a long time.

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