Alpha Summer Castle

friends to lovers
kickass heroine

Summer got pregnant at a young age. By her childhood sweetheart Future Alpha King Cordell McMillan. Her father died, and she became Alpha of Silver Creek Pack.

She falls in love with Alpha Chase Monroe. They made plans to mark each other three months after she turned 18. They agreed to accept their mates if they found them before then

They both find their mates the same night.

Can they let go of each other and be happy with their mate?

Summer discovers that her mate is none other than Cord, her daughter's father. She still loves him. He is now a well-known man w***e.

She is beginning to think that someone close to her is going to betray her.

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Chapter 1
I'm Alpha Summer Renay Castle, just turned eighteen four days ago. I'm 5'8, I weigh 125 pounds. I'm biracial, my eyes are brown. My hair is golden brown and wavy, flowing down my back. I became the Alpha of Amber Eyes Pack and a single mother when I was sixteen. No, I wasn't rejected by my mate or raped.  "Flashback" Summer it's going to be almost four months before you come back. I'm going to miss you. I'm going to miss you too. I don't want to go, but you know I have to. I want to make love to you so bad. Cord kisses her cheek I want to make love to you too. I love you Summer I love you too Cord "End of flashback" That's the night I lost my virginity to my childhood sweetheart. Cordell Adam McMillan was the love of my life. He's the future Alpha King of Black Fangs Pack. We knew each other since we were three. When we were young, he started coming through my bedroom window every night to sleep with me. He always said he couldn't sleep without me beside him. We cuddled and talked for hours, nothing else. Cordell was like my teddy bear, my security blanket. When we turn sixteen that changed. I gave him my virginity. He didn't trick me, he didn't rape me. I wanted it just as much as he did. We loved each other back then. If I have to be honest I still love the jerk The day I left to visit my grandparents, my mother changed my cellphone number. I had started receiving threatening calls from a block number. Cordell knew about the calls. He agreed with my mother about changing my number. I called him when I arrived at my grandparents. But he didn't answer. I called and texted him for a week, he never replied. It's been two weeks since that night. I haven't been able to sleep since then. After laying in his arms for seven years. I am not used to sleeping alone. I miss having his arms wrapped around me. I was sitting in the bathroom waiting on the results of a pregnancy test. I couldn't believe that it was positive. That is when I called my mother. "Phone Conversation" Hello Summer: Hi mother Mother: Hi daughter, how are you? Summer: I have been better. I hope you and father don't be disappointed in me. Mother: What's wrong Summer? Summer: I'm pregnant. Mother: Have you told Cordell? Summer: No, I haven't.  We only had sex one time. The last night I was at home. I can't believe this is happening. Mother: You two have been sleeping together forever. It was going to happen sooner or later. Summer: You knew we were sleeping together? When did you find out? Mother: Yes, we all knew, including his parents. The very first night he stayed over. Your scent changed, you smelt like him. When are you going to tell him? Summer: I haven't heard from him since the morning I left. I text and called him for a week. I'm not going to try anymore. I don't want him to know. Promise me you won't tell anyone. Mother: I can't believe you haven't heard from him. That doesn't sound like him. I promise I won't tell anyone but your father. Summer: Thanks, mother. I enrolled in high school online this morning. I don't want to be anywhere he'll be. Mother: We always wanted grandkids, not so soon. But they are a blessing. Summer: How are you and father enjoying Paris? Mother: We're having a wonderful time. Your father calls home like three times a day to check on the pack. But other than that everything is great. Make sure you're eating right. Summer: I will mother, see you soon. Tell father I love him. Love you Mother: Love you too try to get some rest. Don't worry about Cordell "End of flashback" PRESENT A lot has happened in the last few years. My father was killed by rogues three days after my bundle of joy was born. She was my father's pride and joy. I am glad that he had a chance to see her. I became the Alpha of our pack, graduated high school online a year ago. I also managed to take a few online college courses in business. I own two restaurants now. I named my daughter Aiko Rielle McMillan. Aiko means love, Rielle means strong. I decided to give her Cordell's last name, McMillan.  I couldn't deny her or him of that right. I still haven't told him about Aiko. I haven't talked to him since the morning after we made love. Yes, I have seen him around a few times, but only in passing. I'm never close enough to him to have a conversation. I always do my best to avoid him. So far, so good. I met Rachael last year. She was a member of Cord's pack until she found her mate. Heath my Delta is her Mate. Heath is a very good friend. He knows all my secrets. I do mean all. Rachael told me that last week that Jillian said Cord is her mate. I was upset for a few days about it. But life goes on, I can't dwell over it.

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