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"You crave to be dominated, to be taken by more than one man. You want us to fill you all at once. You want us to tear that sweet little pussy of yours."...


During a trip to her aunt's place, Viola Finn's life turned when she met her mate. Instead of getting one mate like others, she got three. She pretended to be disgusted but deep down she knew they are exactly what she needs, and craves.

Callum, Declan, and Flynn's souls were bonded together since their birth. They have shared everything since their childhood so it didn't come as a shock to them that they have one mate. The moment they met her, the animals within them raged to make her theirs, and they'll not stop till they make her theirs, either by hook or by crook.

What can Viola do when life throws three handsome Greek gods in her way except for laying back and taking whatever they have to offer?


Warning- BDSM, explicit sex scenes. You have been warned.

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Chapter 1
Entering the room, my body was barely covered by the skimpy undergarments I wore. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness of the room, I was filled with an eerie feeling. The room seemed dangerous in the shadows. A sharp creek filled the silent room as the curtains were pulled open. Through the open windows, moonlight trickled in, illuminating the room. With the light from the moon, I was able to make out more in the room as I looked around. My eyes fell upon the chair hidden in the shadows. Reclining with ease, he blended in with the darkness of the corner. His eyes watched me like a predator stalking its prey — patiently waiting for the right time to strike. “Hello, Bambi,” he purred. His husky voice sent a pleasurable shiver through my veins, leaving visible goosebumps in its wake. “I think,” another voice rasped in my ear, “Our Bambi is cold.” Another shiver ran through my body as I felt warm air on my neck. “Hmm,” a third voice hummed in agreement. They were as close as the second. “I think so, too. Look how her body is shivering. And look at those goosebumps.” A cold finger ran from the back of my ear to my collarbone. The coldness provoked more shivers to run through me as the finger ran down my side. Reaching my waist, the finger turned to a palm that skimmed across my stomach to my other side. An arm was now wrapped around my midsection, pulling me against a hard chest. My body trembled like a leaf as my thighs clenched together in an attempt to hide my arousal. But the smell of my arousal filled the room despite my closed legs. Three sharp inhales sounded before three growls rumbled. To me, their growls seemed half growls and half purrs of delight. “Oh, the kitty is hungry and wants us to feed her.” The chest plastered against my back rumbled as the third voice filled my ear. I’m not sure if Kitty was referring to me or my pussy. “She sure is,” the second voice agreed. A hand unclasped my bra, freeing my heavy breasts. The original hand was joined by a second as they paid attention to both breasts. The hands pinched and tugged at my nipples. A purr rumbled in my throat at the pleasure. “Are you enjoying this, Bambi?” The first voice asked. The voice’s owner sat in the corner, watching what was happening to me. His eyes observed the two hands toying with my breasts. Glancing up at my hooded eyes, he maintained eye contact as his hands pushed his body from the armchair. Standing up, he stalked forward until his chest almost brushed against the hands on my chest. The heat was radiating from the man in front of me as I was enclosed by the three men. My body was hot. My pussy was pulsating with need. My eyes were filled with lust. My chest was purring. Three low and aroused growls rumbled, sending a shiver directly to my wet pussy. Suddenly, the first man’s hand cupped my panty-clad pussy, causing me to jump. My eyes fell on his hand clutching my mound and the sight caused another purr to sound. I watched as his hand slipped inside my panties, coming in direct contact with my aching pussy. He applied pressure on my clit, making me cry out with pleasure. I started grinding my pussy on his hands, needing more friction. But it wasn't enough. I want more. I need more. “Please,” I whimpered. Sensing the desperation in my pleading voice, he slipped one finger inside me. The feeling caused my back to arch as I moaned loudly. The hands left my breasts and were replaced by two hot mouths. Picking up his speed, he hit a sweet spot with his fingers. After some time, he added one more finger, stretching my pussy. The sweet taste of pleasure was building inside me at a rapid speed, getting bigger and bigger every minute. My eyes rolled back when his fingers curled within me. His fingers plunged within me continuously. In. Out. Then circling. Left. Right. I can't take it anymore, the pleasure was too much. Just as I twitched, ready to cum… ~•~ “Viola, get your ass down here for breakfast,” my mother yelled from downstairs. Covering my ears, I felt sorry for those who were near her and could hear her screeching up close and personally. Don’t get me wrong, I love my mom. But her voice is so high-pitched that when she yells, it can reach a level that could break a glass and have the tendency to destroy all ears - especially werewolf ears. "I will be there shortly," I replied lest she come barging into my room. "You better be on the table in fifteen minutes," she warned. "I will be there before the clock hits fifteen," I said, stretching like a cat. My panties were abnormally wet. The wetness served as a reminder of the dream I had last night. What I struggle to understand is why a werewolf like me is having a dream of fucking three men. That's not something you see happening to a wolf. We wolves are possessive creatures and we mate once for life, with one person. Three different people are out of the question for us. The only people who are often mated to more than one person are Lycan, which I'm not. It's strange, no matter how much I think about it. "I should probably get ready," I muttered to myself, my head pounding with the thought of my dream. The consequence of reminiscing about my dream was a throbbing cunt. I bit my lips, deciding to get a release before I got down for breakfast. Sighing softly, I slipped two fingers into me. I was so wet, I didn't need to do any foreplay. I easily slipped my fingers in. Curling my fingers inside, I moaned softly, feeling the walls of my pussy getting stimulated. As I had only a few minutes to get ready, I picked up my pace, slamming my fingers in repeatedly until I came. Plunging hard and fast, I imagined their rough yet soft hands on my body. Their deep, husky, manly voices rasping and growling in my ears. I imagined their mouths sucking my nipples and fingers plunging into my cunt. With a hiss, I came. This was the first time that my orgasm hit me with such force and it left my legs shaking. "Holy, shit!" catching my breath, I gasped. "Viola Finn!" my Mom So it's again, reminding me about breakfast. "Oh, shit," cursing, I dragged myself to the bathroom. Cleaning myself up after my orgasm, I went through my morning routine before leaving my bedroom and going downstairs. I walked into the kitchenette and smiled at my family. Giving my parents and brothers a kiss on the cheek, I greeted them. “Good morning, everyone.” My brothers gave me a megawatt smile and kissed my forehead. Returning their smiles, I made my way to my seat. I sat down and saw my plate was already full of pancakes. Silently thanking the person who did this, I dug into my food. “You’ve packed everything, sweetie?” Mom asked. Swallowing my bite, I responded, “Yes, mom. I did.” “What did you pack?” she pressed. Mothers worry too much about their children, I thought with a sigh. No matter what age they are. “I didn’t pack much, just threw some clothes and the necessities in a duffle bag.” The moment the words crossed my lips, her spoon dropped from her hand. Her face was full of shock. I swear it looked like I just told her she missed a 70 percent off sale. “You just packed that?” Her voice was filled with bewilderment. I nodded, confused as to what shocked her so much. “What?” She screeched, causing us to cover our ears. Damn, this woman knows how to scream. “What about the lingerie I brought you for your eighteenth birthday?” I blushed as I remembered the lingerie she gifted me last week. It was a nice thought and all, but kind of embarrassing coming from your mother. I mean, some were lacy, some with a garter belt, and some were crotchless. “Why would I pack those?” I asked, still blushing. “Because there’s a chance you’ll find your mate there. And if you do, I want you to be prepared if things get heated,” she explained to me like I was a baby. When my mother’s words sunk in, three spoons fell. My brothers and father were in shock. Shaking his head, my father exclaimed: “There will be no sex!” My brothers vigorously nodded their heads in agreement. I was mortified and resembled a tomato as heat warmed my cheeks and neck. My mother, on the other hand, turned to them and glared. “Robert, if she meets her mate, obviously there will be sex.” “No.” My dad snapped. “My baby will not have sex till I give him my permission and accept him as her mate. He has to pursue her like in old times.” His eyes narrowed into slits like my future mate was sitting in front of him. “You will not do such a thing! If my baby wants, she’ll have sex with him.” She argued. “Do I have to remind you that you were balls deep inside me five minutes after meeting me?” “Mom, we don’t need to hear that,” my brothers and I groaned and cringed, not wanting to imagine such an explicit image of our mom and dad. It’s just gross. After Mom’s comment, breakfast ended fast. No one wanted to hear more inappropriate information, so the topic of my mate and sex was pushed aside. The day passed by uneventfully, sparing my mother’s nagging. By the end of the day, my mother managed to force me to pack the lingerie. Who would have thought her lingerie would one day come of use to me? "Oh, God," I sighed, getting on the bed. "Tired?" Mom asked. I nodded my head, yes. "And excited. I can't wait to meet Uncle Luke, Aunt Jennifer, and Lola," I exclaimed excitedly. "It's been a while since you met them, isn't it? Considering how much you love them, I'm surprised you didn't decide to visit them sooner. I wouldn't be surprised if one day you call me to say "Mom, I'm moving in with Lola," Mom chuckled. "That's not possible Mom," I denied her accusation, adding silently, "Unless I meet my mate, that is." "So, my daughter is excited to meet her mate, eh?" Mom teased me. "Of course," I said as a matter of fact. "Who wouldn't be?" "I'm still not ready to let you go. You still feel like the baby who used to whine at me to carry her," she sighed. "There is a saying that daughters grow up so fast. I guess that is right. You grew up too fast." "Mom, you're talking as if I'm leaving you. One month, and I'll be back under your wings. You can baby me all you want then," I yawned, struggling to keep my eyes open. "You're right," Mom smiled. "Sleep now, baby. I love you." I accepted her kiss on my cheeks and wished her good night. I was out before she went out of my door. I faintly heard her closing the door of my room as I drifted off to sleep. ~•~

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