Chapter 2: Jackie

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I glared at him, watching him go inside, slamming the door behind him. Oh my god. Harry Styles was my neighbour. I sat down on my bed, opening my laptop, to log in on Facebook. I accepted a friend request from Rhya Darling. I typed in the search bar: 'Harry Styles' The first result that came up was from London, Cheshire. He had a picture with him on the football field, his arms looped around two girls(Leslie and Mackenzie). I rolled my eyes and clicked 'Add Friend' since his profile was private and I wanted to see more. I added more related people and updated my status for my few friends back in Cali: 'First day of school today...not what I expected.' I played City Ville (don't judge okay) and Mall World for a bit, then I had a new notification and message. I opened the message first. From: Harry Styles Don't mess with me Vega. I gasped and opened the notification. Harry Styles has accepted your friend request. I clicked on his profile. He had 3, 510 friends. And the moment 'Harry Styles became friends with Jackie Vega' appeared on his profile, I received 20 more friend requests. Wut? I accepted all of them, then I went to Harry's profile. Oh. He's in a relationship with 'MacKenzie Sandler'. I huffed and added her too, before I closed the laptop. Tomorrow was going to be an eventful day. Let's hope not. —- I slammed my locker shut, before I looked down to my paper. Science, journalism and music passed by quickly. Now I had drama and then lunch break. I entered the class, surprised to see it was a normal class, not some kind of theatre. It had a small scene though. I sat in the very back and pulled out my phone. I discovered Temple Run on my way to school, so I just played it since then. "And her breasts are huge! Can you imagine just sticking your dick sliding between them?" My breath stopped when I heard Louis' voice. I didn't dare to look up, but I knew he already saw me. Because he and Zayn walked up to me. I tried to seem calm, but in my mind I was already praying to God to make the teacher appear. "Aww babe no hello?", Louis laughed and pushed my shoulder, making me almost fall out of my chair. He and Zayn sat down in the first row. I sighed relieved when I saw the teacher coming in, followed by Lindsay. Her face lit up when she saw Louis and Zayn. They winked at her and I rolled my eyes. I texted Rhya: To: Rhya (: Sent at: 11:09am Louis and Zayn are in my drama! ): "Miss Vega are you texting?", Mr. Hedge asked from the blackboard, looking over his glasses. "Uh- no. I was just..." "She was texting.", Louis chirped in. "I-" "She's texting in class? Hey! I got detention for that!", Zayn exclaimed. I licked my lips with frustration. Oh god. "You can collect it from the pricipal's office at the end of the day." He strolled to me, making the whole class glare at me. Louis and Zayn were just staying there, fist bumping. I handed my phone to Mr. Hedge and he went back to his desk, placing it on there. "Can she even afford an iPhone?", I heard Zayn whisper to Lindsay. She nodded. "He father's filthy rich." "Maybe he should pay for some new clothes...", Louis spoke. "And a new face." "Oooooh!" They high fived. "Mr. Malik, Mr. Tomlinson. Behave or you'll get another week detention. That's already in the vacation, isn't it?" Louis shrugged. "I don't mind keeping you and your group here in winter vacation...but I'm sure you have better things to do." Then the hour went on with Mr. Hedge talking about an upcoming play. I was just sitting there. Shit. My phone. Fuck. "Sorry I didn't text you back. I had biology.", Rhya excused herself while we were sitting in line at the cafeteria. "S'okay. The teacher took my phone anyways." "Oh no. Sorry." "It's fine, really. My fault." "So did they do anything to you? Like..." I shook my head. "So I saw we have P.E. together today! And chemistry!" I nodded. Thank god. "Ugh, they entered the cafeteria." She pointed with her head towards the double doors. In they came, walking in slow motion like in those cliche high school movies: Harry Styles leading the way, throwing his blazer over his shoulder. He was followed by Louis Tomlinson, who winked at some girls. Next to him, Zayn Malik with his eyes in his phone, biting his lip. Behind them were Liam Payne and Niall Horan, both talking on the phone. They sat down at the table, and I located Lindsay. She was laughing at something Louis said to her, throwing her blonde curls back. Then, of course, 4/5 of Foxy five entered too. Also in slow motion: Mackenzie came in first, exagerately swaying her hips from side to side, in those huge heels and mini dress. What about a uniform? Leslie was walking behind her, arms laced with her boyfriend. She send one of those cliche airkisses to some nerds drooling at her exposed cleavage. Behind them, came the rest of the group, flipping their hair and winking. They soon occupied all the seats at the table, which became the loudest one in the cafeteria. The line advanced and we ordered our meals. I bought the diet yoghurt and the hamburger. And of course, a bottle of water. We paid and took our trays. I turned around, to meet some piercing blue eyes. I looked up at Mackenzie, who was smiling down at me, being five inches taller because of her heels. "Oh! You got the last diet yoghurt! Thank you lovely!" She opened it and looked over at her table. She smiled and winked at someone, before placing the yoghurt back on my tray. "Actually. Keep it. You need it more than I do...fattie." She giggled and put a palm under my tray, before pushing in up on my chest. The yoghurt spilled all over my T-shirt and pants, and so did my hamburger. "Ooops!" She brought a bright pink polished nail to her lips and smiled, her dimples showing. "My bad." The whole cafeteria laughed. I looked at Harry and he was laughing the hardest, high fiving his mates. I was turning red. I ran off to the nearest bathroom. "Jackie! Wait!" I put my hands on the counter that supported the sink and looked at myself in the mirror. Rhya came in and smiled at me. "I'm sorry. Here. Take my hoodie." She gave me her pink hoodie and helped me take off my shirt. I put my shirt in my locker and tugged my hoodie down a bit, since it revealed a bit of my belly. "You wanna go back there?" I shook my head. "No. You go ahead." "I'll bring you a burger." "Thanks." "No problem." She turned around and walked towards the cafeteria. I looked at the clock. Oh geesh...20 more minutes until P.E. ...shit. I stuffed my sports tank top, shorts and sneakers into my bag, before I walked upstairs, towards the library. I was doing to do homework. The lady at the desk greeted me and I made my way to the study session. Dropping the bag next to a chair, I sat down. There were two or three more students there, also doing homework and reading. God, I was spending my free lunch time inside a library. I'm such a loser. Anywho, 20 minutes passed by quickly and I had P.E., then chemistry, then I could go home, finally. I entered the locker rooms. We were having the class inside the gym since it was cold outside. I hoped and prayed with all my heart that Foxy five or the boys weren't in my P.E. class. But my luck soon faded away when I saw all of Foxy Five already changed into their sports bra and short shorts. Their pink All Star sneakers matched, of course. Mackenzie showed me the finger but did nothing. I sat down next to Rhya, the furthest I could from FF.(Foxy Five) "Hey.", I breathed starting to untie my sneakers. "Hi. Here's your burger. I couldn't find you." "I was in the library." She smiled and pulled her top over her head. I changed into my grey tank top, red shorts and black converse. Then I tied my hair into a high ponytail and sat back down. Rhya had her navy blue tank top, her white shorts and white sneakers. She tied her hair in two adorable pigtails. "Okay LADIES!", coach Melrose yelled coming in. "Today we'll start off pretty easy, since we're sharing a gym with the boys." Mackenzie screamed and FF clapped their hands, jumping up and down, their tits bouncing up and down. "Can we all play volleyball together?", Mackenzie chirped. "No promises.", coach Melrose said and smiled. "Let's go!" I followed Rhya through one of the doors which led into a hallway, which led to the huge gym. It was pretty obvious that prom was held here. It was gigantic. I saw the boys (including those 5) doing some warm up exercises on the other side of the gym. The girls put their bottles on the floor benches and started warming up. I followed their lead. Mackenzie was the leader. She started swinging her bum, rotating it, checking over the shoulder, to make sure all the eyes were focused on her. I could clearly see Harry lick his lips and Liam wink. Louis was too busy showing his muscles off and Niall and Zayn were having a push up contest. The other...15? boys were just doing their job. They were all in soccer outfits, which means tank tops with matching trunks and Nike sneakers. We were done with warm ups, so the two coaches called all of us (30) in the middle of the field. I saw Louis look at me, looking at my legs, then whisper something to Harry. Harry looked at my legs and scrunched his face, shaking his head. Then he made his way over to me. Rhya's eyes widened and she took a step back, and started to talk to a blonde guy. "You shouldn't wear shorts like that.", he whispered into my ear while walking past me, towards Mackenzie, who slung her arms around his neck and they started a full makeout sesh right there. The coaches were too busy with bickering about what we should play, to notice what was actually going on. Finally, a whistle was heard. Harry walked back, shoving his shoulder into mine. "Because they make your legs look even fatter than they already are.", he finished his sentence. I gulped. "We're playing Dodgeball.", coach Melrose announced before looking at coach Duff. Everyone was happy about the decision. He smiled and nodded at her, before continuing: "Boys against girls. You have one life. The goalkeeper has two lifes...well you know the drill. Come on! Girls, boys, set your goalkeepers!" The girls decided on a girl named Layla and the boys decided on the blonde dude that Rhya talked to, named Dylan. The whistle was heard, the ball was thrown. Everyone in FF was hit by the ball, except of Mackenzie. Guess they enjoyed her boobs bouncing in her sports bra. But then Harry hit her smiling and she winked, before going on his part of terrain and pecking him. He smiled and said he gives his life to Louis, before taking Mackenzie by the waist and pulling her to the side. They started making out. Seriously, no one else was bothered my this?! I rolled my eyes, but right then the red ball hit me in the head, making me fall on my bum. Everyone laughed, except of Rhya and that Dylan guy. How nice... "Whops!", Zayn laughed and high fived his team mates, including Harry. I was out. Finally. I went to sit aside with the other girls. The boys won, of course. We got changed back in the locker rooms and Rhya told me about that Dylan guy. "He's so cute!", she gushed. "Yeah.", I spoke absent minded. "Is it a problem if he hangs out with us?" "No, of course not." "Great!" I smiled and after we went to my locker, the bell rang. It was time for last period, which was chemistry. I was hoping to be a bitch free class. But my heart dropped in my underwear as soon as we entered the lab. I saw a mop of curly hair sitting on Mackenzie's desk, talking to her and two of her minions. Louis was sitting in the back, at the same desk as Zayn. The desk was for three persons, which was quite odd... Rhya waved to Dylan, in the second row. "Can we sit here?", she asked him. He shot her a smiled and nodded. "Sure." We sat like this: me, Rhya and then Dylan. The bell rang again, and the teacher entered the class. He was in his 40's. "Settle down please! Tomlinson, I can see you. Styles, feet down from the table. I'm mister Clark, as some of you may know. This semester I'll give you only one test, but the rest of your marks will be based on several projects. Now! There will be a total of 5 projects, one at each two weeks. The fir- yes mister Tomlinson?" "Can we pick our partners?" "I don't know. You'll probably do the projects with your lab partners...wait. No. I can't let you and those two hooligans next to you do a project...we'll do it alphabetic style!" Groans and protests were heard. Mr. Clark rolled his eyes. "The first project will be easy. Each group will pick a leader. The leader comes to me and picks a theme from this jar." He pointed to a jar full of paper on his desk. "It's easy because all you have to do is to get a big piece of carton, write the title and search for information, then write it all down on the paper. No need for a Powerpoint project. This project is due in two weeks and will be your first mark. I want you all to stand up and come here. Then you'll go and sit down depending on your names." He called out the names, and soon the first three rows were taken. The last row was still empty, leaving three desks avalabile. It was down to me, Zayn, Harry, Louis, Dylan, and four other girls named Elena, Mackenzie, Debbie (FF) and Lucy. Debbie, Elena and Lucy were paired up. "Now we have...Zayn Malik...Dylan Paten and...Mackenzie Sandler." Oh. Shit. Fuck. "And finally, the last group, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson and Jaqueline Vega." Well I'm fucked. Mackenzie's face fell, so did Harry's and Louis'. Zayn smirked and laughed. "Please take a seat at the desk at the back of the class. And to make sure you won't fool around, Jaqueline you are going to sit between them. "But-", Louis protested. "No buts! Unless you want to fail chemistry again, and come back next year!" Louis shut his mouth and I followed them. The desk was seated at the very back, in the corner. Louis got in first, then I followed and finally Harry sat down too. Mr. Clark sat down at his desk and looked through the classroom. "Now you have exactly one minute to pick a leader. But this will be the leader for the rest of the semester." I looked down at my lap, as voices filled the room. I was very uncomfortable. "So...", I spoke. "Listen." Louis' harsh voice made me look at him. "I don't want to fail chemistry again. I'm sick of school. So you better do this project properly or I'll ruin you." I gulped. "And don't feel flattered just because you have a project with us. Okay?" I nodded. "Good girl.", Louis whispered and I felt his hand on my knee. He bent down so he was at the same eye level as me. No boy was ever this close to me. "Now you'll be the leader, and if you don't do the project perfectly, I'll make sure you won't come at this school anymore." I felt a hand on my other knee. "Aww Lou don't touch her like that. She's a virgin...aren't you?", Harry whispered. Harry's breath was hitting my neck. "I-" "Then why would you lie to us?", Louis whispered too, his hand going up, to my inner thigh. It stopped right before my lady part. "Because she whishes she wouldn't I right?" Harry's hand did the same as Louis' while he spoke. "I just...", I stuttered looking at their hands. "Don't worry babe...we'll pop your cherry.", Louis whispered smirking. And then he poked my entry. I gasped because of the electric feeling that came through my jeans. "Group 9?" "That's us.", I said. "The leader should come and pick a theme. Come on!" "Uh..." "Go.", Harry said through gritted teeth. I pushed my chair back but it hit the wall. "Could you please move?", I asked/whispered. Harry shook his curls and crossed his arms. "Are you too fat?" I gulped and put my hands on the desk, before I walked past him, the back of my knees hitting his knees. You know, just like at the movies, when you try to get up from your seat and go towards the exit. I made my way to the front and put my hand in the jar. I picked a piece of paper. I took it out. "Okay. There are 10 more minutes until the period ends. Start working on ideas and establish some basic stuff. And I don't want to see or hear just one of you working. I want to see all of your handwriting on the project. I don't care where you'll meet up, but you have to do it in your free time. You'll get the same mark as your project mates. So if one of you doesn't work, the other two will also get an F. Good. Now get to work." I went back to my place. But I could get to my place. Louis and Harry were smirking at me. They clinged the back of the chairs to the wall and pulled the desk so close to them, so I couldn't go to my place. "How am I supposed to-" "Figure it out.", Harry grinned. "Uh...okay." They watched me as I put a leg under the table, then my hands on it. But I fell back and landed on Harry's lap. His hands found their way to my inner thighs and spread them apart. "See? It's not that hard...", he whispered in my ear, his breath sending shivers through my body. His palms stroke my crotch and I was surprised at how good it felt. "She likes it.", Louis observed. I pulled my legs back together, then moved my bum on my chair. "Oh but the fun was just starting!", Harry pouted laughing. "Don't worry mate. We have the whole semester.", Louis said and fist bumped him. I opened the paper. "Water.", I read. Seriously? What is this? Second grade? "That's easy...right?", Louis asked. I put the paper in front of Harry and opened my notebook, to write down some basic stuff. "Okay so we can write about the temperature, where water can be found...when it first appeared and all that stuff." "Correction honey. You can write.", Harry said looking down at the paper. "But the teacher said he needs to see our don't want an F, do you?" Harry sighed. "Fine." "So where do we meet up in the weekend?", I asked. "Are you kidding me? I'm not spending my weekend on a lame project!", Louis laughed. "After school." "And why not on weekends?" "Because we have a social life, unlike you. After school is okay.", Harry agreed with Louis. "At my place. You know where I live...since you live across from me." "Aw yeah! I forgot about that!", Louis chirped in. "How ugly was your expression when you saw that you lived on the same street as Harry?" I shrugged. "She's always ugly Lou. But she was pretty surprised." I was still here hello! "And she stalked me on facebook.", Harry added. "I-" "Oh really? That's-" The bell rang. Everyone started gathering their stuff. "So today at your house? When?", I asked while Harry sat up and brushed his pants off, like his seat was dusty or something. "Whatever. Just be there at five." "Five? But it's two-" "I have things until five." Louis laughed and pushed me away from the desk, to get up too. "Going to Mackenzie's after school?" Harry smirked and nodded, taking his book. "But don't you have detention with me?", Louis asked. "Skipping it. She gets her period tomorrow, so I'm trying to get it in as soon as possible." "Aww yeah man!" They highfived and patted eachother on the back. "See you at five dude." And then Louis disappeared, living Harry and I standing there. I pulled my stuff to my chest. "Bye.", I said and turned around. "Wait.", he said. "What?" "Your ass looks way too fat in these jeans." I felt a painful feeling in m stomach. I was really sensible to all these insults. "Okay." And then I watched him pass me by, shoving me in the corner of the desk. I said goodbye to Rhya, took the stuff out of my locker and went to the principal's office to pick up my phone. He let my off with a warning, saying that I had to be more careful next time. As I exited his office, I bumped into someone, and they dropped their cigarette. Oh gosh. "Watch where you're going loser!", Zayn barked pushing me aside. "Zayn!", the principal called him. Zayn frowned, shot me a look, then entered the office. I walked outside. It was clouded. The parking lot was still full of students laughing and talking to eachother. I saw Harry leaning against his Range Rover, chewing Mackenzie's face off, his hands on her ass. Then Louis, Liam and my sister were chatting right next to him, and Niall was making out with a cheerleader. Seriously? This is a schoolground! I saw that they were all there (except Zayn who was at the principal's office, so I decided there was my chance to go through that shortcut. I tried to go there unnoticed. I opened the gate, my heart beating like crazy. I jogged to the other end, but I abruptly stopped when I saw Zayn come in through the exit, a lighted cigarette hanging on his lips. His face turned into a wide, evil smile. Shit. I turned around, trying to run, but his foot found my ankle and tripped me. I fell on my knees and scratched my jeans open. Blood was coming out. "Well." He grabbed me by my shoulders and lifted me up, before he pinned me against the closest wall. "Watcha doing here? Feeling lucky?" His breath stank like cigarrettes, I hated it. He let go of my arms, but instead he slammed his body into mine. He took a drag, then let go of it, straight in my face. I whimpered when he pushed his crotch into mine. "Fuck.", he growled and took the cigarette out of his mouth, between two fingers. "Now didn't you receive the message? Don't come here, that's our place!" "I just...I need to get home-" "Why? Because your parents want their little virgin home? Aww...that's cute.", he laughed. He pulled hard on the collar of Rhya's hoodie, ripping it. Now my bra was almost exposed. He smiled and pulled the hoodie, to expose my shoulder. He eyed the little pink dot made by his cigar. His lips curled into a smile and he spoke: "Well look at that." And then he pressed his cigarette on the exact same spot, making me yelp and squirm. Then he pressed his lips to my ear, his hands digging into my back pockets. He whispered: "Can you imagine the pain you'll feel when I'll slam my dick inside your untouched pussy?" And with that, he pushed himself over me and dropped the cigarette, putting it out with his shoe. "Now get lost before I beat you", he spat the last word. I nodded and picked my backpack up from the ground. "Oh, and Jackie?" I turned around. He spit on my cleavage, then laughed. I wiped it off. "If I catch you here again without my permission, that won't be spit." "Uh...", I said confused. "Yes it will be white and sticky, but it won't be coming from my mouth." Oh. Sperm. I turned around and ran as fast as I could. —- Once I arrived home, I had a big cry session all alone. Lindsay was probably with Foxy Five, my dad and Helen were probably at work and as for Josh...well he probably found some friends to hang with. So here I was, staring at the huge turquoise banner in front of me. It was only 4:13pm, so I was waiting to see Harry's car pull up in his drive way. I checked my Facebook. MacKenzie accepted my friends. I saw that Harry posted something two hours ago. It was a photo of him and MacKenzie. He was sticking his tongue out and she was kissing his cheek. It was taken by someone in the school parking lot. The description said: 'Ready for a good shag. :>'. Seriously. Why post this on the internet?! It's ridiculous. Yet, it had 743 likes. I watched the new Gossip Girl episode. Oh god Chuck and Blair rule! So after I watched it, it was already 4:56pm. I grabbed my backpack, the rolled banner and slipped into my Chucks. I left a note on the fridge saying: 'I'm at a school project. Call me if needed.' I locked the door and made my way across the street. His car was nowhere to be seen so I just rang the doorbell. A middle aged woman opened the door, her greenish eyes smiling. "Um...I'm Jackie Vega and...I'm supposed to do a project with Harry?" "Oh! Jackie Vega from across the street?" "Yes." "Lovely! I'm Anne! Come on in!" "Okay." Not. "Harry's not home yet...but you can go to his study room." Study room? Someone's pretty smart...not. She guided me upstairs, to a room. It was a typical room: it had a desk with a MacBook, a chair, a couch, a huge plasma TV, two beanbags and a couple of bookshelves filled with schoolbooks and notebooks. The walls were painted green and the big balcony had a view to the big back garden. I could see my room There was a sort of barn (something like Spencer Hastings' barn in PLL) like a mini house. Someone lived there for sure. I wondered how the hell didn't I see it from my room. "Do you want anything? A cuppa, some juice, water...?" "No thank you." "I'm downstairs if you need me. Harry will be here shortly." I nodded and sat down at the desk chair. I set the banner on the desk and looked around a bit more. There was a photo of him when he was...sixteen? He was with Louis and Zayn, smiling at the camera. They were on a football field. I scrunched my nose. Idiots. I heard the front door shut. Voices were heard. I could clearly hear Harry's voice. Then Louis said something that sounded like 'Evening Mrs. S' and then steps were heard coming up the stairs. "Oh and Jackie from across the street is here! She's nice." "Fuck.", Harry groaned. "Language!", Anne warned from downstairs. They laughed and when they entered the room, their laughter died. They saw me awkwardly sitting there, slamming my feet together, watching my sneakers. "Get up.", Harry ordered throwing his jacket and backpack on the couch. Louis dropped himself on one of the beanbags. I got up from the chair and Harry pushed me aside, before sitting down and opening his laptop. He typed his password in. I could see it started with Ham and ended in r. Hamster? I sat down on the couch. I felt Louis staring at me. I turned my head to him and he grinned. He turned the TV on then took his iPhone out and started typing. "Are we starting?", I asked, because I wanted to get out of here as soon as possible. "Shut up.", Harry said typing on his laptop. Okay. I leaned back in the couch and that's when Harry turned to us. "Come on. Let's start." Louis put the TV on mute and threw his phone in the other beanbag. "Let's." He got on his knees on the floor and unrolled the banner. He straightened it out. "Come'ere." I looked at Harry. He was looking at me. "Me?" He rolled his eyes and nodded. I got up from the couch and went to stand behind his chair. His curls smelled like expensive girl perfume. Like MacKenzie. "Is this good?", his deep voice asked, his hand pointing to the screen. He searched water on Wikipedia. I nodded and he stood up, before putting the laptop on the floor, next to him. I sat down and crossed my legs under me. "So I say we start with the title." After one hour, the title 'Water' was written at the top, in the middle. Then there were some things each of us copied from the internet about various temperatures. That was about it. Why? Because they spent half of their time talking about useless stuff. It was already dark outside. The artificial light was pretty bright in the room. "Uhm...Harry? Where exactly do you sleep?" Wow. Did I ask that? "And since when is that any of your business?" "Uh...I just..." "If you want us to fuck on my bed, that's never going to happen." I nodded. "I know...I just..." "He sleeps in the barn outside. It's cool.", Louis said getting up to get his ringing phone. "Hello? Mom? Yeah. Okay. Bye." That was quick. "Shit I have to go bro. My little sisters need some babysitting tonight. See ya tomorrow?" Harry nodded and stood up. "You know your way out." Oh no! Not just me and Harry please! But he was gone. Shit. Harry was silent. He finished writing another sentence, before he placed his pencil on the floor. "You should go too." I nodded and stood up, followed by him. "Should I leave it at-" "Take it. Next time we're doing this at your place. I don't want you in my house." Ouch. "Okay." I took my backpack from the couch and looked around, before going out the door. He followed me downstairs, but he went into the kitchen. "Uh..bye?", I said to no one but before I could exit, Anne came to me. "Oh! I didn't see you there! You leaving?" "Yes...uh...good night." "Night honey." And with that I left. When I got home, I put the number on the kitchen table, greeted my dad and walked up to my room. I showered and came out in just my towel. I felt watched. I looked outside my balcony, and saw Harry smoking on his balcony, his lips curled into a smile. He was watching me. I closed the curtains and heard a knock on the door. "Jack?" My dad. "Yeah?" "Put something nice on. We're going to dinner." "Where to?" "Across the street." Fuck. ---- Let me now if you liked it !
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