Here Goes The Plan

1022 Words
Charlie "Are you sure he's the one?" My brother Chris asked as we looked at the billionaire drinking in the bar counter. "Yes Chris. We've been looking over him since he's a baby. Hus bloodline goes way back to the Brimstone's. He's perfect for our plan. Besides, looks like daddy dearest has set his evil eyes on him. "I told him. We continued watching the young billionaire from the dark corner of the club. You might be wondering, what this girl is talking about. Yup, I'm a girl. My name confuses a lot. Actually my real name is Brighid. It was my min who called me Charlotte. I just went on with Charlie these past few decades. Yes, decades. My brother and I are what you call damhyrs. Half vampires that is. I won't tell you the other half, at least not yet. As I was saying, there was a reason why my brother and I are watching this young billionaire since he's a baby. You see his bloodline went down to the famous clan of mighty vampire hunters. The Brimstone hunters. Now why would these two vampires associate themselves with people who kill their kind. Well, we need him to help us kill someone. And that someone will be revealed later. Back to our target, he downed his last drink and paid the bartender, and left the club. I signaled my brother to follow him. And we did. Once were outside, we were alarmed when someone shoved him unto a dark alley. From the shadows we watched as a man held a gun towards the young billionaire. Then a blonde girl with her face caked with makeup showed up from the opposite side if the alley. "Hey, isn't she his secretary?" Chris asked. "Yup. Also his girlfriend. " I said with so much venom. Then we were stunned when we heard gunshots and the young billionaire fell into the ground. And then we saw the mastermind of the crime, Damon Stone. The moment the culprits left, we approached the dying billionaire. I knelt beside him and inspect him as I caress his face. Such a pretty specimen to die. "I can help you. In fact I I'll help you. But you have to promise that you will help us in return. " I said. In his groggy state, he nodded. I leaned in and whispered to his ear. "You'll forever be bonded to me, my little servant. " Then my fangs extended and I bit down his neck as he took his last breath. I inject him my venom and a bit if my life force. Once I'm done, I pulled away and but on my wrist. As I placed it over his mouth, I let my blood drip into it. And in instant, he took one deep breath and fell into slumber. "Is it really necessary?" Chris asked. I stood up and wiped my mouth with the back of my hand and looked at my brother. "Yes. We wouldn't let everything we worked for, to go down the drain would we?" I told him. "Let’s get him out of here. " "Chris nodded and grabbed the young billionaire and then he teleported us out of the place. Chris I teleported us to our place just outside New York City. It’s a simple house with white picket fence. Quite normal and simple if you ask me. According to my sister, the simpler the better. We wouldn't want our enemies takes notice of us. I brought the unconscious billionaire to our guest room, and laid him in the bed. I ripped off his shirt and inspect his wounds which are gone now. Then my sister came in. "How was he?" She asked. "Pretty much alright. His breathing normalizes already. The wounds were gone, he's sleeping like a baby and he'll be good as new. " I told her and she nodded. She waved her hand in a back and forth motion and the man's clothes were as good as new. "He should be fine through this night. We need to rest" my sister said and then she left. You might think that she’s cold, but she isn't. We just went through a lot. She's actually the best sister ever. I sighed and followed her out. I found her sitting in the kitchen counter drinking beer. "Do you think it could work? Using the last descendant of the Brimstones?" I asked her. "It has to be. Or else we won't be successful as e hope we would. " she answered. I ran my fingers through my hair and sighed. "I just hope he'll cooperate. " "Well, he has actually no choice. I'm his master whether he likes it or not. " she said. "But we never did anything like this before. This is the first time you changed someone. What if something goes wrong?" I told her. "There's always a first time to everything. " Then we heard a loud groan from upstairs. We looked at each other before we rushed upstairs where my sister's fledgling is taking its slumber. Well, he's no longer in slumber, because he's half awake and kept thrashing on Thebes. Charlie rushed to him and grabbed both his arms and pinned him down. When he calmed down, he slowly opened his eyes and stared at Charlie. Both of them had this weird staring contest. Maybe its the master of ledge lung thing. Then he slowly reached Charlie's cheek and caressed it. It went down to her neck. And then he suddenly pulled her down to him, and their lips met. My mouth dropped and watched the scene unfold before my very eyes. All of a sudden he went limp on the bed and fell unto a deep slumber. My sister was left dumbfounded. I cleared my throat and aid. "Well that was unexpected. Your fledgling just gave you a kiss. " She glared time and it’s my cue to run for my precious life. I love reading my sister. Though we're old as dust, we love teasing each other. *O*
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