Chapter 1

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Maximus sat on his throne, swirling the goblet of wine in his left hand. Watching her from a distance, her red silk dress shining like a beacon. Reana Cornwall was a 20 year old woman, but you could not let yourself be fooled into thinking she was naive. She wasnt naive, she was a mystery with the all the secrets a man felt compelled to discover. Only Reana had an advantage. No man ever got close to her unless she expressed her permission and she never permitted any man. Reana Cornwall was untouchable. Yes, Reana Cornwall was a woman of destructive beauty, the kind of woman you would go to war over, the kind of woman you would give everything up for after just one look. She gave him that look, he knew that look. It was a look that said, "I know you want it" and Maximus did. But she was marrying Vanderson Keyton, it may have been in name, but married all the same. That man did not deserve such a beautiful piece of artwork, he did not deserve someone so graceful and caring. Seline Cornwall, on the other hand, he didnt like. She was a brash, arrogant girl. She was stunningly beautiful, but something about her just absolutely irked him. She overshadowed Reana at every opportunity. Monopolised any man's attention, preventing Reana from ever enjoying any. For Twins, Reana and Seline couldnt be any more different in personalities and with looks too. Seline was brunette, green eyed, beautiful, arrogant and ditzy. Reana was much different, blonde hair, bright blue eyes, so wonderful to look at, witty and intelligent. While most men had their heads turned by Seline, it was Reana who caught and kept his attention. Maximus smiled when he noticed Reana walking over to him. He patted the chair next to him as a signal to Reana to join him. He waited until she sat down before offering her some wine, "You look radiant tonight, my lady," He smiled to himself when he saw a blush on her cheeks. "You look rather dashing as always, your majesty," She replied, accepting the wine, letting her fingers brush against his. She watched as he caressed her other hand, kissing her knuckles gently. How she wished that he would kiss her lips that tenderly. She sighed gently, smiling shyly at the King. Maximus turned his attention back to the revellers in the ballroom, watching as they dance and chatted. Bann Esmerelle caught his eye. He leaned over to Reana to whisper in her ear, "Could Bann Esmerelle wear any more jewels?" He joked. Reana chuckled, "I'm surprised she can walk with all that hanging off of her. Do you think they're all real?" "Mmmmm, she had a lot of money so I suspect they are. They do look gaudy though." "They do. Diamonds are prettier," Reana turned to smile at him, "I like diamonds." "Oh you dont need jewels, my lady, you stand out with just your beauty," Maximus smirked a little when he saw a blush spread across her cheeks. "Do you try to charm all the young ladies like that, your majesty?" Reana tried to hide her blushes from the handsome King. She gathered from his reaction, she failed. Maximus lent towards her, his lips achingly close to her ear, "No, my little diamond. Only you." Reana looked away quickly. If she stayed fixed on him any longer, her control would slip away. She turned her focus onto her husband to be across the room, leering over an elven maid, "Look at him, disgusting pig. Shall have to get used to him doing that," She sneered. The thought of marrying him next month still sent bile in to her throat that she struggled to keep down. "I do wonder what possessed your father to match you with Vanderson. You have absolutely nothing in common." "Tell my father that! We have spent all of 2 minutes in conversation with each other and that was when we first met," She sniffed as she felt the tears well in her eyes, "The marriage will not be a fruitful or happy one." Maximus watched the lovely Reana dry her eyes, all the while wanting to take her into his arms. He clutched her hand, looking as her eyes met his, "Let me show you the castle," Reana allowed Maximus to lead her from the ballroom, up a private staircase. They got to a beautifully lit and decorated hallway. Portraits hung proudly on the walls, a long red and gold rug covered the length of the floor. He led her to a cozy sitting room, with several bookshelves and a fireplace warming the room, "This is my favourite room in the palace." Reana walked in, her fingers ghosting over a large dark wooden table, caressing the intricate detail, "I can see why. I'd live in this room." "I spend a lot of time in here. Have you ever seen a portrait of my mother?" Reana turned to look at him, "I have read about her. She is said to be very beautiful, blonde and a tower of strength." He took her hand and led her to a portrait that hung over the fireplace. Reana admired the subject in detail, "This is my mother." "She really is beautiful. I see where Cailan and your fine self get the looks from," She saw Maximus smiled and she blushed at the accidental compliment. "Thank you, my lady. Are you a keen reader?" "I am. I like books," She pulled a book from the shelf and looked at the cover, "This is one of my favourites. I love how the writer goes into detail. Almost makes you feel like you are there." Maximus smiled, "That's a first edition. I had my room decorated based on the book." Reana laughed, "That's very sweet. When Seline and I were little, we would pretend with lived in the book. I was Lady Emilia who loves in love with the King. Seline was Lady Imelda who fell in love with the Commander. She likes warriors." "You like leaders?" Maximus asked, getting lost in the delight in her eyes. "Not leaders so much. Men who are sure of themselves." "Because you are sure of yourself?" "Not so sure about that," Reana went back to looking at the books, "Seline is the confident one." Maximus stood behind her, caressing the arms that hung by her side with his hands, "Mmmm, I think you are more confident than you think. You are a thinker, with a beautiful mind." She smiled relaxing against his solid body. She hummed as she browsed the titles, coming across a blank one. She pulled the book out and opened it, "What in the maker's name is this?" Maximus looked over her shoulder with ease, his head resting against hers, "No idea. Read it." Reana walked away, hopping up onto the desk, crossing her long legs, "Reana Cornwall. Beautiful, long legs. Shy but has a devilish smirk. Probably filthy in bed. Oh and that's just the summary, it goes on for two pages." Maximus stood in front of her, resting his hands on her lap, "He wasnt being accurate when describing your beauty." She looked up at him, his tender eyes gazing down on her, "Care to elaborate, your majesty?" "Well, lets start with your hair. Beautiful, soft hair that looks and-" He paused to let the long locks glide across his fingers, "-And feels like finest silk. You have bright soulful eyes, I'd happily lose myself within them. Your skin is so radiant and begs to be touched and kissed. Your face is like a work of art. A smile that could light up a room, that captured my heart," He breathed in deeply as he watched her with lustful eyes, taking her in his arms, moving in between her legs when she allowed him access, "A body so perfect it must have been sculpted by the Maker himself. All carried with such a Andraste like grace." She smirked up at him, not convinced his attempts to charm her were genuine, "And is that an accurate description of my beauty?" "Mmmmm. That is my humble assessment and I'm King too, so its very accurate." "And you're never wrong?" She questioned innocently. Maximus ghosted his lips over hers, the feather like touch sent a tingle from his lips to his groin, "Mmmm, I am sometimes, but not about you." Reana chuckled, "And yet you havent kissed me." He wasted no time in pressing his lips to hers, wrapping his arms around her. At first they kissed playfully, gentle little kisses through smiles and smirks, tugging on her bottom lip with his teeth. He let his kiss linger, his tongue caressing her bottom lip, the taste of wine hitting his taste buds. He groaned as her tongue teased his purposely, swirling around his, gently massaging it. She pulled back gently, breathless and hazy. Her bottom lip throbbing from his fervent kisses. She caresses his arms, moving her hands across the taut muscles underneath his finery, "So what now?" Maximus nuzzled into her neck, breathing in her flowery scent, "That's up to you, my little diamond," He whispered against her soft skin. "Touch me," She purred, guiding a hand to her breasts. The noise of the ballroom had drowned out for them., all that mattered was what was going on in that sitting room. Maximus palmed her left breast through her dress, noting how it fit perfectly in his hand. A soft hand grasped his, guiding it to the ribbons on the front of her dress, looking at him with a smirk, "Dont hold back, your majesty." Maximus chuckled as he untied the ribbons, pulling the fabric down to reveal two soft, creamy white breasts with pink peaks. He brushed his thumb over a nipple, making her gasp slightly, kissing her lips gently, then her collarbone, following an invisible path to her breast, kissing the soft flesh, before taking the hardened nipple in his mouth, suckling on the small peak, teasing it with his tongue. Reana threw her head back as he gave her sensations she never though possible, the tingles spreading across her groin. She reached down, pulling her dress over her hips, exposing her thighs. Maximus took the hint and hooked his fingers around the hem of her underwear, pulling them down her legs, dropping them to the floor. He kissed her gently, before looking into her eyes, "Are you sure you want this?" He asked softly. She nodded in reply. He picked her up, carrying her over to the fireplace, laying her down on the soft furs. They kissed gently as he covered her body with his. He caressed her thighs, palming her soft skin, inching up to her sex. Gently, he explored her pink fold with his deft fingers, learning what she liked, using her reactions as a guide. The outside world melted away with no awareness of where she was any more, as her King explored her gently, his lips and teeth, no doubt marking her neck. She tensed up, her breath shaky as his fingers ghosted over her entrance. Fisting the soft furs, she prepared herself, his fingers slowly gliding into her wetness. It was foreign to her, she had never experienced such sensations, nor had she never explored herself the way Maximus was. He nipped her neck, her breath hitched, "Tell me how it feels," He purred into her neck. She sighed, "I-it feels..." She threw her head back as he hot a sensitive spot inside her. Maximus not content with mildly pleasing her, wanting her to have a shattering orgasm, before he took her completely. He slowly withdrew his fingers, making her whimper in protest, "Shhhh," He soothed, smiling at her briefly, kissing her nose before he moved in between her thighs, cradling her hips. He kissed her thighs, savouring the taste of her skin and the smell of her arousal. Gently, he flicked his tongue over her slit, the taste making him groan and her whimper and gasp at the same time. Assured by her reaction, he delved his tongue into her wetness, licking at her juices. The moans she made got louder as she undulated her hips involuntarily. He held her hips down firmly, sucking on her clit incessantly. She arched her back, crying out his name in a broken and hoarse voice. All she saw with a white light and felt the pulsing in her groin, the knots in her belly as she rode out the shattering orgasm. Slowly, she began to regain her senses, aware of the man lying next to her. She opened her mouth to speak, when the door to the sitting room opened, revealing her father standing in the door way. He cough, shutting the door, no doubt waiting on the other side. Maximus helped her up and she dressed in silence. It was awkward, having one's father walk in just after a shattering orgasm was almost enough to scar Reana for life. She gave Maximus one more coy smile, before turning to leave. Strong arms pulled her back and their lips crashed together hungrily one more time. After they parted, Maximus cupped her face and looked into her eyes, "I'm here if you need me," He assured her with sincerity. She smiled again, before leaving to face her father. As she walked out of the room, he stood there, face red with anger, "What was the meaning of that?" He asked furiously. "I..." Was all that Reana could muster. She certainly couldnt tell her father that she thoroughly enjoyed herself and if the opportunity to lay with the King arose again, she wouldnt hesitate to take it. Bryce grabbed her hand and pulled her towards the stairs, "We will discuss this outside," He hissed. They made it to the ballroom, storming past Cailan and Fergus. Once outside, Bryce made her sit on a stone bench while he paced infront of her, "Explain yourself," He demanded. Reana swallowed hard, she no real excuse for doing what she did. Then the anger set in, she was being forced to marry a man she hated. Holding onto her anger, she stood up quickly, "What do you want me to say, Teyrn Cornwall? That I planned to allow the King to bed me, tonight? You expect me to marry a man, I have spoke to once, very briefly." "Lets not get into this again, child. You are marry Vanderson." "I was always the good girl, did everything asked and I get the worst man you could've picked," Reana wiped her tears away, "I used to idolise you, but you seemed content in making my life a misery. No love, no happiness and no children. I always suspected you favoured Seline over me, but now you've proven it." Bryce tried to clutch his daughter's hand, "Pup," He soothed. Reana snatched her hand away, "Dont! I hate you!" With one more glance at her father, she rushed back inside, to her bedroom, where she threw herself down on the bed and sobbed herself to sleep.
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