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The young five year old boy looked down at the grave were his mother was now laid to rest. Beautiful white and pink roses laid down on top the the soil slowly placed one by one as the guest said there good byes the wonderful woman who was nothing but loving and kind. She showered his headband with love and devotion always doing what was best for her son letting him know he was loved. His big salty tears soaked his face and his black suit with a bright pink tie. It was for his mum. She loved pink so he wore it for her prying she could see him. No one knew what to do with this little boy he had witnessed his mothers murder and would be scared for ever by it. ‘Oh that poor thing.’ The guest said as they watch the seven year old son for his mum. ‘I just can’t believe her own husband did that.’ He could hear there whispers about his parents instead of acting out he shut himself away. ‘What’s going to happen to him now?’ They asked not because they wanted to help but because they were noisy. ‘Foster care or a group home.’ That was all that was said. No one talked about how his mum was a bright light with a radiant smile how she loved her husband and her son they gossiped about how she was a young mother who married her high school sweetheart and there Marriage turned sower. They said how foolish she was to believe her husbands lies. To take him back time and time again. “Hunter. It’s time to go.” The social worked who was working his case held the small boys shoulder and waited for him to move away from his mother.

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