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"You have to trust me, Betty... just trust me one last time.. I assure you that you will not regret your decision this time", I pleaded to my mate who was now whimpering in pain in front of me. She even didn't allow me to take her hand in mine that broke my heart completely.

"How... ca... can I, Kevin? Yo... you broke....... m...me... once", she coughed and held her swollen belly defensively. I immediately put my hand on hers and looked at her with teary eyes. "I admit that I did wrong, Betty... please don't leave me and ... and me the last chance", I pleaded her again. Her eyelids flickered making me panic.

"No... no... no... Betty... hold a little bit... baby... please... please for the sake of our child.. please hold a little bit", I was crying now and looked at the doctor who were connecting her with so many wires now.

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Betty's P.O.V.       “Hey wake up, you sleepy head”, I winced in pain when my best friend Maya smacked my head. “Ouch, girl… how you are so strong?” I winced while rubbing the back of my head. She smirked and packed her bag. “The period is over?” I asked her in surprise when I saw the other students leaving the class. “O… this is the news of the day, right?” Maya faked surprise and then glared hard at me. I slumped down and pouted while looking at her.       I again slept during my history period. It was an advantage of having a short height and sitting in a corner that the teacher couldn’t see you when you are sleeping. I also packed my bag hurriedly as Maya was about to leave the class. “Hey… wait for me”, I shouted while throwing my bag on the back and ran towards her. “Where are you going?” I asked her once I reached to her while panting hard. She looked at me while rolling her eyes. It was a disadvantage skipping your PE classes for the whole year that you lost your breath even if you run a short distance.       “How many do I need to remind you that you should start taking your PE classes seriously this year if you want to pass your school with good grades”, she scolded me again and I smiled sheepishly. “I will… I will from… tomorrow? I looked at her while giving her my most innocent puppy eyes. “Uhhhh”, she groaned while pulling her hair and I giggled. “let’s go. I don’t want to be late for the English class”, she groaned while grabbing my hands and we both ran towards our next class. Of course, it was her who was running. She was dragging me behind her.     We both reached the class on time and I almost threw myself on my seat and lay down on the desk while breathing through my mouth. “I really need to take my PE class serious now. For God Sake… I am only 17 and here I am breathing like an old woman”, I whined and she smiled. I wondered how she could be so fit and she never broke a single bead of sweat even if she ran for 100 metres during the class. She was an athlete and has won so many medals for the school.       Suddenly her facial features changed into disdain while looking at the door. I looked up and sighed internally. The hottest boy of our school with his buddies was entering the class with his latest fling Bianca. She was almost hanging over him. “Losers”, she muttered under her breath and I lowered down my head when my eyes met with Kevin Wolf. The smirk on his face made me angry but I couldn’t do a thing here. I wouldn’t deny that I had a crush on him too but he was out of my reach. So, I decided to end my stupid crush here as it was no use for me. There were so many other boys here who were interested in me and some of them were also cute and handsome but not like Kevin.       “Come out of your world, princess… the teacher is here”, Maya again smacked my shoulder bringing me back into the real world. “O yeah”, I said and took out my book and notebook with a pen. English was my favourite subject and I enjoyed every second of this period. I looked towards Kevin and his gang and found him looking at me with a furrowed brow. I looked away without acknowledging him.     The teacher started the lesson and a small smile crept on my lips because the topic was about the poetic devices that a poem can use to make his poem attractive and heart-touching. I loved poetry and I was a big fan of William Shakespeare and Robert Frost. I also liked to write but never showed them to anyone not even to Maya.     “Why is he glaring at you?” Maya asked me in whispered while noting down what the teacher was writing on the board. “Who”, I also asked her without looking at her as I was also noting down everything. “Kevin… why is he glaring at you since he entered the room”, she asked me and I just shrugged my shoulders without removing my gaze from the board and from my notebook. “His eyes… he can do anything that he wants … why I will be bothered by his stares, huh? I haven’t had stolen his eggs”, I joked and Maya giggled while covering her mouth with her free hand. I giggled with her this time on my own words.       Soon the class was over and the teacher assigned us our assignment to be submitted at the end of the next week. I was glad that Maya was again my partner. We both were best buddies and I also loved to study with her. She was not a nerd like me but was good at studies. We both discussed our assignment while going out of the classroom.       We had a free period now and we decided to go to the library. We were about to enter the library when I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. I didn’t want to see the message as I already knew who had messaged me but went against my will. “Uhhhh…. Maya… you go first.. I… I am a little hungry so… I am going to get something to eat first… do you want something”, I asked her and raised my brow. “Nah… I am not hungry but buy me juice if you find any there”, she said and we both parted.     I looked behind and made sure that Maya was not watching me. After that, I took out my phone and groaned in frustration after reading the message. “He is dead now”, I muttered under my breath and ran towards the stairs. I was almost breathless when I reached the roof.     “Missing me so much”, I was startled and screamed when he whispered into my ear from behind. I faced him and shot daggers on him. “No… I am thinking about how many ways I can kill you”, I spat instantly and went towards an abandoned desk and hopped up. He came towards me while walking slowly as if he was a model and was walking on the ramp. Well…. With his body figure, he could be a model. He had a tall athletic figure like models of Calvin Klein.       “I am hungry”, he said while hopping beside me. “Then go and get something to eat”, I said to him while tightening my grip on the bag that I had placed on my lap. He eyed my bag and I glared hard at him. “Don’t you think, Kevin”, I warned him and he grinned. He attacked my bag and now we both were struggling to get a grip on my bag. The end… well… everyone knows already…     He opened my bag and I huffed while crossing my hands in front of my chest. “You know… I love you, right?” he said while taking the lunch box that I carrying in my bag out. My heart skipped a beat but I knew that it was a trap and I already decided not to fall for his charm anymore. “You know.. I hate you so much, right?” I batted my lashes dramatically and he grinned while biting the mac burger that I brought today for myself. He was always like this. He always ate my lunch almost every day. It was not like he kept me starving for the whole day as I always got something to eat from him afterwards.     “Do you have something to drink?” he asked with a full mouth while looking inside my bag with his other hand. I immediately snatched my bag from his hand and zipped. “I have nothing for you now. Now… hurry up and finish your burger so that I can have my empty lunch box back, “I emphasized the words empty here. “Why are you in such a hurry?” he asked me again with a full mouth and I shrank my nose. “Geez… Kevin… finish your food first”, I scolded him but he resumed grinning at me.       “Hey… what’s the deal with your friend, Maya?” he asked me and I shot up my brows on her. “I mean… I don’t know whether we crossed our path with her still she looks so piss and always cursed her”, he explained and this time I grinned. “This is because I can’t curse you …. So she does a favour to me”, I said in an explaining way and this time he made a face.     “What I did wrong with you, huh?” he asked me while finishing my burger… the keyword here was my burger… “Okay…. I will wait for you at our usual spot after school. We are going to the mall today”, he said while giving me now empty lunch box. I put the lunch box inside and then without looking at him, I said okay and hopped down. “What’s wrong with you today?” suddenly he grabbed my hand and I almost landed on his chest. My breath hitched and I looked up straight into his beautiful dark crystal blues eyes.  

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