CHAPTER 2*Chief detective*

1148 Words
 " Hey there Grumpy what are you doing."       Skylar, my elder brother best friend, asks walking into our home library, stopping beside my reading desk.      "My assignment."    I replied monotone not sparing him a glance, and I hear him hmm before sitting beside me.    "Anything I can help with "    He asks, and I sigh, dropping my pen as I turn to him.   "What? did Jaidyn put you up to the task to come, piss me off."   I ask him with a questionable look on my face.   "Jaidyn put me up to the task, no way. I just arrived, and I didn't see you downstairs, so I came here to see what you're up to"      Skylar answers and I rolled my eyes knowing quite well everything he just said was a lie.   "Liar, you arrived about an hour ago, and I know Jaidyn must have told you to come and talk to me so what's your deal."     I asked him disinterested in whatever he has to say   "Okay fine you caught me. Your brother is worried about you, said you hadn't spoken a word to him for four days now, what's going on."  Skylar asks, and I Shake my head picking up my pen. "Why should he be worried though, it's nothing new to him so what's the stress all about." I ask Skylar as I went back to answering my history questions. "I know, he knows that also but four days I don't think you've gone that long without talking, and he thinks maybe something is wrong, but respecting your privacy, he thought it would be better if I come to talk to you and see what's wrong." I sighed tiredly at the boring conversation as I chewed on the bottom lip of my pen, trying to remember the answer to the 5th question of my Assignment. "Okay that's just him being a hypocrite right now, I don't see how him sending you over to play detective respects my privacy in any form. Besides nothing is wrong, I just didn't feel the need to talk that's all." I focused my attention back to my history assignment, as I jot down the few things I remember concerning the question in my jotter while I chose to work on the other problems. I'll google up some information on question 5 for my answer. "Well if you say it that way. I guess you're right but you ought to know it's because he is worried, besides if you don't feel the need to talk why are you talking to me right now though." "you asked a question." I Deadpan without sparing him a glance. "Yes, I know that, but you haven't answered yet." "I just did Sky. Because you asked a question." I replied my eyes glued to the rubbish I had just written down. "I know I asked a question that's why I'm saying you haven't answered. I asked a question you didn't answer,". I sigh in frustrating and turned to him with a glare. "I answered you twice, and I'm talking to you now because you asked me a question and I answered, and it turned into this boring conversation right now. So see there I answered for the third time." I replied, raising my hands in the air dramatically. "Oh, that was...... Ah sorry, my bad. I didn't know that was what you meant. But you should talk to your brother, though." Skylar says, and I nod. "When he talks to me or asks me a question, I will. he is used to me being this way so....." "I know just talk to him either way." "I will, now if you would kindly take your leave, you're making me lose focus, tell Jaidyn I want orange juice, thank you now, please leave." I say shooing him out of the library. He laughs lightly making attempts to ruffle my hair and swat his hands away. "I can't imagine having you and my younger brother in the same house. Such as would be boring and lifeless." Skylar comments before walking out of the room Not too long after my elder brother Jaidyn walks into the room with a cup of orange juice and Oreos, He places it on the table and draws out the chair to sit beside me. "Hi" He says softly and my lips curved in a smile. "Hey, there chief detective." I reply, throwing him a glance. "Can't blame me I was worried." He says, tapping his fingers on the table lightly. "Why should you be though, you know I'm always like this" I tell him, and I can hear him scoff. "Why won't I be, the longest you've gone without saying a word to me had to be two days, and that had a reason. But this four days I wasn't sure what the reason was. At some point, I thought maybe you are trying to break Guinness world record or something." My brother says, and now it is my turn to scoff at his lame attempt of making a joke. "I had no reason to, besides you didn't try talking to me either, don't blame me. the joke at the end happens to be the lamest thing I've heard since the beginning of the year." I respond poking at his poor attempt of Cracking a joke. "Fine, I guess I should have tried instigating a conversation. And mind you I'm the funniest in this household." "And that's because everyone in the house lacks a good sense of humour except for me of course." "You wish, what are you working on." Jaidyn asks, and I smiled. "Thought you would never ask, history." I replied, and he nods, and I smile on content, knowing what he would do next. "Scoot over, let me see if I can lend a hand." He says, pushing me lightly. I did as told and pushed my notebook and textbook. "Oh you can and you will." I deadpan, looking at him intensely. "That means you make dinner." Jaidyn says, and I nod with enthusiasm. "Gladly, you know I suck at history, and it's one of your best subjects though." I turn to leave the library when he gasps, and I halt my movement. " ah don't go I forgot you don't know how to cook a decent meal." Jaidyn says, and I glare at him. "That's shady. You know that right." I tell him, and he smiles sweetly at him. "Yeah I know except your Assignment isn't and objective question where I get to shade the answers " My brother replies and I roll my eyes. I'll just Stay beside him till he finishes, that would save me the stress from cooking and having to clean out the kitchen I mumble to myself as I watch him write out the highlights to my Assignment while I munch on the Oreos and taking sips from my orange juice with every bite of the Oreos I take  
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