First Week Of Classes

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Stella’s POV     It was suddenly Monday morning and I was excited to go to my first two classes of the week. I spent all Sunday going over the materials for my classes and making sure I had everything ready.     Today I was going to American History and then Spanish. The first one started at ten and my last class for the day started at two. I was happy that Isabella was in my first class with me. We sat together and listened to the lesson before going back to our room to drop off our things.     We went to lunch in the cafeteria. I was impressed with the food selection here. I got a hamburger today with fries and a banana. Isabella and I sat together and ate while talking about our first class. Soon it was time for us to part ways and go to our next classes.     I kept to myself in Spanish class. The day flew by and the workload was crazy. I was slightly worried that this might be too much, but I wouldn’t give up easily. I hunkered down and did my work. I wanted to make this work.     On Tuesday, I had Biology at nine in the morning and I knew Isabella wouldn’t be in class with me because she was going to school to be a dentist, not a doctor. I walked into class and took a seat. I looked over what we would be doing today as others started to file into the room. Suddenly, someone took the seat next to me at the lab table and I got the scent of cherries. I looked over and my stomach turned as I saw that creep, Mike. This was the first time I had gotten his scent and I didn’t like it.     For Moon's sake, why was he after me? And why would he call me sexy? I had all the curves in the world, how was that attractive? He smiled brightly at me and I grimaced. Why did he think he would get anywhere with me? Why not try to find your mate?     “Could you find another seat?” I asked.     “Nope, I’m good here with you sexy,” he said.     “Fine then I’ll move,” I said as I stood up and looked around the room.     Unfortunately, there were no more open seats in the room. Everything had filled up and I was stuck with this jackass and I knew he would end up being my lab partner. This was fucking horrendous. This was supposed to be amazing and fun, not gut wrenching.     I sat back down feeling slightly defeated and pissed off. I looked over at my new creepy classmate as he was sitting there smugly smiling at me. I had this feeling I would need to beat his ass.     “I just have two requests if I’m stuck with you,” I said.     “What’s that sexy,” he asked with a bigger smile.     “Don’t talk to me and don’t touch me or I’ll light your ass up,” I said, staring at him.     “The talking thing isn’t going to happen. I’m your lab partner so there’s that. The touching thing on the other hand…”     He was cut off by the professor walking into the room and commanding attention. I was so thankful that he couldn’t finish his sentence. I didn’t want this guy's hands on me or him even near me. The class went by so slowly. I was begging to leave by the end of the class. I grabbed my things and quickly left, avoiding Mike as much as possible as I scurried away. He was smart but gross. He needed to learn some female respect.     Wednesday came and I didn’t have classes and neither did Isabella. We stayed in our dorm and studied most of the day. We only left at meals to hit the cafeteria or the cafe. Studying was a little overwhelming and I learned quickly that I needed to take breaks and time management was a thing.      When Thursday rolled around, Isabella and I both had English and Algebra together. This made me feel way more comfortable having her with me. Normally I wasn’t this dependent on having someone with me but I had never dealt with someone like Mike before.    English was great and we were reading Gone With The Wind. The lecture took a while and I was happy to find that Google Docs would take notes for me if I put it on speaker. With that, college would be a breeze.     After lunch, we went to Algebra and took our seats. Sitting right next to one another, we started talking and waiting for the professor and the rest of the class to come in. I had someone sit next to me so I looked over and it was Mike and I could smell him. My eyes went wide and I gritted my teeth in anger.     “Hey sexy,” he said with a smile.     “Why won’t you get a clue and leave me alone?” I hissed.     “Because I want you and I know you want me. You don’t have to fight it”    I laughed and said, “I do not want you.”    Isabella chimed in, “we were talking anyway and you're interrupting.”    “Well, it looks like you have a sexy friend too. I can come by and visit someone’s dorm later. All three of us could have a good time,” he said looking at the both of us.     “That’s not fucking happening,” I said and looked to the front of the room.     “Definitely not,” Isabella added and did the same as me.     “You two don’t know what you’re missing.”    I shook my head and looked to Isabella to ignore Mike. We sat there silently for a few minutes when a guy came and sat next to Isabella. She hesitantly looked over at him. I looked at him wondering what he wanted. I could tell he was a wolf like I was and he smelled like patchouli. He was staring at Isabella and I made the connection that he was her mate. How sweet!     Her being half-wolf, she would feel the connection but not as fully as a wolf would. He reached out and took her hand gently in his. I listened to her gasp at the electricity that came from them touching. I couldn’t wait to feel what she was getting to feel right now.     The professor came in and the lesson started interrupting their sweet moment. The class went by slowly but I was happy when another girl caught Mike’s attention and he left following after her instead of bugging me. Crisis averted.     I turned to watch and listen to Isabella and her mate as the classroom emptied. I loved watching Jamie and Cameron sometimes. I really loved watching Rambo and Sage interact together too. I couldn’t wait to have my own interactions one day.      “I’m Sander from Golden Meadows,” he said.     “I’m Isabella from Trinity Forest. I’m only half wolf so I think you're my mate, right?”    “Yes,” he answered with a bright smile.      She smiled brightly in return and then looked at me with such happiness in her eyes. Knowing that someone out there was made for you is the best feeling in the world. This was the feeling of being whole. The feeling that someone was really going to love you with all their being.     All three of us left the classroom and went to the Bistro so we could all get to know one another. They talked for hours while I sat there and listened. Sander was so sweet and soft-hearted. He for sure wasn’t the type to be a warrior. He was going to school for physiology. That’s something that I think the packs really needed. They all needed a therapist to help warriors, Alphas and the traumatized. Why hadn’t this happened sooner?      I studied while listening to them get to know one another more. I found myself really hoping that I find my mate soon. I wanted that happiness like they had just found. I wonder if he was here at school with us and I just hadn’t run into him yet. I honestly wanted my life partner. I wanted to have the other half of myself. I also wanted to experience the intimacy that Isabella and Sander were about to. I had ideas already thanks to Sage and her sexual experiences.       On Friday, I was happy to stay in my dorm and study before going with Isabella and Sander to the library and to eat in the cafeteria. If I could avoid Mike I would have an amazing experience here. If push comes to shove though I would murder him and have my new friends help me bury the body in the woods that surrounded the campus.     “I think murder is a bit over the top,” Honey tells me.     “But is it really?”     “Yes!”    "I don’t think so. He’s a fucking creep that won’t stop.”    “It will get better. I hope.”    “You hope? I will make it better by just getting rid of him.”     “If you do, just be smart about it,” she warns me before falling to the back of my mind.  I think my wolf needed a reality check when it came to this wolf. The only way for this to get better is for that guy to have a horrible accident and the oxygen that he is wasting would then be saved for others that need it more than him. He was for sure a waste of matter.
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