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"Don't you dare to push me away, Venessa. I am not your boy toy. I am your f**king husband", he smashed his fist on the wall beside my face made me flinch in horror. We both were breathing hard in anger. I closed my eyes and then opened again and looked straight into his eyes masking my fear.

"You don't need to remind me every time how f**king my life is now, William, and don't forget that I am also your wife not one of your w****s who throw themselves on you", I almost yelled at him in the end while taking long breaths. We both were glaring at each other and none of us was willing to move the gaze away from the other.


Venessa Hamilton and William Nash were normal college-going students but not on good terms. They hated each other from their guts through the bottom of their heart but destiny had some twisted plans that ended both of them together in an arranged marriage. They were hell determined to make other life's hell. Experience the journey of their hatred to love with them.

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Venessa’s P.O.V. I winced in pain when my step-mom slapped me I didn’t know for what reason. I closed my eyes and tried to endure that pain that I was having on my cheek. I was sure that it would bruise as my mother’s nails did their work too. “Do you have any idea how much I spend on you for keeping you alive?” she screamed at the top of her lung and I scoffed mentally. I didn’t say anything because once I opened my mouth and there would be endless beating that I didn’t want in the morning. “She only knows how to waste dad’s hard earn, mom. She is just like her mom”, my elder sister, Janice fueled the anger of my adopted mother. I guessed there would be no food for me this week again in order to compensate for what I had wasted that I didn’t have any idea. My mom, Maria, gripped my ponytail and pulled it so hard that I yelped in pain while falling down on the ground on my knees. “Listen to me carefully, you brat….. There would be no fee for your next semester and no food for you for the next 10 days starting from today. Your father works so hard to give you everything and you have had enough for his kindness”, she spat on me while gritting her teeth and I only nodded while taking my lips inside my mouth to muffle my cry. She pulled my hair hard again to lift my head up so that she could see my face but I closed my eyes. There was no way that I was going to give her satisfaction by letting her see my tears. I was holding my breath and didn’t open my eyes. She threw me harshly on the ground and I hissed in pain again when my elbow hit the floor. ‘Go away from my eyesight”, she yelled at me in disappointment and I stormed out of the house without looking back. I caught my breath while leaning down and put my hands on my knees to balance myself. The tear that I was holding till yet slipped down from my eye and I whimpered in pain and hurt. It was the routine of every next day of my life and I should be used to of it by now. But… to my dismay… they succeeded every time in hurting me in every possible way that they found amusement. I am Venessa Hamilton, the adopted younger daughter of a known businessman Patrick Hamilton. I didn’t know why he adopted me when my parents, his brother and his wife died in a car crash when I was only 3 years old. I was supposed to be with them that day but it was my bad luck that I left behind because I had fever that day. I wished that my adoptive father would have given up on me and spared me from this torture since I came to my senses. His wife and my adopted mom did everything to make me curse my birth or fate of being alive in this world. Dad knew everything but he never stopped her and his daughter to stop tormenting me. He never abused me but never saved me too. I hated the whole family from the core of my heart. I already had planned of getting away from this family once I would complete my graduation. It was not like I was dependent on them for my fee and other expenses. Since high school, I was on my own. I did part-time works that I couldn’t explain for getting money to feed myself and to pay my fee and other expenses. I took a long breath and the unwrapped scarf that I had wrapped around my neck. I wrapped the scarf around my face to hide my bruise on the cheek. There would be no way that I could let anyone see the brutal behaviour of my family against me. It would bring no good for me. They already called me insane and would prove that it was me who bruised myself to get the attention of others. I straighten up my spine and then started walking. I had college to attend. I was in sophomore and there were only two more years to deal with that pathetic family. I went to the nearest bus station and caught the bus on time. Yeah… I belonged to a rich family but travelled in the buses. Luckily I got the seat and I slumped down myself on the seat. It was a fine summer morning but nothing was fine for me. I went down at my stand and looked at my phone for the time. I sighed in relief. It was still early. I had enough time to grab something to eat from the nearest cafeteria. I went straight there. I was about to enter when I collided with a wall. I hissed and rubbed my forehead. I knew where I was walking even when my head was low then how on earth I could collide with a wall that shouldn’t be here in the first place. I looked up and rolled my eyes in annoyance. “Not you”, I murmured and sighed aloud. “Will you step aside? I want to go in”, I said in a very flat tone and the person in front of me crossed his hands in front of his chest. “You hit me”, he hissed and I rolled my eyes while groaning aloud. “I didn’t. It’s you who came in my way”, I stated the obvious and tried to shove past him but he blocked my path. “Now what?” I raised my voice this time while looking straight into his eyes. He didn’t blink and we both looked at each other as if we had a staring competition. Suddenly without removing his gaze on me, he stepped aside. I moved my gaze in another direction and stepped inside the cafeteria. I didn’t know what made him moved away because he was not a human who give up easily. We were not enemies but we were not friends either. Nathan’s P.O.V. The bruises on her face made my heart stopped working for a few seconds. She was not the girl one can mess with. There was also a scratch. I didn’t know why we couldn’t speak normally to each other. I met her on the first day of college and she gained my attention. Things didn’t go well between her and William and everything messed for me. She never gave me a look, it didn’t matter how hard I tried to get her attention. She hit me hard on my chest and hissed in pain. I was about to say something harsh to her but her bruises made me stop at this very instant. I only tried to mess with her but the pain and hurt in her eyes forced me to give her the way. “What happened?” William asked me while taking the food bag from my hand. William Nash was my best friend since forever. He was also rich and famous among girls all over the city. “Uhhh…. Nothing”, I said and he raised his brows on me. We both started walking towards the main building. He was waiting for me in the parking area of our college. “Don’t tell me that you met that psycho?” he rolled his eyes while munching his sandwich that I brought from us. “Yeah… she hit me hard on the chest”, I told him in a low voice and he raised his brows questioningly. I told him everything that happened and he also frowned when he heard about the bruises. “She must be in some fight again. It was the only valid reason for those bruises”, he said while finishing his sandwich. I chewed the food inside my mouth and think hard. “I don’t think so. Someone has slapped her hard and the person should have something sharp in between his fingers that scratched her cheek”, I stated my mind while finishing my sandwich. “Whatever the thing is…. She is strong enough to deal with them. Let’s go … otherwise, we will be late for Mr McKenzee class and then you know very well what will happen”, he reminded me and we both hurriedly went towards our class. We were about to reach the classroom when a shrill voice made both of us flinched in surprise and we both covered our ears. “Baby….. I missed you soooooo much”, I rolled my eyes while looking at Tesla who was clinging to William as if her life was dependent on him. “O…. then tell me what can I do to make up for you”, he dragged his hand all over her upper body making me feeling nausea. Tesla was one of the queen bees of the colleges but a good f**k. Her new interest was William now and William knew very well how to deal with that kind of girls. “We are having a private party tonight at my place. I will text you the address”, she kissed on his cheeks with a seductive move that made me shrank my nose in annoyance. Williams squeezed her butts and she tried hard to blush that was not suiting her. She went away after rubbing her body to his one more time. I hated her guts but what to say if she is available anytime. “Baby”, I mimicked her voice while rolling my eyes and both I and William laughed hard while entering our class.

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