The Mafia Teens


Seki Schoen Fustante, 18 years old, son of a wealthy man who runs an organization under the underground world. Handsome, athletic, smart and above all was the eldest and heir of the Fustantes, even a large and extensive organization of mafias. Together with his friends who are the children of giant mafia bosses he formed his own group, he called it Mafia Teens. A famous group of teenagers who do weird things in the underground world and get along with big personalities. At a young age he and his friends entered underground fights under their own world. Even so, would their knowledge and ability be enough to wrestle against Ziegler? A big boss of the mafia world that they accidentally collided because of their mission.

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NAGISING ang diwa ko nang maramdaman ko ang malamig na simoy na hangin. It touched my exposed skin kaya inangat ko nang bahagya ang kumot ko and started to go back sleep. Ilang minuto kong pinipilit ibalik ang sarili sa pagkakahimbing, when a soft sound ruined the silence inside my room na siyang nakapagpamulat ng mga mata ko. In my whole life existence I used to be aware with this kind of silence and that's noise caught me and telling something to me. I can sense something different from the whiff of the air touching me. Tumikhim ako bago bumangon sa kama. I looked at the terrace inside my room, the doors were widely opened while the curtains were dancing because of the flowing air, the night was deep and only dull light of the moon entering my room. Mukhang nakalimutan kong isara ang mga pinto sa silid ko. Tumayo ako at lumapit sa teresa nitong kwarto ko. ‘Di pa man ako nakalalapit nang tuluyan, nang mapahinto ako. I smelled the scent of a woman perfume. Bumalik ako sa paglalakad at marahang isinara ang isang pinto ng teresa at hinayaang naka bukas ang isa to maintain the lights inside my room. Huminto ako sa ganoong posisyon habang nananatiling hawak ang seradora and started to study the air inside my room. There’s someone inside my room. Naglakad ako upang bumalik sa kama when I heard a sway in the air and a movement of the shadow behind my back, kaya mabilis akong humarap mula sa likuran. I blocked her hand holding a assassin’s knife about to stab me, I immediately pulled her hands and used my body to throw her away from me. Only a soft sound of her feet touched the floor made a noise after what I did to her. Her black fitted suit made her disappeared from the darkness inside my room but the lights from the open door, showed her up to me and she’s standing directly looking at me! Nananatiling nakatakip ng itim na tela ang kalahati ng mukha nya and her black fitted suit showing her well shaped body that helps me to recognized her gender easily. “What do you want?” I asked her but she didn't even answer me, her eyes were focused in me. I can see her confused on it and a dumbfounded eyes of a woman. “You want to kill me?” I mouthed. Napakunot ang noo ko nang mapansin ang pag ilaw ng isang pulang maliit na bagay mula sa soot nya. With that, she begins to attack me again. DAMN! She's fastly striking me, with very dangerous skills and what I can only do is to block her hits and attack her waist to stop her. “Ah!” I heard her complained when I hits her side under her ribs, her moves was different and soft but really make you weak if she can hit your vital points, therefore I can say she's a ‘well-trained assassin’. “You're a good fighter but it can't defeat me,” I said, mabilis siyang lumayo sa‘kin in a soft way of jump backward without making any noise, habang nakahawak sa tagiliran n‘ya. For the second time, the red light from her suit lighted again, kasunod ang pagbunot niya ng dalawang kutsilyong nakasukbit sa baywang niya. I went prepared, when she quickly move towards me and about to attack me again. She continue hitting me with a knives and it seems she's a good knives user dahil biglang nag bago ang mga kilos nya. Sunod-sunod akong napaatras while she attacking me, I was just focusing on her strikes in order to avoid it hitting me hanggang sa mapasandal ako sa isang wardrobe. Damn! I didn’t mind where I been stuck with at mabilis na hinuli ang dalawang braso nyang muntik nang maitarak ang dulo ng patalim na hawak but she forcibly tried harder to push the knives on me hanggang sa mapaliyad ang likuran ko sa wardrobe dahil hanggang bewang ko lang ito at nagsimula ko nang tamaan ang mga figurine na nakalapag dito, I heard her sniff that forced me upang mapatingin ako sa mga mata nya at tanging ang malamlam na ilaw mula sa lamp shape ko ang nagbigay liwanag sa akin to see her eyes. Nakaramdam ako ng kung ano when I realized those eyes were familiar, huminto siya sa ginagawang pagpupumiglas sa pagkakahawak ko sa braso nya. She's still a woman with a— Naputol ako nang dumulas ang likuran ko sa pagkakasandal sa wardrobe and lost my balance because of her weight enclosed to me that dropped us on the floor! “Ah!” napadaing nalang ako nang bumagsak ang likuran ko at pumangibabaw siya sa akin because I'm still holding her arms. Nabitawan niya ang mga kutsilyong hawak sa sahig without removing her gazed on me. “S-Seki.” I looked at her back when I heard her voice calling my name and I see her eyes crying until her tears dampen my cheeks. Napabitaw ako sa braso nya and immediately removed the cloth blocking her face. Napahinto ako nang lumantad sa akin kung sino siya. It really ruined my guard at nagsisisi akong nasaktan siya kanina. Her tears continue dampening my cheeks while she's still looking at me, I took a gulp at nang hihinang ibinaba ang katawan ko sa sahig . I didn’t bother about her above me and what I found out about my killer. This couldn't be happen. Why should she? I was surprised when her lips touched mine, that's surprised me much na nakapag pahinto sa‘kin. Inilapat nya ang kanang palad nya sa pisngi ko and started move her lips kissing me. Suddenly she stopped and whispered something on my ears. “I'm s-sorry,” she whispered as I felt something sharp stabbed my stomach and her tears fell again but this time to the left side of my lips. The next thing I realize she pulled out the knife. She immediately stood up and run away from my place. She Fearlessly jumped the terrace to scape. ... I am Seki Schoen Fustante, I am just a teen and yet, handling a big things does not every teen have. When i'm at home, I can sense the scent of being simple teenager but whenever i'm on outside with my friends, I am someone's odd and can't even tell to anyone my identity. Do I have friends? Yes! And we're standing at the same situation.We fight, we bid, we transact, we deal and we kill. If you're going to ask us about our early involvement in the world of Mafia and if we're happy or not? My answer is both. I am happy to be with this, to be what I am now. But, I'm not happy to pull every innocent into our hell world. How our lives goes on with our situation? *** CHARACTERS Seki Schoen Fustante Elder son of Hikari Villa Gracia and Serviguel Fustante. He's a very simple man that's everyone couldn't doubt his normal existence. Rich, smart brave and jolly. Behind of his simple identity hiding the leading power of the next Mafia Prince. Sere Lee Fustante Younger son of Fustante. He seems like the small version of their cold and mean father. Ill-tempered and silent. Behind of his poker identity hiding his melted hearts for a women specially to his mother and his crush Eon. Eon Stout Strange Daring and terrific. Only daughter of Fheon Zhury and Nile Eduard Strange. Her bold Identity makes Sere Lee fell in love ro her, despite of their age. She's a woman to live in her modeling life together with Sere but hiding her Mafia identity. Cross Shyvanna Harisson Daughter of Scarlet O'hara/Fustante and Fizz Harrisson. The fiery cousin of Sere Leee and Seki Schoen. Everyone love her different fashion that leads her to be the most dangerous woman in different fields. Stravens Gustamante Only son of Jerand Gustamante/ Villa Gracia and Laticia Fayn Wracksham. Also cousin of Sere and Seki at the side of their mother Hikari. He's the most thoughtful and bossy person in their group. Reu Dwight Helterson Son of Dasha Reu Hertinely and Nicollo Brent Helterson. The walking encyclopedia and the doctor of the group and handsome partner in crime of Seki Schoen. Daphnise Devaez Daughter of Maxine Hertinely and Jinx Renzo Devaez. She's simply and the computer master and fashion lover. Hershey Coco latrinidad Their younger friend and chocolate lover of their group. Only daughter of Zack Inigo Latrinidad and Yamaha Kuruwa. She's the cutest, sexiest but tough inside the underground world. Kent Zeus Monticillo Son of Yazumi Kuruwa and Ken Taiga Monticillo, cousin of Hershey Coco at the side of his mother. He's not mute but most quiet and rugged person in their group. Claide Xerxes Emerson The terrible handsome son of Laxian Emerson and Katanie Lucian. He's little version of his father. Player and gamer. He loves dangerous adventures. Blue smith Son of Greyson Denk Smith and Maru Cheon. He's the jolly and active person in terms of alcohol and hanging out with girls together with Sere Lee. Frost Voli Daughter of Minona Crowford and Zed Voli. She's also such a silent person as well as Kent Zeus but tipically an attractive one. Dine Astrid The Young Police Woman to catch the bad doings of the Mafias. She's really determined to peel the hidden identity of Seki Schoen and Sere Lee after meeting them on an underground party she was attended to be a spy. Aulcheora Saffari The nerd girl in disguise. She's been abandoned for a years of her existence. Other cast will be add soon.

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