Selling Myself To The Alpha

office lady

After the human girl accidentally sold herself to the Alpha, the Alpha was surprised to find that he had found his destined mate!


The day before my wedding, I watched my fiance sleep with my best friend.

To get back at them, I went to my fiance's boss and sold me to him. But I didn't know he was Alpha and I was pregnant with his wolf pup!

I tried to escape, but he came to me——

“Liana, my dear mate, be my Luna.”

Wait? Mate? Did I hear that right? But I'm just a human girl!

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Chapter1 Betrayal
Liana POV What the hell? Is Wyatt watching porn? Clearly, I can hear the pleasurable moans of a man and a woman. I surely hope not. That is such a filthy custom and not something I want to deal with. Especially not on my honeymoon. No, I shake my head. Not my Wyatt. After seven years, I know everything about him that there is to know. He is most likely only watching a movie with a provocative scene. I continue my way to the bedroom but stop dead in my tracks when I reach the door. My fingers fly to my mouth and my eyes nearly pop out of their sockets as I stare at the scene in disgust. Gwen, my bridesmaid, is standing on all fours on the bed as Wyatt violently thrusts into her. “Yes, baby, yes,” Gwen pants. “Harder. Harder.” She screams loudly as his fingers dig deeper into her hips as he obeys her request. “Yes! Yes!” She shouts. I want to turn around and run away. I want to cry and scream and shout. I want to throw up and crumble into a ball. But I do not. I am numb and lifeless. I am standing in the doorway, staring at my friend and fiancé as they satisfy their most carnal need. It is like standing on the tracks and watching the oncoming train heading right for you. You know you should move but you are frozen. When Wyatt cries out his orgasm, my heart shatters into a million pieces. Gwen wiggles her hips until she reaches her climax before she collapses forward on the bed. “Thanks, babe,” Wyatt slaps Gwen on her ass before he crawls onto the bed next to her. “You always know how to satisfy a man.” “Unlike your fiancé?” She giggles and curls up in his arms. “Come on,” he scoffs. “You know I’ve never fucked her.” “Is that why you’re marrying her?” Gwen pouts as she draws circles on his chest with her finger. “Because she’s a virgin?” They are talking about me, I realize. I am standing right here, and they have no idea. They are so absorbed in their lust that they do not even see me. Are wolves not supposed to smell others? Or is the aroma of sex so overwhelming that they do not catch up on my scent? “I’m marrying her because she’s my mate,” he grunts. “And you know that.” “Why don’t you just reject her?” Gwen sulks. “She’s human, she won’t feel the pain like a she-wolf. Then you and I can be together like we want to be.” “You know I can’t do that,” he kisses her tenderly. “I must be married to my mate if I want to be Delta one day. Do you rather want to be the mistress of the Delta or the wife of an Omega?” “But once you’re married, I won’t be able to see you as often,” she whimpers. “And as her husband, you’ll have to sleep with her.” “Only until she gives me my son,” he smiles sweetly. “I promise you. Once my son is born, I will never touch her again.” The more they talk, the more life returns to my loins. My initial shock and devastation have made space for pure, hot anger. My life has just turned into a cliché. Just like every other story, I am engaged to a cheating bastard. He did not even deviate from the plot and cheated with my enemy. No, it had to be my friend. “Well,” I sneer as I cross my arms in front of my chest. “Isn’t this cosy?” Both Gwen and Wyatt jerk upright and stare at me in shock. “Liana,” Wyatt is the first to react and he scrambles out of bed. “This is not what you think. I … we …” “Oh, spare me,” I spat the words angrily. “I watched the entire show. This is exactly what it looks like.” “She’s right, Wyatt,” Gwen smiles smugly as she pulls Wyatt’s t-shirt over her head. “This is exactly what it looks like.” “Gwen, not now,” Wyatt hisses urgently. “Why not now?” Gwen shrugs. “She’s seen and heard it all, there’s no use in denying it.” “I thought you were my friend,” I look at her with disgust and hatred. “How can I possibly be your friend when you want what’s mine?” She sneers as she steps closer to me. “Yours?” I gape at her. “He’s my mate.” “He might be your mate,” she smirks as she places herself in front of me. “But I have his heart.” “Bitch!” I yell as the palm of my hand connects hard and loudly with her cheek. Gwen’s head jerks to the side from the impact and she stumbles backwards. “Gwen, baby,” Wyatt rushes to her side. “Are you okay?” “No,” she whimpers, and he cradles her into his embrace. “You asshole,” I shout as I shove Wyatt away from Gwen and he looks at me with shock. “I’m your fiancé. But you’re more concerned about your whore than you’re about me.” “Liana, enough,” Wyatt bellows as he grabs me by the wrists. His eyes are burning into mine. “You do not get to talk to me like that.” “Fuck you,” I jerk my hands free from his hold. “And your whore.” I look at them with anger and hatred as I pull off my engagement ring. “Take this,” I shout and toss the ring at them. “Let her birth your heir, and good luck with becoming the next Delta.” “Liana, wait,” Wyatt turns pale as he reaches for me, but I had enough. I turn on my heels and run as fast as I can. “Liana, please,” Wyatt runs after me. “Let’s talk about this like adults.” “No,” I yell furiously as I turn to face him. “There is nothing to talk about. There is nothing that you can say or do to undo what I have witnessed. You made your bed, sleep in it.” “Enough,” he bellows and grabs me roughly by the shoulders. His fingers are boring into my flesh and for the first time since I have met him, I am scared. He is a wolf; I am a human. He can snap my neck like a twig and get rid of my body and nobody will even notice. “You’re my mate and you will obey me.” “Obey you?” I grunt as I fight the fear and panic. “You might think yourself a steed, Loverboy, but I’m not your fucking breeding machine.” “We’ll see about that,” he growls, and I scream when he gets hold of my hair and drags me after him to the bedroom. I am paralysed with fear. He is going to kill me! The thought jolts through me. I do not want to die like this. “Let me go!” I shout at the top of my lungs and pain surges through me as I struggle against his hold. “Never,” his laugh is loud and ugly. Terrified, I reach for the closet object. The framed photo of us is not much of a weapon but it stops Wyatt from dragging me when I smash it over his head. It feels like my skin is tearing from my skull when I jerk free from his hold. “You’ll pay for this,” he sneers and reaches for me, but I grab his hand and bite so hard that I can taste his blood. “Bitch!” He bellows as he shoves me so hard that I glide over the floor towards the door. “Go to hell!” I shout as I struggle upright and run outside. Tears are streaming down my face and my lungs are burning as I run as fast as I can. He is a wolf; he is faster and stronger. He is going to catch and kill me. I must get out of here.

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