Chapter 2

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Jade pov “Are you excited?” I asked my younger twin sister as I flopped down on her bed. She was sitting at her desk, where she always was, drawing comics. She called them ‘manga’, whatever that meant. I realized she was ignoring me so I got up, going behind her, and tugged on her long pure white hair. She flinched, turning around and glaring at me with her light violet eyes, reaching up and taking out headphones. Oops, I guess I should have figured she was listening to music, she usually always was. I smiled sheepishly at her, but I could tell she wasn’t amused. “What is it, Jade?” She asked with exasperation, bags under her eyes from improper sleeping patterns the past week. I rolled my eyes at her, she shouldn’t be exasperated by me, it’s not like she ever did anything else with her poor pathetic boring life. She didn’t even go to school the past week because she said she had a deadline. “I was trying to talk to you,” I whined, pouting. She sighed, turning off her music and turning around in her chair to look at me. She had a look on her face like ‘fine I’ll entertain you.’ As if she was older and I was an annoying little sister. I swear sometimes I just want to smack the mature look off her face, it always made me feel like she was judging me. “You’re always trying to talk to me. I just wanted to finish this panel of my manga book before dinner.” She said with a sigh, standing up and stretching. We both looked the same, but different at the same time. Our faces were identical except she had light violet eyes and I had light blue ones. Our hair was different, she had long pure white hair that reached down to her butt, and I had shoulder-length black hair with a purple tint to it. I use to have my hair the same length as hers, but it was mostly annoying training with it that long all the time. Our bodies were mostly the same, the only difference was she had a flat stomach and I had a small little six-pack forming. She never did train as I did. I was engaged to Colt Brian, the future Alpha of the pack, I was the future Luna. I had to do my best to live up to my future title, so I trained constantly. Colette was engaged to Emmett Clark, the future Beta of the pack. Technically she should be training a lot more than she does as well, but she doesn’t care about the dedication like I do. All she wants to do is draw in her manga books and publish them under a fake name, or as she calls it a pen name. Maybe they are popular and she makes a lot of money doing them, but I think the whole thing is boring and pointless. Our dads are Betas, we get plenty of money from them. I don’t even think she keeps most of the money, I’m fairly sure most of it she gives to Omegas and the orphanages we have set up. Honestly, she should keep it and buy herself better things in my opinion. “I wanted to ask you if you’re excited!” I said with an annoyed sneer. “You always ignore me, I feel dejected. I’m your older twin sister, I’m supposed to be your best friend.” I said with a fake sob. She sighed, rolling her eyes at me as she tied her hair up into a messy bun on top of her hair, strands of pure white silky hair falling around her face. “You are my best friend. You’re my only friend.” She said with annoyance. I already knew this, of course. Colette might be an Elite and the Betas daughter, but she’s called a freak at school, and mostly ignored by others. They use to bully her but I would beat them all up so now she’s just all alone all the time, sitting somewhere dark and quiet with her headphones in twenty-four-seven drawing. The funny part is, most of the high schoolers I see are walking around with her books and they don’t even know she’s the one who wrote them. I tried getting her to tell them but she refuses, not caring about being popular. Sometimes I have no idea how she’s my sister, I would literally die if I wasn’t popular, we were complete opposites. “I wanted to know if you’re excited about tomorrow!” I said to her. I placed one hand on my hip and used my free hand to twirl a strand of hair around my finger. She called it my ‘prep girl stance’, whatever that meant. Probably just her way of calling herself a loser. She put her pencils down and leaned against her desk, crossing her arms over her chest. At least we were both given C-cup boobs and great butts, but she, unfortunately, hid her figure under big hoodies all the time. Aunt Lilian used to wear big black hoodies when we were younger, and at some point uncle Kurt threw them all out the window. Well of course my strange little sister went and got those and washed them, and now wears them all the time. “Excited about what?” She asked, scratching the side of her face. I realized she had a black smudge there, probably from the pencil or whatever writing tool she used all the time, she was always covered in black smudges. I looked at her, flabbergasted. “You can’t seriously have forgotten about our birthday! Or the party! We get to go to sleep tonight, and wake up with wolves of our own to talk to! We get to brag to our fiancé’s that we got wolves before them, we get to be adults! We get to drink without getting in trouble! The list is immense, but come on! Party!” I shouted at her in frustration. She rolled her eyes at me again, like I was a child. “Yeah, party. I might not go to it. It’s stupid being surrounded by people who barely tolerate me. I am excited to have a wolf though, maybe she’ll understand me at least, but I don’t care enough to brag to our fiancés’ about it. Emmett isn’t the type to really care anyway, he’s more quiet and calm like me, Colt is a crazy bad boy like you. Oh and drinking is stupid. It makes people act stupid and look stupid and it damages their liver. So all in all, nothing to really look forward to.” She said straightforwardly. I gasped, placing my hand on my chest. “You think Colt is a bad boy, and that I’m a bad girl too?” I asked with a fake sniffle. I know, I had a bit of flair for drama. She raised an eyebrow at me. “Colt is always skipping school and getting into fights with his parents, always doing stupid things and breaking rules. You are always sneaking out and sleeping over at whatever boyfriend you’re with at the time’s house even though you’re engaged, and partying at every party you can find. You’ve staggered into my room so many times drunk that our dads think I drink too since my room smells like alcohol so many times. So yes, you and Colt are considered the bad boy and bad girl.” She said to me. I smirked at her, twirling my hair again. “Well, I guess that means we’re meant to be,” I said with a giggle. My heart clenched and I frowned, trying to hide my emotions. The truth was, I never loved Colt. He was like an annoying little brother to me. For the past year, I’ve had a crush on another boy, who unfortunately never paid me any attention even when I flaunted myself at him. His name was Axel Knight, the younger twin of Julien Bane. Julien was the future Alpha of the Snow Moon pack, and Axel was his younger twin brother. I had no idea why they had different last names, but it just made him more mysterious to me. He was gorgeous. Honestly, they both were gorgeous. Axel was hands down the hottest boy in the school, Julien following in a close second. Colt was bad boy hot, and Emmett was quiet book smart hot. I didn’t know anything else about him, but just because he was the most gorgeous I couldn’t help but have a crush on him. But of course, I knew the random constant boyfriends and the crush on Axel was pointless, I was engaged to Colt, and I was expected to marry him when he turned eighteen in six months. Honestly, the only thing I was looking forward to was being Luna. Luna Adaline was amazing and so powerful, a real inspiration. I idolized her, even though she probably secretly thought I was a hoe. “Are we finished talking? Because I really need to finish this.” Colette said, cutting into my thoughts and snapping me back to reality. I sighed, rolling my eyes at her. She was so lame. “Fine, I got to go pick out what I’m going to wear for tomorrow anyway. Can you try not to embarrass me and actually wear a pretty dress? I’ll do your makeup and your hair if you want.” I pleaded with her. At the last party the pack threw she actually came wearing her ripped jeans and her oversized black hoodie, and I was embarrassed the whole time. “I told you, I’m probably not going to go.” She said with a sigh. “You know our dads will drag you there,” I said with a tsk. Or at least daddy Lyell will, daddy Alarick was the more mothering type of the two, and he was an amazing drawer as well so he fully supported Colette’s hobby. “We’ll see. I’ll think about it. Now go on, shoo, or else you won’t have time for the bath soak and facial masks and pedicures and manicures and hair rollers and whatever other girly things you’re going to do.” She said with a judging tone. I sighed, wishing we were more alike sometimes. “Fine, see you later little sis.” I said with a pout. I wasn’t going to let her see she hurt my feelings. It’s not like she did it intentionally, she just was always more mature than me. Everything I did seemed childish to her, and maybe it was but I was still a child so I should be able to have fun. Not all of us want to be thirty years old when we’re only seventeen. I walked through the bathroom to my room and shut the door, staring around at my room. I had remodeled it myself, and it was amazing in my opinion. My grandmother helped, daddy Lyell’s mother. She was an amazing painter and she painted every wall a different color for me, at my request. I had a mannequin with a halfway complete dress hanging on it, pins and safety pins holding it together. Sure I could buy dresses, but I preferred to make my own clothes, I just used all my money buying materials. Unfortunately, this dress wouldn’t be done in time for the party tomorrow, but I did have an adorable baby blue sparkly floor-length gown that matched my eyes in the closet. I ended up doing everything Colette said I’d do, spoiling myself as I gave myself treatments. First I took a long bath, using Epsom salt for my tense muscles. After I showered it all off I did in fact roll my hair into hair curlers. I wanted to do it now so they’d be really curly by the time the party started tomorrow after school, since I also had to take them out before school and if they weren’t in long enough it made my hair look flat around five or so. I know, it’s lame to have a party around four, but our birthday came on a Wednesday this year and it was a school night. That never would have bothered me before but I wasn’t the one planning the party. After I was finished with the hair curlers it was dinner time, and I went to the dining room with Colette. Normally when the Betas and Gammas had children, the children only lived in the other Beta and Gamma rooms until they turned eighteen, then they were placed in an Elite room in the Elite packhouse. Technically Colette and I were Elites, but because we are both engaged we aren’t moving far. I’ll be moving into Colt’s joined bedroom within the week, and Colette will be moving into Emmett’s. Then when the boys turn eighteen we will be married. Colt turns eighteen in six months along with Axel and Julien, and Emmett turns eighteen in eleven months from now. Emmett is the youngest out of our group, but he’s just as mature as Colette is, so he seems older than the others like Colette does. They are so much alike it was scary sometimes. It made me wonder how boring their marriage was going to be. We ate dinner with our parents and everyone else every night, like a great big family. I sat down in my normal seat, next to Colt. He sat next to Emmett, and Colette sat on the other side of him. On the other side of the table sat the younger kids. Zain and Lexi were engaged, they were both thirteen and sitting next to each other. They were honestly adorable together, you could tell by looking at them that they were the best engaged couple out of all of us. They really cared for each other, I would be shocked if something broke them up. Zain was aunt Lilian and uncle Kurt’s son, and Lexi was Alpha Tate and Luna Adaline’s daughter. I wasn’t really surprised to see Grayson sitting next to Lexi, he slept over all the time. He was Beta Alice and Beta Ulric’s son, from the Snow Moon pack. He was a year younger than Zain and Lexi, so he was twelve, but he was also Lexi’s best friend. Those two were inseparable. Because there were so many kids the adults were at the dining table next to us chatting away. I didn’t really care if everyone saw me in my hair curlers, none of their opinions mattered to me anyway. I probably should have cared about Colt’s opinion, but like I said he was more like a bratty little brother to me than anything and he barely ever even paid attention to me anyway. After dinner, I went back upstairs and did the manicure and pedicure, face mask as well. Once everything was dry and finished I slid into my bed, excited for tomorrow. I couldn’t wait to find out what my wolf’s name was, it would be nice to have someone who understands me.
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