Her Innocent Love

love after marriage
arranged marriage

"what did I said to you don't talk nonsense there huh, you will get punished for this,come here" Suraj said.

"But I didn't do anything I only told truth you are a liar" Sona said.

"What ! dare you to called me a liar " Suraj said and swiftly walk to her and pulled her close .Sona gasp and started struggling.

"Stand still Sona" said Suraj.He put his head to her height and tried to kiss her.

"No-No stop not again , only my lover has right to kiss me why you always come close to me and kiss me" she whined.

I startled listening to her.

"So you have a lover huh! " said Suraj.

"No my best friend said that , you know she has a bf and she kissed him in front of me so I asked her why you let him .She said that he is her bf and he has right to kiss her. " she explained me.

I greeted my teeth at her explanation.

"But I am your husband I have more right to kiss you and touch you , now you are married and I am your lover from now on, got it"

"No you are really rude and don't even let me eat junk food always scold me , didn't let me go to my house ,you are not my lover "Sona said.

"Oh! darling but I am" saying that he pulled her close and kissed her.

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Suraj(pov) "Why don't you get married I have tried to hook you up with so many girls,but your that emotionless face and rude talk scare them away" said my mom abha. I just shrugged at her. And started checking my file. She boiled with anger with my indifferent behavior. "OH! Son don't worry at all , I have met with my long lost best friend at my crucial time off need and you know what she has a beautiful daughter, I already talked with your father about it, we both already met with girl's parents and your father seen the girl he really likes her for you, and now if you say no to me ,your father and I will never talk with you or leave this house, choice is yours" said mom. I greet my teeth listening to her.I shut my file and throw it in table , I stand up angrily and goes to my room and shut the door loudly. I am not interested in any girl. I don't want to get married.I have seen my friend he follows his wife like lost puppy. She even calls him in between the meeting. And even in function she sticks to him like glue. Gosh I can't imagine my life. I definitely will not marry. 1 week later My mom and dad are not talking to me.Well they do the talk I listen,but still. They are even staying in our penthouse leaving me here alone. I don't have any solution to this and I don't even know who my mom's best friend is so I don't have any idea who is the girl is so I can scare her away. Only one thing can solve this matter. I have decided that I will marry her. I have to marry on a future why not now as I don't have time for finding a girl for me. I pick up the phone and message them I am ready for marriage. Sona(pov) Today an aunt came to our house. Actually she is my mother's best friend she say so . From an hour they are discussing something God know what? And here I am sulking because today is Sunday and I, mom and dad was going to go out for dinner today but it got cancelled because her friend came .Now it's 5:00 pm. Don't know when there talk will end. "Sona beta come here" called mother. "Yes" I run downstairs to mom in the living room. The aunt sitting there smiled sweetly at me. I also smiled. She gesture me to sit beside her. I sat beside her. "What's your name child? " Aunt asked me holding my hand. "Sona Sharma" "OH ! What a cute name,I am Mrs.Abha Shrivastav your mom's best friend. I nod at her. "You know I need a help from you, My dumb son is really disrespectful, don't listen to me. I want him to get married but he scares the girl away. I heard from your mother that you are a brave girl, so why don't you marry my son" I remove my hand away from her and said "But I don't want to leave my mom and dad I want to be with them I don't want to get married my friend said that after marriage I can't live with my parents and said your sasu-ma (mother-in -law) is also be bitchy with you " "No-No beta it's not like that you can live with your parents after one month of marriage. Till then you live with me and I will also be a good mother-in-law, please do this one favor to me child " When i look at mom side she told me to say yes. I nod at aunt side. She happily hugged me. "But aunty I don't know how to cook a proper meal I only know how to prepare junk food as it's my favorite." "Don't worry we have chefs at our home" aunt said "But aunt I also don't know-" "Sona I only want you to marry my son and your mom already told me everything about you." I said "OK"

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