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There is a Multiverse across the whole system and because it's too huge, eleven Gods were made to protect each element and its properties from the dangerous creature, and from destroying the world they are living in. Not until then, the Almighty God created another God that is opposite of HIM as SHE is the last and twelfth God, known as the Goddess of Destruction. The whole system and Gods got threatened the moment SHE was born as to when the end of living and non-living things are on HER hands. Her name? Xerah Royal. Starring King Zarro Royal Queen Elizabeth Royal Kyte Royal Kloud Royal Kole Royal Xerah Royal Queen Lucia Lexus Callus THE ELEVEN GODS NAMELY, Octavius, the God of Thunder and Strength (King of Gods, Power & Justice/Law) Rex, the God of Sun/Fire (War, Dedication, Jealousy, & zeal) Davis, the God of Water (Health, Healing, Seas & Ocean) Embre, the God of Wind (Sky, Music, Speed & Messenger) Hagel, the God of Earth (Nature & Agriculture) Oyel, the God of Light (Knowledge & Wisdom) Molan, the God of Darkness (Unlucky, Night & Dreams) Thomas, the God of the Living (Heaven, Fertility, Animals/Plants & Youth) Palato, the God of the Non-Living (Terror, Death & Underworld) Isaac, the God of Time (Luck & Wealth) Lovinia, the Goddess of Love (Sexuality, Desire, Beauty & Family) DISCLAIMER All characters, characteristics, places, and times in this story were all just fiction. And this story is not against the religion, tradition, and beliefs of people. Any similarities compared to the other stories you've read and watched or whatsoever have nothing to do with this. All that we're written in here was based on the mischievous thoughts of the author herself so, save your criticism and keep it to yourself. PLAGIARISM IS A CRIME
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