Sela The Alpha's Hybrid Mate

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Alpha Kennedy has been looking for his Mate for nine years. During those nine years, he slept with all the unmated she-wolves in his pack.

Sela is eighteen, a model, and a strong Alpha and fighter. Sela let her brother take over the pack and decided to do modeling to support her family and her pack financially. Her pack is the largest and strongest in Tennessee.

Sela, her brother, and her sister are all werepires. She is also gifted with powers and is known as Black Mamba. She, her sister, and her brother are called the Deadly Trio.

On the other hand, Alpha Kennedy and his brother Jaxon don't get along. When Jaxon meets Sela he wants her for himself. He has made his mind up that he will have her.

Joel, Sela's ex moved back too, and surprisingly, he also wants her back. And that is... despite having his own mate that he refuses to mark.

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Chapter 1
I have been looking for my Mate ever since I turn eighteen. That was seven years ago I'm twenty-five now and the Alpha of Redfire Wolf Pack. I am Alpha Kennedy Andrew Cannon. Sometimes I think my Mate is dead or has mated with someone else. I have to admit, I didn't save myself for her. I guess you can say that I am not an angel. I sleep around a lot, I have slept with every unmated she-wolf in my pack. Jaxon, my younger brother, and I divided my father's pack. We could not see eye to eye on anything. I was the Alpha of the pack, but he was always doing things behind my back. So, that is why I divided the pack, to give him a pack. Hopefully, this will help his ass to grow up. After the pack was divided I moved my pack to a beautiful rural city in Tennessee. That was three months ago. Several packs are living in this city, we all have signed an alliance. Robert, my Beta, has been pushing me to get out of the house. He said that I can't find my Mate if I'm stuck in the house. Doing Alpha duty all the time or sleeping with different she-wolves. We have gone out a few times when we first moved here. We had been out for a few hours, Magnum my wolf kept saying he wanted to eat. So we decided to get something to eat. There is a mom-and-pop diner on Main Street. We heard the food there was good. About five minutes after arriving at the diner, my wolf Magnum became very talkative and whistling in my head. I finally had to block him out. While Robert and I are waiting for the waitress to take our order. We are looking out of the window when a black 2020 Aston Martin DBS Superleggera pulls up in the parking lot. Robert is admiring the car, he said that " it is his dream car." Then we see Caleb, he is walking toward the diner, he is in his early twenties. He is the Alpha of Black Wolf Therian Pack the largest pack in Tennessee. He is half-vampire, some called them halfling, werevamps, or werepire. The intoxicating scents of violets and chocolate hit me. A beautiful 5'8 Native American Goddess with beautiful long black hair steps out of the car. She is smiling looking at Caleb, as she slides her sunglasses up to the top of her head. She has the most beautiful black eyes I have ever seen. She said something, Caleb stops turn around smiling. She had the nerves to run, jump into his arms, wrapping her damn legs and arms around him. "That's my damn Mate," I whisper yell looking at Robert, pointing toward her through the window "What?" Robert asks looking at me confused "That Goddess is mine," I said getting up from the table. Once we made our way outside she and Caleb had driven off. "Fuck that shit, let's go. She is mine with her fast ass, wrapping her damn arms and legs around him. She was hugging him as if he is her damn Mate. Hell, I'm her damn Mate, not his ass. She is mine, do you hear me?" Kennedy said as he is running to his to get in his car. "MATE MATE, I want our Mate." Magnum is yelling in Kennedy's head "We will find her fast ass," Kennedy tells Magnum. Robert is standing there looking at me like I have two damn heads. "Where are we going?" Robert asks after he finally starts running behind him. "To get my fast ass Mate," Kennedy said starting the car before Robert closes the door. "How do you know where they're going? " Robert asks as he is fastening his seatbelt. "We are going to Caleb's damn pack. If they're not there, we will wait. No matter how long it takes." Kennedy said speeding up. Robert's hands are on the dashboard, bracing himself. Hoping they don't get stopped by the police. "Sela POV" It has been six months since I had been home. I have been working in Paris. I plan on surprising my family. We talk every day on Facebook messenger and Portal. But it's not the same. I was driving down Main Street and that's when I saw Caleb. I have missed him. When I opened my car door I smelt something so intoxicating, it was peppermint and citrus. I knew my Mate was close, but that is the last thing on my mind. I only wanted to spend time with Caleb and my sister Dawn. I didn't tell Caleb about my Mate being close. He would have insisted we hunt him down. Bali my wolf is excited about finding our Mate. I am too, but my family is important to me also. Once we smelt him, Bali started singing the moment we turned into the parking lot of Kelly's Diner. The only way to get her to stop singing was to tell her that if he is worthy of us, he will find us. "Kennedy" When we drove up Caleb's driveway, Ms. Fast Ass's car is sitting in front of the house. The house is a three-story brick mansion, the same as mine. I heard his parents were killed by shift hunters somewhere in Europe, a few years ago. A few times at Howls, Robert and I have had a few drinks with Caleb. Howls is a club for werewolves and vampires. It's in neutral territory. " Caleb is a nice guy, too bad I might have to kill him." I am thinking. "Kennedy, don't go in there acting crazy. We are outnumbered." Robert said as he is walking beside me. "If I have to kill him and everyone else, I don't care. Ms. Fast Ass is coming home with me." I said as I am walking faster up the walkway "Oh shit," Robert said shaking his head, looking at me. Kennedy rang the doorbell repeatedly until Robert take his finger off of it. Robert is still shaking his head looking at him. A pretty brown-haired young lady in her early twenties answers the door. " Hi, I'm Alpha Kennedy, I came to see Alpha Caleb," Kennedy said looking at the lady "Sure come in. It will be a minute, he is upstairs with Sela." She said smiling looking at me. As she shows us to a room that is decorated with white furniture. "Sela, is that her? " I asked pointing at my beautiful fast-ass Mate pictures that are sitting on a white grand piano. "Yes, that's Sela." The lady said looking at me smiling I was clenching my fist. I wanted to go upstairs and drag her fast ass out of here. "What the hell are they doing upstairs? " I was wondering. "Hi, Kennedy, Robert," Caleb said smiling when he is walking into the room, looking at us. "Hi Caleb, today I saw you with a young lady. Who is she to you? Where is she? "Kennedy said as he is standing in front of Caleb looking at him. "Shit," Robert whispers as he is shaking his head, looking at Kennedy "First of all what business is it of yours who she is?" Caleb said looking at me up and down. "She is my Mate asshole and I want her," I said looking at him "Oh," Caleb said laughing "What the fuck is he laughing about?" I ask looking at Robert A young pretty Native American girl walks in. She looks to be around fifteen or sixteen. She walks over to Caleb rubbing his arm. Robert is looking at Caleb wondering "What the hell is so funny?" "His ass has a whole damn harem up in here, of all ages," Kennedy said looking at Robert. "I believe there has been a misunderstanding," Caleb said still laughing as Sela and the brown-haired lady walks into the room. Sela is wearing a white bikini Sela is talking to Bali, her wolf as she is walking into the room. "MATE! He is here, he found us. He is worthy of us." Bali screams in Sela's head "Yes, so it seems he is," Sela said to Bali "What is going on in here?" Sela asks looking at Kennedy smiling "MATE!" Kennedy said smiling and looking her up and down. "Alpha Kennedy, this is my sister Sela," Caleb said looking at Kennedy still laughing. "Your sister?" Kennedy asks smiling looking at Sela "Yes, my sister, the one standing beside her is my Mate Tara. This young lady here is our younger sister Dawn." Caleb said as he is trying to stop laughing at Kennedy "Good, because I was planning on killing anyone who got in my way," Kennedy said shaking his head as he is now standing beside Sela. "So you're my Mate? " She asks looking at him up and down smiling, nodding her head. Showing that she approves. Kennedy is 6'2, short blonde hair, green eyes, and very handsome "Do you like what you see? " Kennedy asks as he is sniffing her hair. "Yes, I like what I have seen so far." She said smiling. "Are you half-vampire too? " He asks looking at her. "Yes, I am. Is that going to be a problem?" Sela asks looking at him. "No, I don't have a problem with it at all. Were you going swimming?" Kennedy said smiling as he takes the towel out of her hand, wrapping it around her tiny waist Tara and Dawn are laughing at him for wrapping the towel around her. "Yes, we are going for a swim. While my handsome brother barbeque. Will you two be joining us? " Sela said looking over at her brother, he has finally stops laughing. "Yep, you're never getting rid of me," Kennedy said looking at her smiling Sela smiles looking at him "You two come with me. I believe we have some swimming shorts, that will fit you both." Caleb said walking toward the door Kennedy and Robert followed him out of the room.

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