The Prince and Princess

1514 Words
Philip couldn’t understand what he was feeling the moment he woke up. There seems to be a gnawing feeling at the pit of his stomach, and that feeling is somehow urging him to go to Russia. His schedule for visiting the Russian pack and meeting the Alphas was scheduled in three days, but the gnawing feeling he is experiencing made him travel the very same day. And even when he was already on the plane, he still feels uneasy that even his wolf Palnus was also uneasy. ‘What is happening to us?’ Philip asked his wolf. ‘I don’t know, but we really need to get to Russia, to the twins’ territory to be exact. Right now, we need to be there,’ His wolf told him. Now that he mentioned a place, he suddenly felt worried. What if another enemy showed up there? It was only a few years since the rogues and their black witch army attacked the territory for Roe, the phoenix. Over time he has grown close to the twins’ Luna. She is like an old friend, a wise friend that would always give him advice regarding the matters of the packs and other political stuff. And she would always keep him in check. He tried to calm himself and his wolf but Palnus is still agitated. He tried to sleep but the annoying wolf just wouldn’t shut up. So, halfway through the journey to Russia, Philip was awake, and his wolf’s constant howling and clawing just drove him to the point of insanity that he had to drink a pill that was developed for him to knock his wolf out. Once Palnus was snoring peacefully, Philip finally relaxed despite the gnawing feeling of excitement at the pit of his stomach. And soon, he fell asleep. And when he woke up, the private plane was about to have its final descent. And when the plane landed, a black Escalade was waiting for him to take him to the Crimson Shadow Pack. He rode the Escalade quietly but internally; he was screaming in excitement though he couldn’t understand why. And when he was at the border, his driver told the border guards to inform the Alphas about Philip’s arrival. It took a while before they got the go signal to move forward. And when they got past the border, Philip turned to his driver. “Why did it take so long?” he asked. “It seems like the Beta couldn’t reach the Alphas through the mind link so they had to find him.” The driver answered. “What could be those two doing that they couldn’t answer their Beta’s calls?” Philip grumbled. “I heard the Luna was currently giving birth, sir.” Philip whipped his head towards the driver after hearing what he said regarding the Luna. “Luna Rosella is giving birth?” he asked and the driver nodded, “Yes, sir.” At that moment, Philip felt like his heart leaped out of his throat because of excitement, at the same time his wolf Palnus woke up and started howling. *********************************. Meanwhile in the pack’s hospital, in the Alpha suite where Roe was transferred to. Once she is in the comfort of the suite, the twins called their parents and informed them about the birth of their pups. And after their conversation with their ecstatic family, both Lykos and Lynox went to sit on chairs at both sides of the bed, holding their mate’s hand as she sleeps. “Why isn’t she waking up yet?” Lykos asked worriedly. “She’ll wake up. Let us let her rest and heal. She just gave birth to our pups.” Lynox told his brother. Lykos heaved a deep breath and then he kissed Roe’s hand. “The question is, when will we see our pups?” Lynox asked. “Yeah, I’m thinking about that too. I’m so excited to see them.” Lykos chirped and Lynox nodded in agreement. “Who do you think looks like them? Us or Roe?” Lynox asked and his brother shrugged. “It doesn’t matter. They are our pups and we will love and protect them at all costs.” Lykos told him. “You are right.” A few minutes passed and Roe finally started to regain her consciousness. The twins are thrilled to see their mate open her eyes. They immediately called the pack doctor and have her checked. After the pack doctor checked Roe, the pack doctor and nurses assured the twin Alphas that their mate and Luna is in good condition, and recovering. The twins then let out a sigh of relief and looked at the doctor, shaking her hand. “Thank you, doctor.” The twins said at the same time. “No need to thank me, Alpha.” She said and then she smiles. “We’ll let you have time with the Luna before we send in your pups.” The pack doctor said. “Just give us three minutes top. I’m sure our mate wants to see our pups as well.” Lykos said and the pack doctor nodded. Then they bowed their heads before leaving the suite. Once they were gone, Lynox suddenly thought of something and Lykos noticed his brother’s confused look. “What’s wrong?” he asked. “It just got me thinking about our children. Are they our pups or our chicks?” Lynox said and after hearing his concern, it also got Lykos thinking. They just realized that their mate is a mythical, ancient bird. So, her offspring would be chicks. And now, they are beginning to think if she laid eggs that hatched into babies. “If you two are too confused then just call them babies, because that’s what they are.” The twins turned around and smiled after hearing what their mate said. Then they rush to her side and kissed the top of her head at the same time. “How are you feeling?” They asked at the same time. “I’m all good.” She told them. “Darling, just an honest question,” Lykos said and Roe arched her eyebrow at him. “Did you laid eggs that hatched into our babies?” Lynox asked and Roe scowled. “I may be a Phoenix but I am also human! Of course, I gave birth to human babies!” she growled and the twins chuckled. “Got it.” They said in unison. “Now I want to see our babies.” She said. “Us too. Don’t worry, they will bring them here soon.” Lynox told her. “Soon isn’t soon enough!” Roe snarled as her eyes turned fiery red, startling the twins. So, they immediately mind link the pack doctor and told them to bring in their babies. And within seconds, there was a knock on the door and when it opened, two nurses came in, pushing two clear bassinets. The nurses placed the bassinets by the bedside and then they bowed their heads and left. Roe who seems really excited got out of bed and stood over the bassinets, and the twins followed. The three of them looked at their children lovingly. “Our little princess came out first, followed by our little prince,” Lykos said. Roe reaches out to touch the cheeks of both babies before she sniffled. “My babies… gosh, I love you both so much.” She cried and the twins put their hands on her back to comfort her. “Our greatest treasures,” Lynox said, and then they leaned closer to get a better look at their babies. Both babies have inherited their mother’s dark hair and honey-colored skin, only theirs were lighter. “Looks like they both took after their beautiful momma,” Lykos said. “I agree; both beautiful,” Lynoz added. Roe smiled as she looked at her babies, and as she looks at them, she notices their auras. They seem to have the same aura as their fathers. The girl who was born first has the same aura as Lykos with dark green but Rose can also see some specs of fiery red intertwined with it. The boy has a light green aura around him but he also has a shadowy aura intertwined with the green ones. “What do you think we should name them?” Lykos asked. “I honestly couldn’t think of anything,” Lynox said and then he looked at his brother and they both smiled. Then they looked at their mate. “We know you were thinking of their names from the moment you knew you were pregnant,” Lykos said. “So, why don’t you do the honor of naming our prince and princess?” Lynox added. Roe then looked at her mates. “Are you sure?” she asked and the twins nodded. Roe smiled at them and then she looked down at their children. “I’m naming them…” she trailed. “Lysandra Athena and Fiero Orion Stanford.”
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