Taming The Ruthless Heartbreaker

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Ella Collin is sweeter than heaven and hotter than hell. Unfortunately, Ella is poor but when she gets the scholarship to her dream high school, she jumps on the opportunity. The Century High School where money determines the social status, Ella struggles to adjust. Everything is normal in her life but then he came.....

Ella did a mistake; she broke three rules.

Rule no. 1) she should not grab his attention at all.

Rule no. 2) if she captures his attention somehow, she should run away and hide.

Rule no. 3) she should not fall in love with him at all.

One by one Ella broke all rules, intentionally or not. With mistakes comes heartbreak....

Have you seen ever seen a princess becoming a bad b***h?

That's what he did to her and Ella is dead set on letting him know that Queen is never replaceable.

The notorious and sexy playboy is a charmer. He is the Liam Alessandro, the Century High School's most popular boy. From wooing looks to extreme wealth, he thinks of himself so highly that using girls like tissues is very common for him.

But everything changes when he sets his eye on short sweet Ella, his new toy. He didn't think his life would take a whole three-sixty turn.

The heartbroken Ella is dead set on teaching the charming heartbreaker,

Liam Alessandro, a lesson for a lifetime.

Jealousy burns brighter than the sun.

What Ella doesn’t know is that Liam Alessandro has no intention of letting her go.....

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Chapter 1
Century High School. I walked into the beautiful building that was the dream of every student to study at. Luckily I was among the fortunate one who had the opportunity of studying at Century high school on scholarship. As I looked around, I saw many people staring at me. I know, I am hot and total eye candy but common can they stop it! Flipping my hair like a queen that I am, I walked into the locker room and placed my extra books into the locker no.8. First, four lectures passed by quickly. I was sitting idly as it was a free period when out of nowhere a palm landed on my cheek, making me gasp in pain. I looked at the stylish unknown girl who dared to smack me and now had the guts to say, "Hey! It was just a dare. Nothing personal." I smiled sweetly and stand up and then landed a tight slap on her cheek, causing several people to gasp and few girls to giggle. The girl looked at me shocked as her grey eye stared at me wide open and then back at the group of giggling Barbie bitches. "Dare repaid. Truly nothing personal." I said too sweetly and the girl looked back at me shocked and then surprisingly smiled. "Actually, I like it. You have guts shorty. I am Emma Alessandro and I am sorry for my act, truly those bitches gave me the challenge and I never back out of any dare." She said smiling widely and forwards her hand for a handshake. "Hello, I am Ella Collins and it's okay. I am sorry too." I said smiling brightly that caused my cute dimples to prominent. I am not self-obsessed, I just love myself a lot. So please don't mind my special treatment to myself. "So friends?" Emma asked nervously. "Yeah! Friends." I excited shook her hand. Emma is very beautiful and stylish. The type that suits for magazines. She has beautiful thick blonde hair with a natural shine. Her grey eyes are the most prominent feature on her face. She is taller than me by at least 5 inches. But I am not short. No no, I am 5'5 and that is not short. We had all classes together except for computers and music. So far she is very friendly but has that spunk that can sting badly. It was the physics lecture when the classroom door opened with a loud thud and four boys walked in. Suddenly the temperature of the room rose. All four of them are very sexy with tall heights and broad shoulders, but the boy standing in the center had the most attention. I gawked at him openly. He is so handsome that my eyes hurt. His jet black was thick and glossy and I wondered how it would feel to pass my fingers through them. From eyebrows sharp as an arrow to the cold grey eyes that were so deep and I felt I can stare in them forever. Those pink lips....how would they kiss? slow and sensual or rough and hard. Shaking my head as some indecent pictures clouded my mind, I further shamelessly examined him like a rare species under a microscope. His shoulders were broad and arms look so strong that I couldn't help but wonder how they would feel around me, enveloped in a tight hug. He was tall almost 6'2 and the aura around him was dominating. He had all those vibes that my mother had warned to stay away from.... He was the type of boy, a girl loves to be the girlfriend of. Too bad, I can only stare and not dare. It wasn't I alone staring at him. They all had such an intimidating aura that everyone was staring at them and girls were passing seductive glances. They had those sexy bad boys vibes that make girls drool. I was literally eye rapping him, but when his cold grey eyes met with my ice blue, I froze and looked away blushing only to look back and found him looking at me, smirking. He winked at me and my eyes widened and I blushed crimson red on being caught staring. I didn't look at him again throughout the lecture again as he and his friends made their way to the back of the class. I constantly felt someone staring at me. A chill ran through my spine when I turned and saw him staring at me. A blush crept up my cheeks and I smiled ear to ear. A hunk was staring at me!! "Who is he?" I asked Emma signaling at the handsome boy and she rolled her eyes. "Liam Alessandro, my elder brother by two years and my new best friend, stay away from him, he is badly new." Emma said rolling her eyes and my eyes widened. I felt embarrassed as I was practically drooling and eye rapping at her elder brother when she was exactly sitting right beside me. "Brother? But...." "Ella darling just remember three simple rules. Rule no. 1) don't grab his attention at all. Rule no.2) if you do capture the attention somehow, run. Rule no.3) don't fall in love with him." Emma said each and every word clearly pressing on them giving her tone a dramatic effect. I stared at her in confusion. "But why?" "My brother, Liam Alessandro is a charming playboy and he plays, gets tired, and grab a new toy." She said with any hesitation and my mouth hung open. Playboy?? I knew he was bad news but that didn't refrain me from developing a tiny crush but all that subsidized two lectures later when..... I was walking in the hallway when suddenly, I was stopped by three tall guys who stopped me by coming in my path. It was Elijah, Ben, and Cole, Liam's best friend. They were all very tall and handsome, but the air around them screams danger. "Do you need anything?" I asked confused. They smirked in response making me scared. Okay, what have I done? They were looking at me like wolfs looking at their dinner lamb. Danger Zone Danger Zone.... My instinct was telling me and I gulped as I met their eyes. "Listen here shorty, these are our assignments, complete all of them by Thursday," Ben said arrogantly and my eyes widened as I looked at the number of papers. It was a whole stack! Wait for a second; did he just call me shorty?! 5'5 is not short! I have a good height Mr. Bad boy!!! I wanted to say it out loud but you know I like to answer people in my head than on their faces. Saves me from trouble, phew! "No, I am not doing anyone's assignments. I need to go." I said confidently but I was scared as hell on the inside. They were bullies and I didn't want to be their victim....or maybe I was becoming one soon.... "Oh really?!" They said in the union in deep voices, raising their one eyebrow challenging me and then walked like a vicious predator closer to me. Scarred, I moved back only to be hit by something hard, making me stumble. I turned and looked up at handsome Liam Alessandro to see him staring at me, intensely. Don't know what craziness possessed me but I said pleadingly, "Please help me!" Liam stared at me emotionlessly and then to my surprise said, "guys stop it, let her go." "Thank you!" I said smiling as the bad boys backed away. Aww pussy! I was about to walk away when Liam grabbed my wrist making me turn to look at him. Butterflies erupted in my stomach at his touch and I blushed. "Come let's go to take a lecture. You are taking math right?" To my surprise, he asked giving me his charming smile and I nodded blushing. He noticed my flushed cheeks and smirked make me go redder than a tomato. Can I please stop embarrassing myself in front of him?! We walked side by side silently, till Liam decided to break the ice. "Your name is?" His voice was so warm like honey. "E-Ella," I said smiling softly. No one would believe if I tell them, I am having a conversation with Liam Alessandro and that guy is Beacon's most charming and handsome boy. "Ella." He tested my name on his lips which sounded kind of hot from his mouth and looked at me, "so you came on scholarship?" I nodded smiling softly. "Nice!" As we reached near the boy's washroom, Liam suddenly pulled me into the washroom and locked the door. "W-What are you doing?!" I asked startled and scared. How could he drag me in the boy's washroom like that?! "Oh so stupid Ella..." He said dangerously as he pinned me to the wall. My eyes were wide opened. I was getting more scared by each passing second. The butterflies I felt moment back were now replaced with fear. "W-what? Please let me go." I said with difficulty as I push his chest lightly back that was touching my front too intimately but screams as he took both of my hands and pin them up with his one hand. "What are you doing let go!" I shouted at him, terrified. Is he insane?! What is he up to?! He smirked as he traced my cheek with his finger, feeling my skin. "You are going to write to my and my friend's assignments by Thursday or else I will have you throw out of this school, princess." He said calmly as he pressed each word staring into my deep blue orbs. Okay, Emma told me that her father is a billionaire and unfortunately owns this school. So yeah! It was not an empty threat. "N-no you can't! And I won't write anyone's assignments!" I said mustering all the confidence. "Be a good kitten and do what I want!" He said seductively as he dared me to disagree with his threatening look. His hand caressing my cheeks making me feels all tingling. "But they are so much. Why not someone else why I should?!" I was irritated. How come I always drag myself in trouble? now that the notorious playboys added themselves in the list of being my bully! "Because you are a useless being and we thought to put you to work." He said smirking and the tiny crush I had on him vanished. He is a monster! I was staring at him furiously, till I felt his hand lowering and suddenly grip my bust. "Oh, so you are not even that useless. You have some on you." He said smirking and tightly pressing. I hissed in pain and felt utterly embarrassed. Tears started to roll down my eyes in utter embarrassment. Liam looked at my struggles to get free and freed me immediately. Looking straight at me he said, "Complete them by Thursday or you are out!" Unlocking the door, Liam exited the washroom not before throwing his cunning wink at me. How could something so bad be so damn beautiful? I wiped my face and picked up my school bag and walked out only to find Elijah, Cole, and Ben with the stack of assignments, smirking tauntingly. I quietly took the assignments from their hands and walked out. After that day onward, they were my bullies and I was their victim.....

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