Jaxton – Something Big

1207 Words
    “You lazy fool! Get up!” I opened my eyes to see Luna Amanda towering over my prone form. I knew what was coming next, so I rolled to avoid the kick she aimed at my groin. I used the momentum of my roll to swing upwards to stand up. Once I was standing, the Luna dropped her foot that she had picked up to aim another kick at me. Even if she was the Luna, she knew that kicking someone who towered almost two feet above her was probably a bad idea. She left my room, if it could even be called that, in a huff. I smirked at her retreating back. I glanced quickly at the clock by my bed and frowned. It read 4:05am; I was not due to be awake for another hour or so. I was displeased. Something BIG either was going to happen or had happened for the Luna to wake me at such an ungodly hour. I quickly gathered some clean clothes and made my so-called bed, which was actually a cot that was about a foot too short for my 7ft 2in frame.      My name is Jaxton Gabriel Rice, and I was the lowest Omega of the Night Sky pack. But I was only Omega status because my pack was ignorant of who and what I really was. I was treated like your typical lowly Omega orphan. I was abused, spat at/on, worked till exhaustion, and treated as a slave and worse. But again, as I said, they’re ignorant fools for none of my abusers ever noticed that their marks didn’t stay long on my slender body. They never notice how my broken bones didn’t stay broken for long. They even failed to notice my near immunity to silver and wolfsbane. Yes, it burned and hurt like hell, but unlike the rest of my pack, the wounds and marks inflicted on me with silver healed and left no marks or scars. Yes, those wounds/marks took slightly longer to heal, but once they healed, my skin was clear and unmarked.      There were a couple of reasons as to why I hadn’t left yet. The first was their ignorance was my protection. As long as they didn’t realize what I could do or who I was, I was safe. I wasn’t so stupid as to realize that once my secret got out, my life was all but forfeit. Wars would break out, not only between packs, but between the different supernaturals; even humans would get involved. And I didn’t need that kind of bloodshed on my head. The second reason just opened the door next to mine and came out in the hallway.      “Jax! What are you doing up so early?” my little sister, Lexia, exclaimed as she embraced me. I pulled out of her embrace to look at her. She actually had a little color in her face this morning, and I could tell that she was in little pain. I smiled at the thought that she didn’t need her cane to meet me in the hallway.     “Sorry, chipmunk. The Luna woke me early,” I replied affectionately as I ruffled her hair. I knew that until she got stronger, she would not survive as a rogue. I just needed a bit more time. Once I was sure that she was strong enough, I would take her and run. Then she would no longer have to bear watching me get beat in her place in addition to my own beatings. What she didn’t know was that I got beat because of her “disability.” Who had ever heard of a werewolf that needed a cane to walk or one who was in constant pain? But again, my pack’s ignorance was our salvation. I was the only one aware of why my sister was born with so-called disabilities; I don’t think even she knew just how special she was.      “Hey, are you listening to me?” she said as she pinched my side. I yelped. I had spaced out again. I ruffled her hair again as an apology. She giggled. “I was asking you why Luna woke you up so early?”     “I don’t know, chipmunk. But I’d better get my shower and head down. Goddess only knows what will happen if she comes back up here. Go back to sleep.” She shook her head at me. I knew that she wouldn’t go back to sleep, but I had to try. I took what was probably the fastest shower of my life and was downstairs in a matter of minutes.     I was shocked at the sheer utter chaos that met me when I hit the bottom of the stairs. Wolves were running in all directions, and the Luna herself was arms deep in the oven pulling something out. I quickly and unobtrusively got to work thankful that the Luna was too distracted to notice my appearance. When I glanced at what the Luna had pulled from the oven, I couldn’t help but gag. Whatever it was, was now a blackened, hardened piece of burnt, extra crispy something and the smell was pungent. I was not the only one gagging from the sight/smell of the monstrosity that came out of my oven. I sighed, knowing that somehow, she would find a way to blame me. I mentally prepared myself for the beating that was about to commence, and I knew that even with my super-healing, I would be black and blue for a while. Surprisingly, the beating never came. I opened my eyes in surprise. I saw the Luna crying in a corner with many of the kitchen staff trying to console her, and for a brief moment, pity made my heart clench.      As quietly as possible, I dumped out the mess. I didn’t know what the Luna was trying to make, but I knew that I had time to salvage her reputation even if I wouldn’t get thanks or credit. Before long, I had homemade biscuits in the oven, pans of sausage, ham, and bacon on the stovetop. I had steaks on the indoor grill, and I was working on whipping up some pancake batter to place on the griddle. I placed a notepad on the counter so that if anyone wanted eggs or omelets, they could be made to order.      I turned around to grab some flour to make gravy when I nearly ran over the Luna. I stood there for a moment trying to figure out if I should get out of her way or continue what I was doing. “Thank you.” I heard softly. I felt my jaw drop. I couldn’t recall a single time that the Luna had said thank you or expressed gratitude in any way, but there she was saying it. My eyes got wide. If she was saying something so out of character, then I was right in my earlier assumption. Something BIG was about to happen.
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