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Once again fear found her. It spoke to her in its cackling voice. It told her legs to go weak, her stomach to lurch and her heart to ache. Rose’s mother once told her that there was nothing to fear but fear itself, but still she could not silence its voice. The adrenaline floods my system like it's on an intravenous drip - right into my blood at full pelt. I think my heart will explode and my eyes are wide, letting in every ounce of the fading light. My body wants to either run fast for the hills or work to find weaponry, but instead I stay right where I am. Sometimes freezing is the best of the choices, and let's face it, there really are only three. I want to quell the hammering in my chest, but there's no way that will happen now. “Come out come out now, little flower. Come out now….the big bad wolf is heeeeeeereeeee,” said the gruff male voice in a sing song voice.” You cannot hide from me. I am going to find you wherever you are…” I could not stop shaking. I had seen from underneath the basin that he had not even paused once when he had first slashed the chest of my dad. My Mommy had screamed and then had clutched me to her chest and taken me to the kitchen upstairs which was now my playroom. Daddy had screamed,” Take Rose away, Leah. Save her.” And then there was a gurgling noise and I knew that Daddy was gone. I could not stop shaking but I had lost my voice. “Baby girl, you are the most precious thing that I have ever got in my life but you have to live. You have to make sure that you survive. No matter what,” said Mommy. I did not know what she was trying to mean and why she was saying all these things. But I could not even utter a single word. I wanted to say that I was scared. I wanted to scream my hearts out and tell that I am not brave enough to survive all on my own but I could not say anything. I could hear things breaking downstairs in my room when Mom closed the closet door under the basin and then she went downstairs when I heard another snarl and a scream and then it was followed by a thud. At the end of the stairs. I did not know what to do but I knew this that under no circumstances would I be able to get out from here. “Come out little flower….don’t worry…I am gonna be your new daddy. You will learn so many new things from me…” said the man and I could not even let out a whimper. I was clutching my mouth with my hands like Mommy had told me to and then suddenly there was another crash on the front door. And a few loud popping sounds as if the crackers were getting burst. And the man was gone. He had not been able to find me but I could not come out. And finally Callum found me. “I am here, little girl. I am here. I shall protect you,” said Callum.  
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