Chapter 2

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“You should not be so hard on him,” said Macbeth as they both walked out of the Alpha’s manor. Rose glared at him and said,” he should not have said that to you. You are not the one who has to be responsible for me. If there is anyone who should be responsible for me then it is, myself.” “That sounds very nice when it is being spoken by someone who will change into a wolf in a few days but until then it is not right to say. Moreover, Rose we all know and are aware that it is not going to happen,” said Macbeth. His mother was a die hard fan of Shakespeare, one of the top commanders of Callum and then Beta of the pack had named both her sons after the tragic heroes of Shakespeare. “Why is it so important?” asked Rose as she reached her house. It was three houses away from Macbeth’s. “It is important because that is our identity as who we are. Because if we are not werewolves then we cease to be different from others and become common,” said Macbeth with a shrug. “What is so wrong with being common?” asked Rose with her brows raised. Macbeth suddenly realized that she was a human who was in a wolf settlement, so naturally she had to adjust with it in some way but this was not the healthy way of going about it. “There is nothing wrong with being common or being a human either, Rose. You know that. Why on earth are you bothered about all these?” asked Macbeth and Rose glared at him this time. “Please get away from my sight. You know you being like Callum sometimes makes me want to kill you,” said Rose as her adoptive mother opened the door. “No killing before school day. Come on in,” said Licia as Macbeth grinned at her and said,” You love me too much to even think about killing me.” “Oh believe me!! I have thought about it plenty of times. But you are not on the top of the list,” said Rose went inside her house and Licia rolled her eyes at the both of them. “I shall be there before school begins,” said Macbeth and Rose nodded. Licia smiled at Macbeth as he went home. At home she felt tired for the first time as she came from Callum’s home and said,” He always thinks that I am weak. That I am weaker than all of them.” “There is nothing wrong in thinking that,” said Licia as she poured a glass of lemonade for her. Then she said,” They are wolves and you are not. They have a natural superiority over you when it comes to combat, but you are a lot better than them in all the other respects. You don’t need to always play by your strengths but playing by them will make you a lot better at what you do.” “Then what are you trying to say?” asked Rose as she was confused that Licia was also saying the same thing like Macbeth was. Was there some problem in her understanding or what? “Before I say that, I want to know why are you asking this question,” said Licia and Rose sighed. “Because Callum said that it was Macbeth’s task to protect me in the case of even swatting me. I mean that is unfair, you would think isn’t it? I am also a person who has some kind of dignity. I know that I am not a werewolf but you also are a human being and they don’t treat you in the same way,” said Rose and Licia said as she patted her bulging stomach. “I don’t have to be seen in the same way darling. I am the mate to a werewolf and going to be mother to twin werewolves in a few months. So if you think that they would take me in the same way as you then you are highly mistaken. If you want to show people that you have pride and you have dignity then you need to show the same way, that you deserve that. How do you think that Callum became the Alpha of this pack?” asked Licia and Rose nodded her head saying she did not know. “That is a story for another day. Now drink up and get ready for school tomorrow.” The age difference between Licia and Rose was not more than a decade but Licia had always seen Rose as her own child since she had come here to Shannon’s Ridge as a mate to Lewis. “Yes Mom,” said Rose with a drawl and Licia rolled her eyes. Rose gradually went upstairs to her room and on her way she passed the nursery. She knew that within a few years she was going to be out of the house then Licia and Lewis would have her room scot free. That would be a great help to them. Sometimes Rose wished that life was different for her, that she had not lost her parents that night…. “On this first day of school she goes to meet her other family, the one she will spend years learning with. She will gain new brothers and sisters from various walks of life. She will become part of our community and begin that journey of growing into the fine lady she is destined to become.” Rose had heard her father speaking of this to her mother the first day that she had begun kindergarten school. Unlike other kids she really liked going to school and she liked studying. But that did not continue for long. After that night she had been brought here in Shannon’s Ridge and inducted in the pack. But things were not as hunky dory as Callum thought that they would be when he had brought her here. A scared little child of four. Today she was sixteen, a few days away from her sixteenth birthday and it is a far cry from the scared little girl. There was that scared little girl still hiding in the inside but she had pushed that deep down. She knew that it was not correct to torture herself with the memories which were never going to come back. But she could not help herself. Twelve years…twelve years she had waited for Callum to tell her that everything was fine and she could breathe a sigh of relief but he had not spoken a word about it. “There is no point in remembering the past, little girl. There is no point in going through the mud. The only thing that happens with it, is you get to dirty yourself,” Callum used to say and Rose used to believe that most of the times but now it seemed like she had to make her own mark. Tonight was the last day that she was going to be protected the way she had been all these years. She definitely did not wish to be a slut and definitely did not want to become a cheerleader. She was nerd and she was proud of the fact that she was intelligent and much more capable intellectually than all the other members of the pack. They had different skills which they knew they needed to hone if they had to be in the pack because once you became sixteen it was time for a wolf to take his or her position in the pack or find their own place in some other pack at the Meeting of the Packs. But she was an outcast. She was a nobody in a place where everyone had someone had an identity. But it was high time that she made her mark in this pack and the world. She looked at the picture of her parents that was kept on the table and said,” You would want that too, no?” They did not answer her back but she knew what they were going to tell her. They would say that they wanted to do her what she knew would be the best for her. Even though this was feeling like she had her own insecurities but that also meant that she would be able to deal with them. She had to deal with them. Or else there was no point of her existence all together. Tomorrow was a new day And it was the beginning of a new start.        
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