The President and His Alpha Mate

kickass heroine

President Enrique St. James is heartbroken since the assassination of his Chastity his beloved wife. She was killed eight months before he won the election. Enrique has closed his heart off and refuses to love anyone again.

Priyanka Belafonte is the Alpha of the Fearless Hunters pack. She is also a CEO and a reporter. After breaking up with Congressman Grayson Presley for four years because he found his mate, she isn’t in any hurry to find her mate.

When she discovers that the rogues were hired to kill her mate, she is compelled to protect Enrique. Priyanka has to find out who wants her mate dead and why... even if he and she will never mate.

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Chapter 1
"Enrique: four years ago." Enrique St. James and Chasity Montgomery were high school sweethearts married for seven years. They got married while Enrique was in law school. Chasity worked as a secretary for a family friend’s physician’s office. The couple wants a large family. After years of being unable to conceive, they decided it was time to seek treatments, so they went to several fertility clinics. All the tests showed the same results: neither one had medical or physical problems for her not to be able to conceive. Enrique thought about them adopting a child or two. But something in him wouldn’t let him bring the subject up to his wife. It was as if something or someone was holding him back. His childhood dream was to become President of the United States. Evita, Enrique's mother, always supported his dream. But Alberto, his father, would take every chance he got to shoot that idea out of his head. Then too, Alberto never thought that his son would go to law school and was in the top three in the class. Nor become an attorney in Campbell and Seagar. The largest law firm in Washington, DC. Alberto passed away four years ago. Evita died three months after her husband died. Enrique took his mother's death hard. Chasity and Enrique have been on the road for almost two years campaigning for the Presidency. Since there had never been a Latino Hispanic President, he knew he was at a disadvantage. Nothing will stop him from running, even if he loses. At least, he can't say he didn't try. Enrique had already decided that if he lost, he would run again in the next election. Nothing was going to stand in his way of becoming the President. Fidel Garcia, his childhood friend, is his campaign manager. Businessman Parnell Talbot approached Fidel. Parnell donated two million dollars to Enrique's campaign. Fidel accepted the donation quickly without asking questions or discussing it with Enrique. One night in Chicago, Parnell and another man showed up out of the blue during a rally. Parnell insisted on meeting with Enrique after the rally. All Enrique wanted to do was to go back to the hotel to rest after making some calls. But Chasity talked him into meeting with the men. She said it would be good for them to get to know wealthy businessmen down the road. He looks at her, wondering, "how does she know the two men's financial status" He pushes it to the back of his mind and agrees to give the men five minutes. Enrique and Chasity walk into the room where Fidel and the two men are. He's looking skeptical at them. Parnell walks over to the couple and introduces himself, but he never introduces the other man. The man didn’t speak or say anything during the meeting. Parnell would say something and look at the man for approval, which is a nod. After hearing Parnell out, Enrique refused their offer. He points at the door. “Well, gentlemen, this concludes our business. It seems that you two have come all this way for nothing. I’ll never take a bribe and run an honest campaign just as I will be an honest and fair President. I will never be anyone's damn puppet. So you have picked the wrong damn man for that position." The man clears his throat and then snickers. “Have I missed something? Cause I don't see a damn thing funny.” Enrique slides his wife behind him and looks at Franklin, then at the man. "Calm down, honey, " Chasity whispers, looking at the man. Fidel drops his head. “I didn’t know about this when I accepted his donation.” Enrique walks over to Fidel. “What damn donation?” Parnell doesn’t give Fidel a chance to answer. He tells him about the millions of dollars he and his boss have contributed to his Presidency. They expect his cooperation in the future on bills that they want to approve and veto, some of which they feel will harm their businesses. “That’s not going to happen. As far as the money that you donated, I’ll make sure to return it to you first thing in the morning." Enrique shook his head, trying to control his anger. "Now, both of you, get the hell out of here.” He points at the door again. "I have never been a man that repeats himself. I'm not going to start now." Parnell and the man start walking to the door. “This isn’t over with yet. We'll meet again.” The man said as he walked out of the door. Enrique rubs his head, then his chin roughly, looking at Fidel. “Didn’t I tell you not to make any damn decisions regarding donations without discussing it with me first? What part of that was so damn hard to understand?” He doesn’t give his friend a chance to say anything. “Hell, I warned you that everyone can’t be trusted. Just how much did those assholes donate?” Chasity is handing him a glass of water. “Honey, you should give Fidel a chance to answer you. You need to calm down before someone hears you.” She looks at the door. "Okay, you're right. Go ahead. Explain." Enrique drinks the water, looking at Fidel. “Believe me, Parnell ass never said anything about this bullshit that he was talking about tonight.” Fidel drops his head. “It was two million dollars.” “I’ll write a check tonight. Damn, that will be dipping into my campaign fund. But it will be well worth it to get rid of their asses.” Enrique points at him. “Don’t do this shit again. You know that all eyes are on us. Shit, this is all I need right now for this to get out. Especially when I'm up on the poll.” He storms out of the room Chasity pat Fidel's arm. “I’m just as guilty as you. I should have returned the money or talked to him about it when you told me about it. Don’t worry. He’ll calm down soon.” She walks out of the room. Fidel looks at the door. "I don't think anything will make him forgive me. I might have just fucked up my best friend's dream." **** The next day a courier delivered a check to Parnell’s office for two million dollars, as Enrique had stated. But Parnell nor the man is happy about it. After having a meeting with several other men. They decided that they had to teach Enrique a lesson. No one goes against them. His ass will belong to them. Sonny and Dolph arrived in Dayton, Ohio, and rented a car. They drove to the Royal Parliament Hotel, where Enrique, Chasity, and his staff stayed. Enrique hasn’t spoken to Fidel since the incident in Chicago. Chasity is worried about him and has been trying to get him to talk things out with their friend. But he refuses to do so right now. Because he doesn’t know what he might say, he has been looking over the donation reports. Enrique wants to ensure that he knows all the money that comes in and out of his campaign funds. Chasity wanted some alone time. She knows that once her husband has made his mind up, there isn’t anything she can do to change it. She sneaks out to go downstairs to a shop to do some shopping. Chasity wants to buy something special to surprise her husband with. She's hoping that it will help ease his mood. Enrique is walking around the suite, looking for her. After not being able to find her. He chuckles, thinking, “Yep, she went shopping. She was talking about that one shop most of the night.” He lets Barney know that he’s going downstairs to find his wife. Barney, Enrique, and two more of Enrique's security team are walking toward the shop when they hear gunshots coming from that direction. All four men run into the shop, where a crowd has formed. “No,” Enrique screams, looking at a bloody Chasity lying on the floor. She had been shot in the chest twice. He runs over to her and drops down beside her. He takes her into his arms with tears running down his cheek. “Someone call for an ambulance.” Sweetheart, you can’t leave me. I love you.” She looks up at him, barely holding her eyes open, “I love you too." She gasps for air. “Win, win for me. Promise me.” Then she takes her last breath. He’s crying and rocking her. ‘I promise. I’ll win. We’ll win. I love you” He kisses her on her lips. People in the crowd are recording and taking pictures of the presidential candidate and his deceased wife. **** Parnell and the man are in the woods when they receive a call that the job has been completed. The caller sent them several videos of Chasity dying in Enrique’s arms. The two men laugh while looking at Enrique, crying. “That will teach that damn human not to fuck with me. I don’t believe we’ll have any more problems out of Enrique St. James.” The man shifts into a brown wolf and growls before he runs into the woods. Parnell looks at the video again. “I hope we don’t. But I feel that Mr. St. James isn’t going to be a pushover.”

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