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Deacon's POV Her parents and friends stop crying, looking at the two of us as we get up and shake the dust of us. "What have the two of you become?" Claudia asks as she is a witch and can feel the change in us faster than the others. "We are the first Lycans. The Moon Goddess gave us a choice and sent us to do her work," Daniela says. "The day has finally come," Lana says, and she smiles as she and Walter look at each other. I have no idea what the future holds for us as the first Lycans and if we are accepted, but I know I will be with the woman I love forever. Daniela looks at me. She runs to me and jumps in my arms. "At last, we can be together, Deacon! I love you so much," She says "Wow, little one, you are my Queen, and indeed I plan on us being together forever, but you must remember one thing. Now that we are the first Lycans, the hunters will come after us, as they did to me as an original, but together we will overcome every threat," I say. "I am ready for anything, Deacon, with you by my side," Daniela says. I look at where the two golden wolves are still standing in their wolf form. They have rip Jackson to pieces, but he is still breathing, and with his last strength, he looks at Daniela and me in disbelief. "Why can't you just die, Deacon?" He asks as he blows out his last breath. I look at his bloody body. He and his witch are dead. There is no saving his soul. Hades can have him for all I care. I hope he is with my parents and my brother in the death real where they all belong. He almost killed my beloved Daniela and ruined my chances of being saved from the life I was leading. A life where I only existed and had no chance of finding love or being happy. I am happy as I hold Daniela in my arms. She is mine, and I will do anything to protect her. "You saved our little girl," The king says. I look up at King Aiden and Queen Alexandria. "She saved herself by accepting the Moon Goddess' offer to us, your highness," I say as I do not want them to think of me as a hero. "Well, Deacon, if it was not for you, she will not be standing here right now," Queen Alexandria says. "She saved me from not only death but also from a lonely life. A life without love and happiness. A life without purpose. I only existed to try and help those I could to have happiness, while I had none. I tried to rid the world of evil as much as possible, and it gave me purpose, but I was lonely and alone in a world where people feared me. Now I have a purpose, a reason to live. Daniela is my reason to live and be happy. I thank the Moon Goddess for this chance, and I promise I will always look after Daniela and never let harm come to her. I will give my life for her," I say. "The Lycans were extinct hundreds of years ago. Now the Moon Goddess has given us Lycans again. Hunters went after the Lycans, and the Lycans stood no chance as the werewolves joined them, and even the vampires helped kill the last of the Lycans. It was a sad day in history as Lycans were our biggest allies against the vampires. Lycans can not die by silver, and the only thing that can kill them is to behead them," Lana says from the side. "Yes, but the Lycans got out of hand and thought they were gods as it was complicated to kill them, and they forgot about the Moon Goddess. I know I was there when all this happened. I was surprised that the Moon Goddess, let us return as Lycans," I say. "Well, the Moon Goddess made me and turned Midnight into a Lycan, so we are the first lycans to walk the earth in a long time. Midnight and I will never forget our maker, the Moon Goddess, and I think we are very different from the first Lycans she made. We are not as self-centered as the first lycans, and she made us promise that we will never misuse our powers," A voice in my head says. I know it must be Lightning. It is going to get used to having another creature inside of me. Then, the Moon Goddess comes walking out of the bushes dressed as a gypsy. We all kneel as we know who she is. "Get up, my children. I need to explain some things to all of you," She says. We all get up, and she takes a seat on a rock nearby. She looks at the body of Jackson and his dark witch. "Every creature I created throughout history had a bad side. Fortunately, some chose to ignore it and go with the good inside them. I did not create the vampires, but yet here are there of you that I could help. Demetri and Claudia, I could help by turning them into wolves as they did not fall directly under Apollo's curse. Deacon was another story as Apollo cursed him and his family, and I could not lift the curse of Apollo directly, but I could change it. Apollo cursed Deacon and his family to live forever and of the blood of others. A long time ago, Deacon already changes his curse as he chose not to feed off others, but he fed of animals and only turned creatures that needed help. I also help him lift the curse to stay in darkness forever as I saw he was a good creature. Apollo agreed as Deacon was not the one who angered him. Still, even Apollo could not lift the curse of eternal life as that is one thing a god or a goddess can not do as life is the one thing we can not intervene with, Apollo gave Deacon eternal life, so I could not take that away from him as a god has spoken about life. With Demetri and Claudia, it was different as they did not get eternal life from a god or goddess and were not directly under the curse of the Sun God. I could work around that," The Moon Goddess says, and she takes a moment for everything she said for us to absorb.  "Well, I had to find a way around Apollo's curse without taking away the eternal life curse. So I decided to bring back lycans, but this time I made them different. Lycans do not have to turn others into Lycans for the species to exist anymore. Lycans can now breed and created other Lycans. Lycans can have a werewolf mate, and silver can cause harm to Lycans but can not kill a Lycan as the Lycans of old. I know you all will need the Lycans again in the future. I allowed the Lycans of old to be destroyed as they were not the creatures I created once. They had no feelings and were heartless and thought they were gods, like their creator, me. I made the new race of Lycans more like my werewolves and less like vampires. Lycans are still stronger, faster and will live until the day they get slain. The only way to kill a Lycan that gets out of hand is by decapitation and not like Lycans of old where you had to remove their spine from their body. I made the new race of Lycans more vulnerable as I do not want the new Lycan race to become like the Lycans of old. Deacon and Daniela are my first Lycans of the new race, and I will help them where I am allowed. As for the golden wolves, you two are special to me as I only allow golden wolves every few centuries. Damien and Moira, you will be of big help in the protection of the werewolf's Kingdoms. Aiden and Alexandria, your time as King and Queen, will come to an end soon, but Deacon and Daniela will still need your help when the wars begin. I can not tell more about the wars, but they will change the world as we know it. The rest of you will each play your part. You children and their future will be in the hands of all of you," The Moon Goddess says. We all listen to her as we do not know what the future holds for us, but we can not ask her more than she can tell us. We know that the gods and goddesses can only tell us as much as they are allowed to, as the future depends on our choices. "I will leave you now. I know the future is not in my hands or maybe even in your hands. The future might be in the hands of other creatures, even humans. I wish you all luck, and I am only a pray or a thought away if you need me," The Moon Goddess says as she leaves us. We are all still standing in the same spot as all of us are too stunt to move. Did she give us a clue about the future? I will have to think about it and overthink her words. I am the first one to move, and I take Daniela's hand in mine. She is my mate now, and I want to claim her tonight as mine. But I know we will have to wait until sunset. I look at her, and she smiles at me, happy to be with me. "Well, that was one hell of a speech, and I did not even have my Ipad with me to record it. I hope I can remember all of her words for my new book," Demetri says. Daniela and the others smile, and I know why. They think Demetri does not really write books, but I know different. I have been watching this kingdom for so long that I know everyone's habits. Demetri writes, but he keeps his books a secret and is not planning on publishing them. Instead, he keeps them as historical documents for our future children. Demetri is not as vain as everyone thinks, and he is a deep thinker. He wants to warn future generations not to make the same mistake we did.  "Let's go back to the palace. We have a lot to discuss," King Aiden says as he looks worried. I am worried as well. I know the Moon Goddess for much longer than any of them, and I know she does not do things without reason. There is a reason she brought Lycans back, and it was not only to save Daniela and me. She needed a stronger kind of werewolf, and she can not tell us why. I have a terrible feeling that somehow the hunters are involved in all of this. Even maybe the humans. Humans are not aware of supernatural creatures, but with the help of cameras and cellphones over the last few years, they have caught some pictures of the supernatural. Humans are curious by nature and scared of the unknown. The movies they make also do not portrait us as we are. They use supernatural creatures to scare humans. I do not know what wars are coming, but conflicts between humans and us are possible, and hunters are more human than supernatural creatures and will help the humans against us. I do not know, and I think that is what is worrying King Aiden as well. We will have to discuss all the possibilities. Vampires are no longer a threat as I have killed my whole family, as far as I know. The only enemies that hold a real danger are hunters, dark witches, and warlocks. Only the future will tell. Even humans may become our enemies.
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