Fated To Save Him

friends to lovers
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love at the first sight

The story starts 9 years earlier when a small girl that was hiding out from her abusive father, finds that a young boy is getting attacked by rogues, she kills 2 rogues to save him, she patches him up and sends him back to his own pack.

This story is how a relationship forms over the years.

She saves him, but then he saves her. How love can blossom even through the most violent of starting points.

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Chapter 1
9 years ago. A small angelic little girl with flawless pale skin, shiny ink black hair and sparkling blue eyes sits in her usual cave. She happened to stumble on it one day when she was beaten and escaping for her life. The entry is really well hidden, the cave itself is dark, moist and dirty but it is her place. It is her little haven. She has a little stash of food. A small pile of tattered books and some soft bedding, that is all she needs and she is more than happy with her set up. She doesn't stay here very often but sometimes when she needs time to recover from her injuries she stays in her cave. The last thing she wants him to know is the extent of her injuries and how much it hurts. She used to show him, but he would just laugh and say that she was weak, she was a mistake that should have never been born. She truly would rather just live here in her cave and hide from the cruel world, but even at her young age, she knows that it is not possible. She sits with a quilt wrapped around her eating a can of peaches. She looks lonely but this is where she is the most happy and content. Here she feels no more pain, she hears no more hateful words, she gets no more bone chilling glares. She takes another peach slice out of the can, a smile on her pretty pouty lips as she tastes the sweetness of the peach. She hears a noise, there is a snarling growling noise, she grabs her spear, which is more like a stick that she managed to carve into a point. She pulls the quilt tightly around her, as if the dirty material will save her from the impending danger. She hears a weak scream, her ears prick up. She quietly gets to her feet and silently walks to the entrance of the cave. She peers out the green tendrils of vines that keep the entrance hidden. 3 rogues surround something on the ground. The young boy tries to get to his feet again. He is absolutely drenched in blood, his blonde hair, no longer visible under the thick coating of blood. Not all the blood on him is his. He has managed to take down 2 of the rogues already, but now he is lacking in strength. He is breathing hard and his hands are shaking in fear but the determination can be seen in his green eyes. The girls blue eyes study this boy who is not much older than her. He is hurt, she knows she will have to watch him die if she doesn't intervene. She clutches her spear, her little hand turning whiter with the strength as she sucks in a deep breath. She is not the bravest, but that doesn't mean she has not got guts. She knows right from wrong, she would never be able to live with herself if she just stood by and did nothing, just watched him die. She takes a sharp intake of breath and silently slips forward. No one pays her any attention to the small non-threatening presence until her spear goes straight through the heart of the first wolf. She removes the stick and stabs again. Leaving the stick deeply embedded this time as the wolf slowly turns back to his human form. One wolf launches at the little girl and one at the little boy. The girl swiftly dodges, jumping on the small wolf's back, gripping around his neck and using as much strength as her small hands can muster to snap the wolf's neck. She rides down the body as he shifts back dead. The little boy looks at the wolf's heart in his hands. It is still slightly beating, the wolf's jaw is still closed around his shoulder, only finally releasing as he turns back to human form as he falls. The small boy falls to his knees, blood pouring out of his arm. The little girl runs to him and struggles to lift him to his feet, throwing one of his arms over her shoulder. Even though he is only a year older he is significantly heavier. The boy looks at her in shock. Did he die? How did this tiny little cute as a button, doll-looking girl suddenly appear and kill 2 wolves? "I am going to look after you. Don't worry, but this is my secret spot, you can't tell anyone about it, okay?" Her small sweet voice brings him back to reality and he finally decides that this is not a dream. "I won't tell" The little girl helps him inside the cave and lays him down on the dirty bedding. The boy instantly relaxes, the slight warmth on the bedding and her soft scent bringing down his guard. She walks to the back of the cave where there is a small clean water source. She gathers up a bucket of water and rushes back to the boy. She hands him the can of peaches. "You eat, I will treat your injuries" She studies him. "You are a…….." "Wolf? Yes" He doesn’t have to ask if she is, it is obvious enough from her complete lack of reaction from killing and seeing the wolves. "Good it shouldn't take too long to heal, a couple of days at most, I will stay with you" The little boy nods and grabs the can of peaches and gobbles them quickly, the girl starts cleaning the blood to see the extent of his injuries. She has a very well stocked medical supply, it is usually to treat herself but it is more than enough to treat him. The boy finishes the second can of peaches in no time. "What is your name?" "Piper, yours?" She doesn't even look at him as she concentrates hard on treating him. "Jake" "What are you doing out here?" "I got taken" "What were you doing far enough away from your pack to be taken?" "Looking for adventure" She laughs softly and finally looks up at him, his green eyes are like shining gems. "Well don't do silly things like that again, you may not be so lucky next time" "What are you doing out here?" "Hiding, escaping, all of the above" "From who?" "That doesn't matter" "Do you live here?" "Only sometimes, I live in a house, don't worry I am not a rogue" "I wasn't worried" The boy looks at her, she is so kind it doesn't matter to him even if she is a rogue. She finishes treating him and helps him lay down. Covering him with the remaining bedding. "Go to sleep, it will help you heal faster" She sits back against the cave wall and opens up her book again clicking on a small torch as she starts reading, checking every little while to check that he doesn't have a fever, rogues can carry all sorts of disease on their teeth. Jake's eyes slightly open every time the soft little hand gently rest on his forehead but sleeps again soon after. When he wakes again Piper is huddled against the cave wall her arms wrapped around her legs as she shivers. "Come here Piper" "I am fine" "You will freeze to death, I thought you said you were going to look after me, you can't do that if you are frozen" She hesitantly crawls over and gets inside the covers, Jake wraps his arms around her. "We will just share heat, okay?" "Okay" Piper hides in his arms and nervously embraces him. She has never received a hug in her life, so she cherishes the feeling when Jake doesn't pull away or tell her she is disgusting. "How old are you Piper?" "9" "I am 10" "Where are you from?" "I am future Alpha of the Jade Moon pack" "I am the alphas daughter of the Smokey moon pack" Jake pulls Piper closer into his tight embrace. "Thank you for saving me" "I just did what anyone would do" "That is not true, you could have died" "Well you were going to" They fall sleep holding each other tight.

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