Pride 1: The Human World

1158 Words
PRIDE It’s a rainy day in the human world. My brothers and I stand together preparing for the time that we can step out of Hell and embrace our new temporary lives. My body felt different. It’s been morphed into what is acceptable in the human world. Despite being brothers, we all looked different. I had dark black hair, tanned skin and dull grey eyes. I’m tall too. Not as tall as Gluttony perhaps but similar to my demon form, I’m broader and built thicker. The clothes I’ve been given are as dark as my hair. A black long overcoat over a dark sweater and black pants.  With light brown hair and dark green eyes, Gluttony is the tallest with lanky arms and legs. Nothing like what I pictured him to look like. Despite the weather, he’s dressed in a thin white shirt and jogging pants.  Beside him is Greed who’s shorter than both of us. I could tell right away that he styled himself with how his ash brown hair is slicked back to show his black eyes. He’s in a grey suit and was by far dressed the best. Typical. Right next to Greed is Wrath in dark leathers. Unlike Greed, Wrath did not care much for his appearance. He’s almost as tall as I am with dark hair and brown eyes so light it almost looked like amber.  Behind Wrath is Sloth who truly paid no mind to what he looked like. One of the shortest of the brothers, he dressed himself in a much too large hoodie. With the hood up, I could hardly see his dirty blonde hair. Contrast to Sloth is Lust who was pulling at the sleeves of his crisp dress shirt. Lust’s shiny bright blonde hair almost shimmered in the dark area we were in. You could see the excitement in his light blue eyes.  Lastly, Envy who kept glancing at everyone and checking his own clothes and appearance. He wore a casual coat over a shirt that made his platinum blonde hair stand out. His black eyes were curiously glancing between Greed and I.  “Ready?” Gluttony casually asked me. Out of all the brothers, I was the closest with him. Unlike the others, he didn’t care for much and is always relaxed. He’s smart and knows how to adjust to situations.  I nod refusing to show my distain. My mind wonders to Jessie Kingsley. All seven of us would be in one city. It was likely that they would see my human regardless if I tried to hide her from them. “You?” “I’m just excited to eat.” He says with a pat to his flat stomach. “The next time you’ll see me, I’d most likely not fit through a door.”  Greed scoffs at Gluttony. “Is that all you’re going to do? We’re given years might want to expand your horizons.”  “Exactly. Only years. That’s nearly not enough to try every single food available in this world.”  Envy lifted an eyebrow looking apprehensive. “You must really like your human to be excited for the years to come.”  None of us knew what each other’s humans are. It was a silent understanding to keep their identities hidden for our own protection. It wasn’t that we didn’t trust each other but the risk was too high especially when we haven’t officially met our humans yet.  Sloth yawns and stretches his arms. “I for one just want to sleep for a week in a soft bed.”  “It’s almost time. Everyone quiet.” Wrath snapped looking at the watch on his wrist.  I turn to face my brothers and they all quiet to listen. “Everyone knows what to do. Once everything is settled, we’ll plan to meet. Remember that we all have different end points. Humans are fragile creatures they could die easily from anything. Experience and enjoy what you can with the few years that we have here.”  Suddenly, it felt like a cold breeze was blowing against us. The image of my brothers fighting the wind was the last thing I saw. Gluttony had his eyes shut closed while Greed was loudly shouting about his hair and trying but failing to hold it down. Hard faced Wrath frowning heavily with Sloth trying to grab for him. Lust and Envy trying to reach for each other and then nothing at all. It felt like a long time before things started to clear again but it was most likely only seconds.  It’s dark. The sun went down a few hours ago and I’m in a quiet park with thick trees surrounding the entire place. My eyes adjust to the dark and I look around the area. It’s empty with little to no lampposts.  Leaves are falling down from the trees indicating the season of fall. It was oddly a calming sight and the slight chill in the air made me realize that fall must be my favorite season. I silently wonder why I’m transported here when there’s obviously no one here.  Deciding that there must be a mistake, I start to walk and find an exit to the park when I see a silhouette not too far from where I’m standing. My chest tightens in an odd way and immediately I know it’s my human. Jessie Kingsley in long brown coat was making her way towards me. Instinctively I hide behind a tree and take my time to observe the girl I’m linked with. She’s cold wrapped in a fluffy white scarf. Puffs of smoke were coming out from her mouth and her nose was red from the cold. My body automatically wanted to reach for her and provide Jessie the heat that she needs. I freeze. What in hell’s fire?  Provide the heat that she needs? Was I a furnace? What were these weird urges?  It must be this darn link. She was technically my life. Inside her is our connection. I convince myself that I’m concerned about her cold because if she gets sick and dies, it was game over for me.  I had to be careful in acting on these instincts lest I forget myself. I continue to watch Jessie make her way through the dark park and can’t help but frown. What a stupid girl to walk alone through a dark barely lit park. I mentally take note that this is the kind of person that she is. Reckless and careless.  This girl still looked nothing like what I pictured for someone under the pride sin.  Long wavy brown hair and chocolate colored doe eyes. She’s petite and innocent looking. Dressed well too. I could tell that if Lust was here, he would approve of her and would most likely make a move on Jessie. Not that he ever could.  No other demon would be allowed near my human. I want a long life just as much as any of my brothers.  My blood suddenly runs cold and my eyes turns to the other side of the park. With my enhanced sight, I could see a large shadow rushing towards Jessie. A demon? So soon?  There’s a high pitch shrill in the air and the words that follow make my fist clench.  “Pride’s girl.” 
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