The Alpha King's Revenge Mate

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enimies to lovers

The Alpha King Marcus was supposed to receive a mate from the Moonlight pack. But the Alpha went back on his promise, sending his daughter, Layla to England, very far from the Alpha King. While in England Layla gets married to a human.

To avenge this act Marcus plots the unthinkable. He waits for years until the Alpha and the daughter have something precious he can take away from them...Layla's daughter. He takes her away from them only to abandon her in Bendford Academy where is treated worse because she is nothing like a wolf. But she something more than Marcus ever prepared to find.

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1 His revenge.
  Dimitris looked like he didn’t expect him. Good.  He didn’t think that he would come back fifteen years later after he refused to hand over his daughter as his mate. Perfect. This meant that his revenge will be far sweeter than he had expected. Marcus didn’t think that Dimitris would forget his promise, and the way he had went back on it…making him look like a fool in front of the packs that he was the Alpha to. Marcus wasn’t just an ordinary Alpha. He was the king of Alphas and he had many packs under him. He ruled the northern parts of the united states and he needed the strongest Luna to rule by his side. Dimitris’ daughter Layla had shown such qualities and Marcus had liked her when he first met her. She was beautiful with blond hair that came to her shoulders. Even though his wolf hadn’t reacted to her. He still held hope that when she grew older he would recognize her as his. She had been only eighteen when he met her and him nineteen. There was enough time for them to grow and recognize each other as mates. But he never got the chance to see her again. Dimitris sent her away to England on the night that he was supposed to send her to him. They were going to be mated the next day. But she didn’t show up. And Dimitris refused to tell him where he sent her. But after three years of searching Marcus found her. But she was already taken. She was married to some human and they had looked happy walking down the sidewalk holding hands. And Layla looked to be pregnant. Marcus didn’t allow the hurt that he could feel within him to grow…even though he knew that baby in Layla’s belly should have been his. They should be holding hands like that and leading their packs together. It was a shame because Layla was a strong wolf. She would have made the perfect Luna for him. “Do you want to talk to her?” his beta Luke had asked. They had been sitting in the car they hired at the airport. And Marcus didn’t feel like getting out and making a fool of himself. He was not going to beg her to be his Luna. No. He will wait and teach her and her father a lesson they will never forget. Marcus stared at Dimitris as he came back to the present. That lesson will begin tonight. It was the perfect time, because now he could take something from them that was precious and there was nothing they could do about it. Marcus savoured the look on Dimitris’ face. He enjoyed the shock and the utter helpless as he told him why he was there. “But you can’t do that,” Dimitris said as if that would change Marcus’ mind. It won’t. He was going to take Layla’s daughter as his revenge. “But I will. You see, you should have done this years ago. Layla was supposed to have been mine. But you chose to go back on your word. Now you will both pay for this. Or suffer the consequences.” Marcus said getting to his feet. He has been there for too long. He didn’t want to stay in Dimitris’ pack house more than it was necessary. He had come here for his price and they should produce it. “The consequences?” Dimitris asked as if Marcus wouldn’t punish. His wolf growled deep inside in him as he took Dimitris’ words as a challenge. He stepped closer to him. Dimitris raised his hands going to his needs as the power in his wolf pressed him down to his needs. “You dare challenge me?” Marcus asked moving closer. “Marcus…” Luke said stepping closer. Luke’s wolf didn’t weaken at the alpha wolf’s oppressive power. That was why he was his beta. He had a strong wolf that could easily handle his own. Marcus stepped away from Dimitris. Fuck…he wanted to kill him for what he did to him years ago. But that would mean he would have to find someone else to take over the Moonlight pack. He didn’t have the time or the interest. Besides, he needed Dimitris alive to feel the pain he’d felt. “Bring her to me,” he said to Dimitris. He knew that Layla was in the house. He had smelled her scent the minute he stepped into the house. Her scent still lingered in his nose even after these years. She should have been mine, the thought filled his mind tasting bitter. She was nothing to him. What he wanted was her daughter. He was going to snatch her away from her so that she could feel the pain he had felt. Dimitris stumble to his feet. As an alpha he could see him brittle at the command. He wanted to refuse him. But he couldn’t. As much as he was an alpha he was beneath him both in strength and power. Marcus was the ultimate alpha. He watched him walk out of the room. Luke turned to him with a shake of his head. “What?” Marcus asked walking to couch and sitting down. He stretched his neck trying to smooth out the knots that had formed there. Fuck…he was tense. He knew he will have to go for a run as soon as he got home. He needed to let his wolf out. He wanted out. Marcus closed his eyes and calmed him down. They will go on their run soon. Luke came and sat next to him. “You didn’t have to be like that. Sometimes I wonder if know how much power you have. Some wolves won’t be able to handle it. You could have killed him you know,” Luke said with a shake of his head as if Marcus was some careless boy who didn’t know how much power he had. “Maybe I wanted to kill him,” he said through clenched teeth. When he thought about Dimitris and his daughter he wanted to murder something. But it didn’t matter now. He was going to get his revenge. “Yeah, I thought you would have let this go years ago. But no. You’re still holding on to it. I don’t even know what you’re planning to do with Layla’s daughter. She is what seventeen. What the hell are you going to do with her?” Luke asked irritating him. He hasn’t thought about that yet. But all he knew was that he was going to put her somewhere they couldn’t find her like they did him. Marcus doesn’t answer Luke. He was going to lecture him anyway. “I don’t think that Carrie would want to take care of a seventeen-year-old,” Luke continued. Marcus almost laughed. Of course his girlfriend wouldn’t want that. She was too much of a lady to want a kid around. But he wasn’t planning on taking her home with him. He didn’t want her anywhere near him. He just wanted to use her to hurt the people who hurt him. The door opened before he answered Luke. The first person to walk in was Layla. She has grown, Marcus thought as he stared at her.  Where was her human husband? he asked himself when he didn’t see the man walking in too. Dimitris walked in next, and behind him he caught sight of a shocking head of red hair. Marcus sniffed the air and all he could smell beside the other wolves in the room was nothing… That was strange… She didn’t smell human or anything. There was just nothing. He frowned his wolf rumbling in chest because he was confused too. Luke turned and looked at him in concern. Marcus watched him as he moved in a way that was protective towards the girl that was walking in the room. Why would he do that? Marcus asked himself a he returned his eyes back to the door. The girl was now standing in front of him. Layla sniffed to his right. He could tell that she was about to beg him not to take her. But there was nothing that she could say that would change his mind. For a few minutes no one said anything in the room. Marcus got to his feet. He walked to the girl. She was dressed in simple jeans and a light jersey. She had colourful sneakers on. But he could tell that they were once white, and she painted on them in colourful colours. He came to a stop in front of her. He stared down at her waiting for her to look at him. But she stared down at her feet. The shocking red of her hair was the only thing he could see of her. It looked like live fire burning in orange and red flames. It was untamed and thick. His fingers itched to touch it. Marcus frowned…that was stupid why would he want to touch it. “Look at me,” he commanded her. She didn’t. Marcus smirked down at her slightly impressed that she would refuse him like that. “Now, little girl,” he said instilling his power in his voice. He watched her jerk and shrink away from him. “Marcus,” Luke said behind him. “Remember she’s only human. Be careful.” He warned. Marcus shook off his warning. He was finally taking his revenge. As if everything was happening in slow motion – he grasped her chin, and he lifted her head, by the chin so that she was looking at her him. Green eyes looked up at him. And he could see the fire in them, and the challenge she couldn’t seem to be able to hide. She was beautiful with tiny freckles dotting her face. You are a strong one human, Marucs thought as he expected her to be afraid in his presence. He swept her hair to the side and leaned down until his face was close to her skin. He sniffed her but there was still no scent coming off her skin. This troubled his wolf, because he didn’t know what to make of her. But it didn’t matter this was revenge. He opened his mouth and bit into her neck. She cried out in pain. And she tried to push him away. But she couldn’t shake him. He heard commotion in the room as he marked her. Marcus finished marking her and then stepped away from her. Her He wiped her blood off his mouth.  He turned to find Layla and her father staring at him with devastation painting their faces. Good.  Marcus thought with satisfaction. “Pack her bags. She’s coming with me,” he said staring at them. Layla rushed to her daughter. She wrapped her arms around her as if she could protect her from what was about to happen. There was no way she could. No one will save her. She will suffer on their behalf. Dimitris moved to the door and they all walked out. Marcus watched them. “Damn…Marcus,” Luke said as soon as the door was closed. He looked distraught. “I am still your alpha, remember that,” Marcus said then walked back to his chair. He sat down and stared at Luke. He was stressing for nothing. “I know. But I am your friend first. And I can tell you that you have lost your mind,” he said his voice going higher with every word. “Do you know what you’ve just done? Why did you mark her like that?” Marcus stared at Luke searching his mind. He…he really didn’t know why he did it. “The mark won’t take. She’s not my mate, remember?” Marcus shook his head. “I just wanted them to know that she is mine now.” Marcus said irritably. Luke liked to overreact at the littlest of things. Marcus got to his feet. He was tired of being in Dimitris’ house. He walked to the door. “I will be waiting in the car. Please get them to hurry up. I don’t have all day.” “Of course alpha,” Luke said. But Marcus could hear the sarcasm coating his every word. He gave his beta a lethal look and walked out of the house. His revenge was almost complete.        

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