Back in Stone Castle

1023 Words
  After attending the Alphas Convention in Florida, Alex took his family back to Stone Castle. Their parents are happy that they are finally back. The Queen, their mother, was more than happy to be able to hug her first grandchild, Zari, while Liam carried her towards the Queen’s office. “Didn’t you like New York, Zari?” Camilla asked her granddaughter. “It was fine for me, grandmother. It was Zander who didn’t like New York. He wanted to come home here.” Zari told her grandmother.   Camilla looked at her mate, who found Zari’s words confusing. Then they looked at Zab and Alex as soon as they were seated on the couch. Then Zab and Alex smiled at their parents. “Zander is our baby, mother. It seems like this little peanut speaks to his Zari through telepathy,” Alex explained. “He talks to Zari? Through mind link?” Liam asked. “No, dad. It’s much stronger than a mind link.” Zari said.   What Zab said piqued Camilla and Liam’s interest and then he placed Zari down on the couch and then Camilla stood up. She then carefully approached Zab, and sat beside her, placing her hand on her stomach.    Camilla tried to connect with the baby inside her daughter’s stomach but somehow she was met by a wall. She still tried to knock off the wall, but it stood strong that she couldn’t get through. “That’s fascinating. I can’t seem to feel him. There’s a wall around him and it’s impenetrable,” Camilla said.  “Zander said he’s scared of you, grandma,” Zari said and everyone looked at her. “Why would he be scared of grandma?” Liam asked and Zari shrugged. “I think he senses your power, mom. You are, after all, the Queen, you make everyone cower in fear,” Zab said, and Camilla frowned. “But I don’t want my own grandson to fear me,” Camilla whined.   And then she slouched and rested her head on the couch’s backrest.   “So, how was the convention, by the way?” Camilla asked. “It was successful, of course. Every important topic was tackled and the Lunas did a wonderful job with the outreach program,” Alex answered. “But you should’ve seen the face of Creon’s mate. Huh! Did she really think she could belittle my brother like that?” Zab snapped. “Creon’s mate?” Camilla asked as she looked at her daughter. “Yes, mom; the one that rejected him. How dare she look down on Creon? So I had to step in, rub it in her face that the person she rejected was not just an Alpha like her chosen mate, but a prince. And besides, Sahara is more beautiful and princess-like than her.” Zab said. “I had to hold her back before she ripped her to pieces. Good thing food works on her during this time.” Alex said, chuckling, and Zab glared at him. “Just as I thought Creon would be with Sahara. I don’t need to be a seer to know,” Camilla said with a smile on her face.   And then, all of a sudden, Zab felt hungry. “Now I’m hungry,” Zab grumbled. “No mommy. Zander is hungry.” Zari chirped.   Then Alex stood up grinning. “Now my two babies are hungry,” Alex said, and then Zari hopped off the couch. “I’m hungry too, daddy.” She said. “That makes it three babies.” “Go ahead and have something to eat. I still have a boatload of paperwork to do,” Camilla told them. “I’ll see you later mom, dad,” Zab said, and then their little family left the Queen’s office to go to the kitchen.   Once they were gone, Liam sat beside his mate and pulled her to his side. “Our family is growing,” Liam told his mate. “Yeah. And soon Creon will have his too.”   They were just chilling when they suddenly felt a strong surge of energy, followed by an explosion. They shot up from the couch and dashed out towards where the explosion was coming from.   Their ears and nose took them towards the backyard. Both Camilla and Liam were surprised to see their twin sons in the middle of a crater, unconscious and Zab was on the sidelines; panting and her eyes were wide with Alex comforting her. The people around them looked startled, scared, and confused. “What happened here?” Camilla asked. “The twins jumped on Zab when we were on our way here,” Alex said, glaring in the direction of the twins. “They thought it was nice to pull a prank on Zab as a welcome.”  “That doesn’t explain why Lykos and Lynox are unconscious right now,” Liam pressed. “Zander did it. He thought they were going to hurt mommy and he acted on instinct. He’s sorry though.” Zari explained, and both Camilla and Liam were surprised.   Then they looked at Alex and Zab. “It’s true, mom. Zander has the habit of blowing up everyone who he thinks is a threat to me or making me upset.” Zari explained. “He did the same to me when he thought I made Zab upset,” Alex added, making Camilla and Liam gape. “Alex, are you aware that your son could be stronger than you, than us,” Camilla said and Alex smiled. “I am aware, mom. And he would need us to guide him,” Alex said.   Then they heard some groaning coming from the twins. “What are you all looking at? Take those buffoons into the infirmary!” Zab snapped.   Scared of what could happen if their commander got angry, some of the warriors immediately moved and carried the twins’ bodies towards the infirmary. “Now where is the food?” Zab asked, walking towards the pack mothers preparing food on the picnic grounds.   The others just watch Zab trot towards the picnic grounds like nothing happened. 
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