The Alphas Brother (Completed)


Wade and piper have grown up together. Always thinking they were fated mates. But then Piper finds out she is mated to Wades older brother Alpha Jason. A sadist abusive Alpha.

Can Wade save her from this life of t*****e and a***e?

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Chapter 1
*I have not looked at this story in two years will need major editing, just a warning :) **********************This a warning on the contents of this story.************************************ This story has high levels of rape and abuse. If this can cause you any distress (which is absolutely not my goal in any way) please do not read this book. This will be the only warning, I will not be warning at every section as the story will not make sense without those scenes. ********************************************************************************************************* I walked down the hallway at school looking down. I hate being here. I don't like anyone here. Wait that's a lie my best friend goes here, he is the only light in this dismal place. Actually he is the only light in the bleak darkness that is my life. "Piper wait up" I hear from behind me. I spin around with a massive smile on my face. My best friend. My only real friend. Is coming for me. Waving like a madman. A massive smile plastered across his face. He is incredibly handsome, with sandy blonde hair short on the sides longer on top styled to the left like usual. He has a chiseled face. a soft stumble making him look a bit older than he is. His bright green emerald eyes full of smiles and kindness. I just stare at him. Then remember he spoke to me. "Hey wade, what's up?" It never used to be like this we have been friends for as long as I can remember. And we were always that, just friends. But things started changing about a year ago. I started looking at him as more. A unknown pull drawing me to him. It is both of our birthdays in 2 days. Yeah I know weird to share a birthday. I am pretty sure that's how we became friends in the first place. I am hoping more than anything that when we turn 17 I am going to find out he is my mate and we can be together. Yes we have kissed a few times and let me tell you it was absolutely amazing. I am really looking forward to our birthdays. Find our mates and shift for the first time. It is such an amazing time. "Are you even listening to me" Oops what did he say. I shake my head. "Sorry" He laughs. "What are even thinking about that has you in a mindless daze" I blush slightly and stammer "Ahhhh n-nothing" He just smiles wider and cheekier. “Were you thinking about me?” I laugh. “As if, full of you self much?” He laughs and wraps his arm around me. "Come on we are going to be late" I snuggle into his shoulder and he kisses me on the forehead. I pull back a bit. "So what were you saying?" "I was telling you that, that stupid slut Jessica has finally given up on my brother and started flirting with me now" He laughs. I hate that girl as it is. Now she is definitely on my hit list. He continues. "Doesn't she know I already have you" I laugh and playfully push him off me. "What do you mean have me" "Well we are always together so she should think we are together and not come after me" I laugh again. It is true we are always together anyone looking would think we were together. I stop myself as I start to get in another daydream of being with him. It happening more and more regularly to the point where I am nearly seeming like a mindless drone when I am around him. I just cant help it every time I see those lips move all I want to do is kiss them. When I see his hair I just want to run my fingers through it. When I see his big shoulders and arms I just want them wrapped around me. When I see his solid chest I just want to be pressed hard into it. Wow stop piper. Control yourself. Answer him already. I try and sound really casual. "Haha you think that bitch cares anyway. She just wants power" He pulls me close again and we walk to our last class that is a double math. Ruthless to have this at the end of the day on a Friday. I know. We sit next to each other and I try to concentrate on the teacher but I find my mind wandering. What was Jessica playing at going after wade. I mean I understand going after his brother Alpha Jason but why Wade? Yes he has Alpha blood which means he is a lot stronger than most but he isn't on the same level as his brother. His brother never even let him train in the fear that one day he could over throw him, so he is hardly actually much stronger than a warrior. Yes I hate his brother. I know that's a terrible thing to say about our Alpha, but I do. He is nothing like Wade. Apart from similar facial features they couldn't be anymore opposite. He runs our pack through fear and torture. He treats everyone like scum. He uses women like toys. Not that they seem to mind. Zero self respect on those mutts. I am the old betas daughter. My older brother Xander is the beta now after my dad died on the same night as the last Alpha. Wade and Jasons dad Alpha Jeremy. He was a amazing man so much like Wade, he had so much pride and care for his pack. Everyone was equal in his eyes and everyone loved and respected him. Since Jason took over 4 years ago after our fathers died, the pack has gone downhill fast. The segregation between the statuses of wolves is huge. Rape and beatings are common ocurrances and Alpha Jason couldn’t care less as long as no one opposes him. Alpha Jason hardly even talks to wade even with his Alpha blood, like he is too good to speak to his own brother. Thinking he is so much better than every one else. I am surprised he even allows our friendship to continue. I suppose it's just the fact that he doesn't really care about anything or anyone but himself. I have 3 siblings including Xander. My older sisters name is Jasmine, and the closest to me in age is my brother Callum. Callum is alright he has never actually done anything to hurt me but then again he has never done anything to help me either. Sometimes he tries to protect me in his own little way, but mostly I have to rely on wade to look after me. But the other 2 are absolutely horrible people and I am ashamed to even call them my family. They actually like the way Jason runs things. I guess being beta blood they are high on the pecking order so don't really care. Jasmine is 2 years older than me. She is trying desperately to be jasons chosen mate since Jason hasn't found his mate yet. I just couldn't imagine him settling down with her or anyone else for that matter. But that doesnt stop her she is always shamelessly throwing herself at him. Of course he sleeps with her but he never gives her any more than that. She wants his mark, she wants to be Luna. Xander on the other hand is Jasons Beta and is nearly as ruthless as him. He takes what he wants from whoever he wants and follows Jason around like his little lap dog kissing the earth beneath Jasons feet. My mum died when I was only 3. It was a rouge attack. Our dad raised us well by himself but after he died my siblings and I just sort of drifted away from each other. Each of them so worried about themselves, the bond of family just forgotten. It was like everything that dad taught us about family and loyalty was just lost to them. I sigh and lean my head onto Wade's shoulder. He smiles and leans his head onto mine. One day when we are mates we are just going to run away to together leaving all this behind we have always just had each other and that is all we need. We have talked about it so many times its the only thing that keeps me going. Even though I am of Beta blood and train hard I get ganged up on a lot. Wade always protects me when he can. But when I am alone that's when it gets rough. I don't even think I am pretty yet for some reason the guys can't seem to keep their grubby hands off me. All the guys in his pack think they can take whatever they want from whoever they please. I cop it really bad. A lot them want me, I feel like I am constantly in danger. That is why I always keep as close to wade as much as possible. That and I just like being close to him anyway. Class finally finishes and we walk out quickly. I am pulled close under Wade's arm. "What do U want to do tomorrow for your birthday, birthday girl?" I laugh. "Our birthday isn't till Sunday, birthday boy" "I know but we could do something tomorrow and make a weekend out of it" "What do you have in mind" "Maybe lunch and a movie" "Sounds like a plan" Anything with him and away from the pack house sounds amazing to me. I jump in the passenger seat of his car and he drives us home. We live in the pack house on the third floor with the rest of the higher ranked wolves. Wade's room is next to mine. It is a 4 story building. Alpha Jason has the entire 4th floor. The second floor is for the help and the 1st is living quarters. A large living area, a theater room, the kitchen and dining area and Jasons Main office. Wade grabs a couple of plates of food and we sat down at the table to eat. The table is a large wooden one that seats 30 people. It is hardly ever all full. Our pack definitely doesn't have the sense of family and comradely that lots of others seem to have. Wade and I like to eat early to avoid everyone. Its just us against the world and that is the way I like it anyway. After we have finished we go upstairs to my room and snuggle up on the bed and watch a movie. Wade has his arm around me and I am snuggled into his chest. Taking in his scent he already smells amazing to me and that is just his cologne. I feel completely safe and warm when I am in his arms. I can't wait to find out he is my mate. He makes me feel so safe and secure. I have read up a lot about finding your mate. First you smell their scent. It smells amazing your mate smells like some of your favorite things. You get tingles when you touch. You are perfectly meant for each other. Made for each other Wade and I already feel like that we mold together perfectly. We are already a perfect fit. I feel like the mate bond would just strengthen what is already there.

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