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          Ryan Lee Duquesne, Rylee for short, was orphaned at ten years old. She is the daughter of Alpha Mitchell Jackson Duquesne. Although her pack was small, her father had a reputation for being fierce, powerful, and merciful. Until one fateful evening, they were ambushed by a neighboring pack after he lost in a challenge and are killed. Rylee was the only survivor. Due to her young age, the pack that slaughtered her family decided to take her in, but not to raise her. They decided to turn into a slave. At ten years old, she cooked, cleaned, did laundry, and other household chores. She lived in a small room under the staircase that used to be a shoe closet. She was beaten, starved, degraded, and treated like garbage.           The Alpha and Luna of the Halfmoon Pack were ruthless, merciless, and only sought-after power and wealth. They had a son, Ashford, Ash for short, who knew from the day he turned 18 that Rylee was his mate but was conflicted when it came to whether or not he would accept her. No one knew that Rylee came from Alpha blood, no one that is except for Rylee. What will Ash do the day Rylee turns 18? Will he accept her, and make her the Luna of the Halfmoon pack? Or will he reject her, and break her ever more than his family and pack already have?
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