Turning her Into a "Perfect Lady"


Ecean who used to be an adventurous and a playful girl when she was still a kid, but after the accident that involved her parents, and causes their death 10 years ago, everything in her life sparks a change. As a result Ecean shuns all forms of beauty, both in herself as well as in life.

Concerned by her change for the worse, Ecean's aunt, the owner of a huge mansion where Avery is supposed to live, Asks her to transform her niece into the "perfect lady". As Avery rejected the asked favor, Ecean's Aunt was left with no choice but to make an option that Avery can't find a way to escape. She was given a deadline which is three months, before Ecean's 18th birthday.

While Avery is trying her best to make Ecean physically beautiful enough to become a lady, the problem lies within, her attitude and interests (which Ecean has no intention of changing). After a lot of struggles and conflict, Avery manage to convince Ecean's aunt that her niece is already indeed became a lady and she will be the most beautiful girl that debuted in the country. However, in reality Ecean has not change at all.

It is a humorous tale following Ecean and Avery through unusual and ridiculous situations where Ecean is confronted with many unwanted experiences of becoming a lady, while also channeling the idea of self love and beauty. And Avery having a hard time dealing with Ecean, with all those tantrums Ecean is showing and failed attempts to escape her training and beauty lessons, not to mention her very limited time.