The Wolfless Alpha

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Kai is the future alpha of the Misty Dawn pack, the pack is a large untouched pack that likes to follow traditions. One such tradition is that the future alphas will lose their wolves for 6 months to train and learn what it like for the others. They are sent away without their wolves and have to learn to adapt without the usual protection and without the usual reverence that comes with their title.

Kai loses his wolf and gets sent to a school where he meets Ember.

Ember has been in a relationship with the future Beta of her birth pack for as long as she can remember, once they found out they are not mates him and the future alphas her own brothers have been drifting away, her family and her pack starting to distance themselves from her knowing that eventually she will no longer be part of their pack.

What happens to the wolfless alpha when he meets a alphas daughter who believes that Kai is human but is getting shunned by her own pack, can they come together to fill the holes in each others life?

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Chapter 1
"What part of my statement sounded like a question? What part of it sounded like you had an option? What made you think that any of this is negotiable? Did I stutter? Did I not speak clearly enough? Was my tone not right? Did my face give you some impression that this was debatable?" In a somewhat gloomy office, the heavy drapes are drawn blocking out most of the sunlight, just a few stray rays pierce through the gloominess, the yellowing sunlight showing the occupants seated in large luxurious black office chairs that, it is still in fact day time. The dark green paint on the walls together with the heavy darkly varnished timber furniture bringing a stifling darkness to the room. The only light in the space is a gloomy yellowing light globe covered by dark black lamp shade. The two occupants of the room have as dark expressions on their faces as the room itself. One set of copper eyes looks at another set of copper eyes, both in a deadly standoff. If looks could kill, both would have been dead 3 hours ago when this meeting started. It is wrong to call it a meeting, it is more of a scheduled argument. There will only be one winner no matter how much Kai argues against it. He knows he is never going to be victorious. An exacerbated sigh can be heard, as Kai decides not to fight to the death even though it is tempting. "Dad…" The man narrows his eyes at his son, who somehow thinks backing down slightly will change his mind. He growls with authority. "In this room I am your Alpha, in this pack I am your Alpha" A pair of copper eyes rolls with his eyelids slightly cast down so that his father cannot see his expression. It is easy to hide a lot of things in such a dark room, such as his heavily clenched fists, but the popping of knuckles is a dead giveaway. "Alpha” He says alpha in such a way, drawing out the word somehow making the name of respect sound like a joke, before continuing. “It is such an outdated tradition, it is pointless and it is actually detrimental to me and to the whole pack" "So are you saying that generations of Misty Dawn alphas are wrong and that you are right?" Kai scoffs internally as if he is going to walk into that trap. How stupid would he have to be to say he is? Even if he thought it, he would have had to have lost his mind to voice the actual words. "I am not saying that I am right, I'm just saying that what worked in the past may not have a place in the present or the future" "If anyone has needed it in the past, present or future, you know that it is you. None of the others have run off the course so badly, no other has acted the way you have acted by completely disregarding the rules. You say that it's detrimental to yourself and the pack, you don't care about the pack, you only care about yourself" "Yes Alpha I've already heard it over and over again ‘Kai that isn't how Misty Dawn Alphas behave’ ‘Kai that is not how Misty Dawn alphas do it’ ‘Kai you are such a disappointment’ ‘Kai you are letting down all the Misty Dawn Alphas before you’ ‘Kai that is not a Misty Dawn alpha goes to the toilet, we need perfection in all aspects’" Kai just keeps getting more outrageous as he mimics his father. He hasn’t been pulled up on the toilet thing but he is sure it is not far off. His dad doesn’t listen to the sarcasm at all, just replying normally to Kai like his son isn't being a smartass brat. "Yet you still act exactly the same" Kai doesn't even try to hide the eye roll this time. Could his father be any more oblivious? Maybe somewhere in the ‘how a Misty Dawn Alpha should be’ book there should be a little insert of a parenting guide because his father could really use a good thorough reading of that. "I just want to branch out, I just want to be different" "You can be different in a beneficial way, not a selfish, narcissistic kind of way" Alpha William sighs as he looks at his son, he looks so similar to himself, yet he seems determined to rebel against every single rule and every tradition. All of this has worked for centuries, so why is Kai so against it? It is only six months, it will fly by before he even knows it and will soon become a distant memory, yet Kai is acting like he is being sent to his death. "Enough arguing, it is happening. There is nothing you can say to make me change my mind" William pauses again, turning his back on Kai. "Pack your bags. You will be leaving tomorrow" Kai glares at his father's back. Walking out of the study, slamming the large wooden door heavily behind him as he exits the room, slightly disappointed that there isn’t any damage on the thick wooden door. A large cr*ck in the perfect timber would have eased the pain in his chest slightly. While Kai doesn't want to give up, he is not stupid, he was fighting a losing battle before he entered. If he pushes it any further, he will just have harsher sanctions passed down. While Kai is pissed off, he doesn’t want to cause irreparable damage to his already strained relationship with his father. They are very different people, yet William wants Kai to be exactly the same. But the fact is that he is different, he cannot confirm to William’s mold of the perfect Misty Dawn alpha. Kai walks away from the study with heavy scraping footsteps and doesn't forget to punch a nice big hole in the wall near the door to vent his frustrations. He smirks as he looks at the ruined wallpaper. It is time for an update anyway, he is just doing his parents a favor. The walls need an update as much as the packs stupid traditions. In the month that he has known about this, he always assumed that he would be able to talk his father out of it. Not only has he failed, he has seemingly made his father even more determined. No matter what way Kai thinks about it, it is stupid. The past generations all did it? Well, that is because they were all stupid, rule following id*ots, too afraid to take a different path. What worked in the past sometimes doesn’t work now. Things change and evolve, but no, not the Misty Dawn Alpha traditions, they are carved on a stone tablet that Kai wants to smack his father over the head with. Kai stands at the door of the alpha house. He looks over at the pack house, his home, that he can see in the distance. He decides against going there. He runs a large tanned hand through his ink-black hair, his agitation is off the charts. He has a massive sense of loss and knows that he could go to the pack house but right now he doesn't want to be around any of them. All he wants to do now is be with the one that will be taken away from him for six whole months, six long, painful, gruelling, excruciating months. Kai removes his black shirt revealing perfect sculpted abdominal muscles, perfect pecks and large strong shoulders. He runs toward the trees, his other clothing falling down around him as his shapely strong legs take long and fast strides. He feels deep sadness as his black wolf bursts forth. He runs faster and faster, disappearing into the trees in a blur. Alpha William stands at the window of the study, the heavy curtains pulled back, he watches as the black wolf disappears into the tree line. He knows it is hard. It was hard for him too, it was one of the hardest things he has ever done. He can sympathize, but his own situation back then, back when he did exactly the same thing, it was so much worse than Kai has it, he was freshly mated and they had just found out that they were expecting. William actually missed the birth of Kai because of it. He missed that time with his mate. William would've actually ruled against it, because, of course, Kai is right, it is outdated, it is however not pointless and it most definitely is not detrimental. But Kai is at the precipice right now, he can either fall into the life of alphas from other packs or he can become the leader that this pack needs, following in the deep and respected footsteps laid out by the Misty Dawn alphas before him. William feels like Kai is leaning further and further toward the life of the other young alpha bloods, women and ego, nothing else important. That is not how the Misty Dawn alpha men are. They are faithful men, one woman for life men, mate worshiping men. He doesn't want Kai to go the wrong way. He hopes that this will do him some good. William closes the curtains again when Kai's black wolf is long out of sight. He sits back in the office chair. He picks up the phone "Is it ready?" He listens to the steady voice on the other end of the line before replying, his voice showing none of the conflicting emotions that are plaguing him. "I am sure, first thing in the morning, see you then"

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