The Hidden Heiress

first love

*Daily Update*

"Elliot, say something!! Why are you not saying anything!? You told me you loved me!!" I cry out and ask Elliot to help me, but he just looks in the other direction. Romola, laughs at me.

"Girl, why are you talking to him? How can you even think that Elliot would love some orphan like you. Quit dreaming. He loves only me. Did you hear me!! He loves only me!!" Romola says to me, staking her claim on Elliot.

I won't believe her words. I will only believe those things if Elliot says it. I know he won't say those words to me.

I know he loves me!!

"Baby, why don't you say this to her, I think she wants to hear it from your mouth" Romola says to Elliot.

Hearing her, Elliot looks at me and says the words that completely changed my life.

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Chapter 1
“Nonna!!! Mamma and papa are saying we have to go!!” A twelve-year-old girl says running towards her grandmother. “Oh…. does my bambina want to stay with me?” A old lady crouch down to the level of her beautiful granddaughter. “Yes, I want to spend more time with you!!” the little girl says in a determined tone. “Let me speak with you parents,” The old lady says while holding the little girls hand gently and walks towards the living room where a young couple talking about something. “Bambina, why do you go and play in the garden, I will speak to your parents,” The old lady says to her granddaughter. “Ok nonna,” the little girl answers and goes towards the garden. After the little girl left, the old lady went inside towards the young couple in the living room. “Charlotte, Ohvin. I was thinking that Carina could stay here for the weekend. I have so much to teach her,” The old lady asks her son and daughter in law. “But, mom. Carina will have to go to school next week. It’s her first time going to a normal school after being home schooled from the very beginning. I need to make sure that she is prepared,” Charlotte who is Carina’s mother says being a little worried for her daughter. “Charlotte dear, you underestimate your daughter a lot. She will be perfectly fine in her new school. And believe me, she will make a lot of friends and will grow into an amazing woman. And also, I will be giving her some tips she will need for her new life as a normal girl, in a normal school,” The old lady says and winks in the end. The man Ohvin, who is Carina’s father and the old lady’s son, just chuckles at his mother’s childness. “I think mom is right Char. Our bambina is a strong and intelligent girl. She will be able to handle things perfectly by herself. She is our daughter after all,” Ohvin says, being proud of his daughter. “I know that our bambina is a strong girl. I know that she is smart and will find the right ways by her own. But Ohvin, Mom, I am just worried. What if she doesn’t like the new school? What if people bully her? What if…” Charlotte goes on, until her husband, her love, hugs her. “Char, you are just being paranoid. Our daughter is strong, and I can assure you that she will be perfectly fine,” Ohvin tries to console his wife. “Yes Dear, you are just worrying for no reason. And remember we are sending Carian to a new school for a better purpose. It is necessary for her to have a normal schoolgirl life, where she can communicate with other children, communicate with other people. To understand other people, outside our circle. She is not any normal girl or a normal person, so it is necessary for her to understand other normal people. It is for her better future. Remember,” the old lady says, in a serious yet soft voice. Charlotte nods in acknowledgement. “I understand mom. You are right. My bambina will face all the difficulties by herself, with ease and that will turn her into the person who she is destined to be.” Charlotte says with proudness and hugs the old lady. “She will make all of us proud,” Ohvin says hugging his mother and wife together. “Owww…. This is not fair!!! You guys cannot give a group hug without including me!!” A tiny voice scolds them, and pouts. Everyone laughs at her antics. “Oh, my bambina, we sorry for not calling you. Please forgive us,” Ohvin says laughing at his daughter. “I will forgive you only if you all hug me tightly,” the little girl says, mimicking the way she wanted to be hugged. Everyone stares at her in awe and go towards her and hug her together. The little girl just giggles at the attention she was getting. After a little while they break the hug. “Papa, mamma, I want to stay with nonna for some more days. Can I stay with her for some more days? Please,” the little girls ask with a puppy eyes, which no one could say no to. “Of course, bambina, you can stay with Nonna. But you have to promise me that you will be a nice girl and listen to everything that nonna says to you. Will you do that bambina,” Ohvin asks the little girl. “Yes, I will papa,” the little girl answers while nodding her head. “Bambina be the good girl, you always have to be,” Charlotte says to her daughter, and kisses her forehead. “I will mamma” The little girl says hugging her mom tightly. “I love you Bambina,” Charlotte says to her daughter. “I love you too, mamma,” the little girl says to her mother. “Owww…. You don’t love papa?” Ohvin pouts at his daughter. The little girl just giggles at her father’s antics. “I love you too papa. I love all three of you,” the little girl says while hugging her parents and her grandmother. “I love you too my bambina,” all three of them say to the little girl, who was smiling like an angle. “We should have lunch now, else you may be late,” the old lady says to her son and daughter in law. “Yes mom, you are right. We should have lunch now; Carina has to take an afternoon nap as well” Charlotte says patting her daughters head. All four of them went to the dining room where the lunch was served by the old lady’s maid, Afria. They all sat and had their lunch while the little girl was speaking about how excited that she would be starting her new school life in a normal school. Everyone was happy seeing their little bundle of joy so excited. After lunch, the little girl and the old lady bid farewell to Charlotte and Ohvin. “Bambina, we will pick you in a few days, be a good girl to you grandmother. Ok,” Charlotte bend down to her daughter’s level and said.  The little girl hugged her mother and said, “Ok mamma”. Charlotte picked her daughter and hugged her tightly and kissed her forehead. Ohvin also joined them and hugged them from behind. The sight in front of the old lady made her heart swell. She took out her phone and clicked a picture without her son, daughter in law and her grandchild’s knowledge. They looked like the happy little family they were. Loved by many. But not all.

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