Chapter 3

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Macey "I said get your fucking hands off me." "Settle down or you will be beaten." "Fuck off." My eyes remain fixated on the clashing before me. The young girl uses all her might to try and subdue Malcom but it's of no use. Her small and weakened frame is delirious from the drugs and loss of food and water. She has been here no more than a week, but still has all the fight in her. It won't last long. It never does. I don't quite understand why Malcom bellowed for me to be here as well. I have done nothing wrong yet must stand here and watch this new girl get punished. We are currently in one of the open spaces in the mansion. My guess is, her room she will no doubt share with another. "Malcom. Handle her now." Master Phillipe demands from behind me. "Yes master." Malcom obeys, slapping the girl fiercely on her face several times until she finally gives in. Her fragile body folds onto the floor, crying with a pool of pathetic tears. She's been starved and drugged, but not beaten. Now that she knows the depths of the monster's lair, she will no longer be a threat to any hope that still remained. "P-please. Please, just let me g-go. I don't want to b-be here." "Hush child." Master beckons. I stand my ground waiting on my masters call to me. He walks around me and heads right for the new girl. She stays on the ground crumpling into an oblivious mess. "W-what d-d you w-want?" She sobs. Goosebumps align my flesh as master pulls out his whip from his expensive tailored suit. Her eyes grow bold with fear and panic. "No please." The whip comes crashing down at her. She tries to escape, but Malcom's foot smashes down atop her back, crushing her flat, causing her back and legs to be left open. The lashes come three times, each one causing my own flesh to ignite in remembrance. "Now, Malcom is going to take you into the cellar. You will spend two days with no food and water. After coming out, my pet will train you and show you around. You are not to be stubborn and create a scene or I will punish you far worse." The young girl's sobs wreck her bloody and bruised body. Malcom pulls her up by her arm and drags her away. She looks dead into my eyes as they pass, and my body nearly crumbles. "How many times are you going to try and escape you dumb girl?" Malcom shouts at me but I ignore him, only focused on Phillipe staring at me from across the room. Lily, one of the slaves remains sucking him off in the enormous chair he often sits in when he requires being pleasured. His arm pushes down on her head, causing her to choke on his streaming cum. She is finally relieved and pulled away by the other guards that are now granted to fuck her. Master never cares what the guards do to us, which is why this is my third attempt trying to escape. "Leave us Malcom." Master says in a calm voice causing Malcom to look over at him with confusion. "Take the others away, I will deal with Macey on my own." "Pet." I snap out of the past and stare at my master. "Master." I immediately answer. Master walks over to me, starring deep into my eyes. I match his gaze, knowing master will be displeased if I look away. His footsteps like small tremors, creating ripple by ripple in my mind. "Knell pet. I must speak with you about something of great importance." I knell, giving my master the ultimate form of respect from his pet. My knees touch the soft plush of carpet giving the slightest pressure of pain. "I need you to train the new girl. She has a fire to her, but it needs to be distinguished by someone that has gone through it already. Train her, break her spirit, and I want I done quickly." My words catch in my throat at my new task. I have never trained anyone, none of the pets are allowed to. Malcom, Ranger, and the other guards are the ones that are not only allowed to but take great joy in doing so. To be trusted with this is worrisome. Each of us had our moments of grief and stubbornness, but each one was seized right after another. There are over ten of us here and master was able to find a way to break us all. "Yes master." I state when he gives me a stern look. "Good, I will name her myself, for now, address her as slave." Nodding my head a small wave of guilt runs through my mind. Master does not rename all the slaves, in fact I am one of the only ones with a new name, but I oblige to my master whenever he calls me Macey. Macey My name is Macey "Now, I have meetings to attend and an abundance of calls." He begins, unbuttoning his pants and pulling out his hard cock. Stoking it, he walks closer towards me and lifts my chin up with his other hand. "Otkryt'" He whispers in Russian for me to open and I oblige. He's gentle at first, something I have learned he will not do for long. His grunts become louder as his pace quickens. I do as I've been trained and breath through my nose as best I can but the cramp in my jaw and the quickening of the thrusts make it almost impossible. My cheeks burn along with my throat, but I do not pull away, too afraid of the punishment for not pleasing master well enough. Finally after what feels like hours, master's cum hit the back of my throat. I attempt to swallow as much as I can, but the pressure is too much of my throat and I fall over coughing and choking. A grip to my throat pulls me back over to his face and his snarling. "Master, I'm sorry." I choke out but his grip does not loosen. "You are lucky you are my favorite pet." He states then pushes me backwards. My body begins heaving but he talks over it. "You will join Amelia in the kitchen. I expect breakfast to be ready by the time I step out of my meeting." I nod, listening as his footsteps move past me and out of the room. I give myself a few moments, then stand and head downstairs for the kitchen. The house where I have been serving four years of my life, is a large mansion. The inside is decorated in Vintage décor. It's vibrancy bouncing from wall to wall in old large paintings and luscious dark reds and gold. There are nine bedrooms, a large sitting room, a library, and a massive industrial sized kitchen. Finding Amelia in the kitchen preparing breakfast I stand beside her and begin cracking the eggs for the omelets master and the guards will eat as we kneel by their sides. It was extremely hard at first, being fed scraps from a plate by a bunch of men, but after so many torturous beatings after attempting to feed ourselves or sneaking in food. I quickly understood my place at the table. "She will be punished for her disobedience. Just like the rest of them. Just like the rest of us. Her strength will not last long." Amelia whispers while cutting fruit. I stare at her, watching as she cuts each melon the exact way we have been taught, the way we have been conditioned. Evenly sliced, diced and distributed. "I know that Amelia." "Do you?" She asks turning and staring at me. The small scar covering her eye does nothing to diminish her beauty. Although she has been broken, same as the rest of us, it didn't turn her into the numb zombie like beings like the rest of us. Amelia is more of a mother hen to us all. "Amelia?" "I don't want that girl getting in your head. She reminds me of you when we first arrived. Problematic, wanting more than we deserve." She states going back to her menial task. "She'll be broken, and then she will be just another face we pass as we go on with our lives." "Master has asked me to train her." I start watching as Amelia nearly drops her knife from her board. "Do you think he is testing me?" "It has to be. He would never allow one of the slaves to train someone new. He's testing your will to stay loyal." She turns, cleans the knife in water only to place it back in its holder and grab the large bowl of fruit in both hands. "Do what he says Macey. Do not let her turn you into someone you are not. Do not let her give you hope." She walks out of the kitchen, leaving me to finish the rest alone. She's right, I cannot be persuaded by my new task. "Leave us Malcom." Master says in a calm voice causing Malcom to look over at him with confusion. "Take the others away, I will deal with Macey on my own." "That's not my name you asshole. You can't just change my name. My name is Whitney Donaldson, and I would rather die, than suffer at the hands of you and those pathetic sacks of shit you call your guards." I yell but he stays stoic. Everyone walks out of the room, quietly, as if my fate is now decided. My hands are shaking and chest rising and falling in a hurried pattern. Adrenaline still pumping through me from running as fast as I could through the fields. If Malcom hadn't caught me, I would have gotten out. It was the closest I've ever been. "Your name" He starts standing and walking over to me. His pants are still unbuttoned from his blowjob. "Is whatever the hell I say it is. And today is the day, you are going to learn that." I am my master's pet. I am my master's pet. I say my mantra in my head over and over again. I am Macey.
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