CHAPTER 2* MR Morals*

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*******TORAK****** I breathe out as the woman on me grinds her naked lower half on my erection. “Crina.. Stop.. Crina, listen to me will you. Stop it.” I called out, sighing as I pried her naked body off me. “What is it this time, Torak? what’s your excuse?”  She questions, propping on her elbow.  “There is no excuse. I’ve told you time over that I don’t want to do this, not ready to. I believe in morals and this is not appropriate, especially when we are not traditional yet.” “Oh, please, Torak spare me the boring lesson on morality and what not. What is this? The 15th century. Everyone around here has sex, fun when they wish. It’s the most mundane thing to do. Why do you have to make it such a hassle?” Crina my girlfriend rants and I sighed, it’s tiring when we have to go over this conversation all the damn time and she doesn’t even attempt to understand me or what I believe in.  “Sweetheart, I am not everyone. Alpha Torak, my, own person. I don’t care if everyone sees sex as something mundane or does it for fun. I believe sex is more than just two bodies finding warmth. It is sacred and needs glorification between two partners that are traditionally joined. That’s how our ancestors do it in their time. They didn’t just go shagging every woman they meant. They wanted to have that moment on the haze night with their claim on a chase. Our ancestors earned the pleasure of sex, not have it handed to them like a piece of cake. I want to earn that pleasure, to feel the sacred bliss that comes with it not a man whore who just stick his dick in every hole I see.” I informed her, pulling up my trousers as I slid off the bed, I knew she doesn’t like it when I do this but I am a man who has his beliefs and I stand by them.  “So what? You are indirectly calling me a slut because I want my boyfriend of two years to please me?” Here she goes again, making everything about her. A relationship of two years and we have to fight and argue all the damn time. “Dragoste, I did not call you a slut, I said I am not a man whore. Now I don’t know where you got that from. This isn’t about you. Like you said, we’ve been together for two years, why do we have to do this all the time. Why won’t you just understand your Alpha and exercise patient.” I gave her my signature smile as I buttoned the fly of my shirt, choosing to ignore the disrespect in her tone. Most Alphas I know wouldn’t tolerate a lower rank wolf speaking to them the way she does to me. But that was what makes me different from most Alphas, I am not rash like them, and my wolf silver is more like a calm ocean minding its business until the wind and storm angers it and then it hits like a tsunami destroying everything on its path.  Despite Silver’s destructive nature and my calm conservative personality, we both align well in controlling his temper and Silver is one wolf that listens to me and wouldn’t do anything if it means I would get mad at him.  Unlike most Alphas who let their wolves control every emotion they feel, mine and Silver’s interaction is different, I listen to his perspective and he listens to mine and we both find a relation point where we agree.  “Stop it, every time you call me love, Dragoste this, Dragoste that; just to have your way. The haze is in two days what’s the difference if we just get down to it now. Do it now, enjoy ourselves. Is it bad if I want you to take me in private before you that in public?” My girlfriend whined, and an exasperated sigh leave my lips, this woman is a pain in my ass.  ‘I told you she would become a handful, you were so in love, failed to see what I saw.’ Silver says in my head and I rolled my eyes. Leave to him and his pettiness. ‘I also remembered how in love you were with her two years ago because you like a kick-ass lady who fears no Alphas.’ ‘Might I remind you dimwit it was only for the first few months, how I feel and thought about her changed when she became a needy bitch.’ I rolled my eyes at his poor attempt to rid himself of any blame in our current situation. ‘Remind me, who was it again, that thought she would make a perfection luna. Was that you? Yeah right, it wasn’t you. It was my half brain dead wolf.’ Silver growled deeply at the insults thrown at him, and I smiled at my victory. ‘Take that back now, you bastard, or swear I would claw your head till you go feral.’ Silver threatened, and I chuckled, really? ‘Quit it, we both know you wouldn’t do that. Except you don’t want us to claim our throne. No one would let a feral wolf rule.’ Silver snarled low before hissing out his displeasure. ‘I wonder how brain dead you are if I am half brain dead. Dumb fuck.’ ‘Is that All You’ve got? I th......’ “This is ridiculous Torak how irrelevant is my presence that you neglect my needs to bicker with your wolf.” Crina shrills, yanking my senses back to the present and I blink before scrunching up my nose and the lines on my forehead creased in a frown directed at her. “You know ‘that’ wolf would mostly be in charge on the haze night? You think he would choose to chase and haze with you, if you disregard and disrespect his existence? I might be in love with you Crina, but if you cannot respect silver like you would me, then I don’t see us going further with this. On that note, the haze season is just in two days, I don’t think waiting two more nights would kill you?” I tell her with a warning glare, and she does her stupid eye roll that I might have made the mistake to call cute a few months after I met her.  It was a careless mistake on my end; I was trying to woo her like the cultured and decent man I am, not some brute ill mannered Alpha.  That simple mistake as small at it may look resulted in her doing the stupid eye roll every time, thinking she is charming, but in all honesty it makes her look like a dying frog.  “I do not disrespect silver, I love him just as much as I love you. It makes me sad to that you neglect my existence whenever you talk with him. It’s unfair.” Crina whines and I cringe. I can never understand women and the way they thin their voice when they need something or try to fish there way out of a mess they created. Do they think thinning their voice to sound like a depressed genie would suddenly make a man forget whatever their offense was? Ir might work on other men, but it sure doesn’t work on me. Sometimes I pretend it does, though, to avoid unnecessary conversations.  “Whatever. Just stop pestering me.” I tell her as I drag on my shoes. “I am not pestering you Torak, just asking for what I deserve as your girlfriend.” “You’ve waited two years, two more nights is a piece of cake. Now get out of my way, I have a place to be.” I almost snap at her as she moves to block my path. A flimsy attempt to stop from leaving my bedroom and listen to her rant incessantly. “Technically, eight months. Stop acting like you are virgin. We did it once, let’s just do it this one time before the haze and we would pretend like it didn’t happen, same way you did eight months. You don’t have to be a morally uptight asshole every damn time.” Silver roared within me and I clenched my jaw, my teeth gritting against the other in anger while I suppressed silver from coming forward. Crina gasp, eyes bulging in bewilderment as I lift her off the floor, fisting the front of her shirt. I am not one to lay hands on a woman, no matter, but she keeps crossing the line. “Need I remind you the events of eight months ago.” I snarled at her, my fangs elongating and Crina whimpers. She knows what she did. I might have forgiven her for it and ruled it out as my mistake for not being vigilant doesn’t make me stupid to not know she did it on purpose.  “If you didn’t spike my drink with your blood to get me drunk, do you think that which happened eights months ago would have happened?” I asked her with a growl and she shakes her head, looking at me with pleading hers to let her go as I squeezed her dress tighter around her throat.  The guts she has; to trying using such a situation against my morals and beliefs when it was a fault from her. I am not a virgin, why would I be a virgin at 25?, my first time was 16 with my childhood crush.  We were both teenagers, with raging hormones and curiosity to curb our fascination about the others private parts led us to touching for the first time, the sensation that accompanied that discovery made us tried others and we ended up doing it.  As a werewolf, unlike the human schools, they do not teach some things to us. You learn on your own, besides your wolf controls most of your senses every hazing season, the wolves know what to do and you learn from there on.  The more I grew older and my interest in history and reading the scriptures made about our ancestors opened my eyes to more knowledge. During their time they considered having sexual relations before haze season as immoral. If you have someone, court her like a gentleman, then wait until the haze season to claim her like a genuine man.  But our time, teenagers bed whoever they want, disregard culture and traditions. I stopped my immoral relation with my first love then and we both waited for the next haze season. Unfortunately, another wolf claimed her.  The next year I had to leave for calm Alpha, I came back three years later in time for the next haze season but claimed no she-wolf and I met Crina a year after. I had remained chaste all my stay at Camp Alpha and after my return. “Alpha, te rog să mă ierți,” (Alpha, please forgive me.) Crina pleads, and I glared fire at her.  “Ai grijă cum vorbești cu mine, femeie. Iubindu-te nu mă vei împiedica să îți smulg limba pentru păcatele tale. Știi de ce sunt capabil.”      (Be careful how you talk to me, woman. Loving you will not stop me from plucking your tongue for your sins. You know what I’m capable of.) I snarled at her, and she nods frantically.  “Da Alfa. Forgive me, My Alpha.” She rushes out and I scoff, setting her feet back on the ground as I released her dress, and I straightened out the wrinkles I had created. “If I were you, I would be wise and not bring that up again. I might have been stupid in love with you then and let it slide. Also, what horrible man would deflower a young lady and break up with her the next day. Even if it wasn’t my intentions to sleep with but your dubious scheme. Still, I am a gentleman who values a woman. Now, you would listen to me, like the good girl you are. That night was a mistake and never happened. You would wait like a woman with value for the haze night when I finally claim you.” I tell her and she nods, biting the inside of her mouth, I know that look, that action. She does that a lot when she itches to protest against something but knows she is on the loosing end.  I might like her for her confidence and her kick-ass personality, that doesn’t mean I tolerate everything she does.  I have the duty to keep her in check once in a while. To remind her who is in charge. Not all Alphas tolerates a gamma wolf talking anyhow to them. I for one do not see rank, but my father does. “Are we clear?” “Da Alfa.” She responds in Romanian, one of the few languages the families in our pack speak, and I smiled brightly at her.  “That’s great. Now I need to meet with my father, I would walk you out.” I tell her, placing a kissing on her lips, before escorting her out of my room, discarding the minor setback we had in the room.  I am not one to hold grudges, it’s unnecessary.   NOTE: COMMON PHRASE/WORDS THAT WOULD BE USED OFTEN IN THE BOOK AND THEIR MEANING Da Alfa =  Yes Alpha. [Romanian] Dragoste = Love [Romanian] Iubirea mea = My Love [Romanian] Prietenul meu = my mate. [Romanian] Mein Kumpel = My Mate [German] Meine Geliebte = My Love [German] Schatz= Sweatheart [German] Inima dulce = Sweatheart [Romanian] Soțul meu = My Husband [Romanian] Mein Ehemann =My husband [German] other words, in sentences would be translated if necessary. 
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