Prologue : Ups and Downs

919 Words
"Life is all about comfort. Relax and live a little." - Alex "I can't just relax, man. I have to run and run until I am finally there. Where I want to be." - Logan ~~~ Prologue : Ups and downs. Life was not really something you could guess before it happened. Life would sometimes throw at us things we could not catch. It'd happen. With every one. For everyone. Imagine a giant wheel, and Alexandra was at the very top of it and Logan was somewhere in the middle. And then it happened. Someone said, spin. The switch was started. It started to spin and spin and spin. Round and round and round and round. Head spinning, stomach twisting, they both came to a stop. She looked down. She was at the very bottom. He looked up and the sky was closer to his hand. ~~~ (Logan - seven years ago) Sweaty bodies. ✔ One too many people in a small dorm room. ✔ Mattress the texture of rock. And ✔ Logan Adrian Forte stared at the laptop in front of him, the one he borrowed from Daniel. It was old, and was on the verge of extinction. As he typed an essay about financial management, he looked around himself and promised himself that one day or the other, he would live the life. The Life. The one Matt Evans and Daniel Anderson and Finley Collins lived. With their daddies' bank balance. He, he would earn everything by himself. Except Daniel, his best friend, the other two always had a snooty look on their faces as if they were above Logan, above everyone else who stuck in the middle and Logan hated it. Hated to be looked down. One day... He wanted to look down. Not at people, but at the world. And maybe, at Finley and Matt. ~~~ (Logan - four years ago) "You are a newbie. How can we trust you to build our home with the same precision and quality as the other already established builders would do?" He had heard these line more than enough time. But he knew the answer to it, as well, one he sincerely believed in. "Because I want to grow. They are already in a place they can't go up. Me, I want to go up and so I will work harder to show you, to show every one that I can. That I am good enough to be here." "Hmm." The man looked at him, his eyes narrowed. "You will do. Go on, impress me." Logan smiled at him. This here was his first opportunity and he wanted to put everything he have in it. "Thank you." "Don't thank me yet. Thank me when I am completely amazed by what you did to me. I am only paying you if I am satisfied." ~~~ (Alexandra - 3 years ago) Foam mattress. ✔ Air conditioning. ✔ Her very own coffee maker. ✔ And a brand new laptop. ✔ Alexandra Annie Steele was ready for her college years in a small apartment her dad had rented for her near her college. She was studying interior decorations. "But daddy, I want a new car." "No, Allie girl. This has to do. You see, you can't get everything you want." "But you can... " "And it is mine." He winked. "You have to earn your gifts. You see this office, I was planning to hand it over to some of our usual contractors, but then an young man came to me and he was still so young, almost a year or two above you. And you should have listened to him talk. He was so confident and he told me that he wanted to go up and so he would do it better than those who were already on the top and he did it with such drive that this came out better than all our other... " "Bleep. Daddy, I have heard this story before. Remember?" "Brat. Go on. It is late for your classes." "Love you daddy." "Love you more, Allie girl." ~~~ (Alexandra - three months ago) "But why did you daddy? Why did you leave me here all alone? I am so afraid. They all want everything you have worked for. So long. So hard. The vultures. Daddy, come back." She cried, heart breaking for the man who had been her constant support and her only family. But her daddy was gone. He wasn't coming back. The walls started to close in around her until she couldn't breathe properly. Life was like this. A giant wheel. It went on its merry round and round. And we were supposed to go along. Everyone would have their turn at the top. And of course, the bottom. Logan and Alexandra was in that giant wheel. As it went around... Logan was finally here. The top. The one he had worked so hard for. He was ready to fly. And Allie girl, she was here at the bottom. The ground was so close to her feet. Even if she wanted to fly, she couldn't. The shackles tethering her to the ground, it was so strong. And there, their story began. It was fate. It was destiny. One day, they would meet. They wouldn't learn about the thread that connect them together, until later. But they would meet and their meeting would change them both. They would meet and it would be all wrong, but still so right. It was all preplanned. ~~~
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