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Romaisa Shaw, 19-year-Old, a simple independent girl living a life in her innocent little world, opposed to the very idea of love, one day finds herself in a situation of helping a man shot in an abandoned road, catches the eye of the very person she was told to be hidden from. The very person who killed the man she saved, The very person known to the world as the king of horrors, and pain.

One fine night, while returning home from her birthday celebration, she is welcomed by the horror itself, brutal and cruel, but maybe not for her. Was she saved, or was her life ended the very day when he decided to kidnap her and take her with him, in order to protect her from his enemies.




In a swift motion, he was standing in front of me. His dark black eyes pinned me under his gaze. The fear ran down my body, I had nowhere to go. I was in a dark alley, caught after a failed escape from this very man standing in front of me. I whimpered and took a few steps back, my eyes begging his eyes for mercy, to let me go.

Before I realized what happened, I collided with his body. His hand in my hair, tugging at them, making me look up at him.

'Please! I whispered, "I beg of you to let me, I don't care if your enemies want me, I would rather die than be with you," I yelled with all my might. My voice cracked.

I started punching him, in an attempt to free myself. I had nowhere to go. But the fear I had for this man screamed at me to get away from him.

I felt him lower his head to my ear, 'You have only two choices, my love. Either you sign this marriage contract with me,' He begins, my heart banging in my ribs. 'Or I have my men outside your family's dear home in New York, ready to kill a few.'

'In both these scenarios, you are but going back with me, where you will be staying forever,'

I was dreadful.

He backed away and threw some papers toward me.

'Pick it up,' he said in a stern tone.

I stood there motionlessly processing whatever he said. My mind feels numb as well as my body. He just threatened to kill my family.

'ARE YOU DEAF,' He yelled and I flinched. He was giving me a hard glare indicating me to do what he said. I picked up the papers and saw them. It looked like some marriage certificate.

It is a stand-alone love story like no other, with lots of passion and pain, with all the mafia romance we love, with the added charm of thrill and mystery, and of course slow burn.

And if you loved this book, try my other book "And his heart betrayed," About a forbidden bodyguard slow-burn romance.

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Love, As Real As Unicorns
TRISTAN ROMANO KNIGHT known as the HUNTER in the underworld, HUNTER A name that sends chills down the spines of every man who lived to tell. A man who loved to torture and whose thirst for blood was never satisfied. No one exactly knows what he looks like or what his real name is, except that he is the Hunter. Rumors are that he is Lucifer in human form. He was known to put Hitler to shame, and with his heart-wrenching and notorious deeds, he didn't know anything apart from killing if someone stood in front of him. A man who had the power to destroy the whole world if angered. A man who didn't take no for an answer, people feared him. Of course, the young knight had a reputation to be feared by. He has men bowing down to his every whim. According to him, all women are whores, dying for money and attention from him. He just used them as tissues, throwing them away when he was done with them. A new girl every night charmed by his Greek looks and devil body. But all that changed when, for the first time, his heart felt alive for her, ROMAISA SHAW, Six months ago, April 2018. . . . This is his story. A pure love that came without a warning, A heart that betrayed him for the first time before he could say no. . . . . . Love, defined to be a compelling more invincible than any other; soft inebriation driving at your heart; untamed chaos of your mind; a poetry that the soul finds peace in. Love, A worship, a necessity, an art, a chanting of heart. A renouncing of one’s heart, one’s soul, oneself, one’s emotions, and one’s belief and integrity. Love, When two people touch each other’s soul. You plan on loving them more than yourself, you don’t take a breath at ease without them, and your eyes never get tired of them. Love, cause without it, your days unpleasant, your nights in grief. Love, what directs the moth to the light only to be burned by it, and still he is never afraid. And all of it, a BIG UGLY LIE. Yes, what is all this but untruth? Love, Life, Humans, Circumstances. I never really grasped all these ideas. A weird mess. Life snatches away our relations, changes our priorities, and crushes our souls. and yet we are willing to love. To feel more pain, to delve into more misery. Love is a facade, exhaustion, and a big distraction. Love, A good marketing campaign indeed, by the nature, to cloud your mind with hormones, to make you feel ‘In Love’ and boom making you continue the species of humankind. What comes next, ‘heartbreak’, Every love story is a tragedy if you wait long enough, Some realize it early, some late, and after a heartbreak and some fools keep on believing the lie till the end of life. Those are the people responsible for making more fools, and the chain goes on. Love, It does exist maybe. But only for the fools, only for sufferings, only for distractions. Love, I hate love. . . . Lying on her stomach on a brown sofa, with her head on a big cozy pillow, and her legs in the air, she had the remote in her hand and the dullest expression on her face. She and her cousin, who was sitting next to her, were watching what appeared to be a movie on a small TV kept on a beautiful wooden Trolley. The movie stopped mid sentenced of the female lead looking deeply into the eyes of the main lead, and confessing her love for the hundredth time. “What?” Her cousin, April asked when she realized Romaisa had stopped the video. “I don’t understand!” Romaisa replied. April waited for her to elaborate, and when she didn’t she asked, “What is it that you don’t understand?” “Her. This,” She said pointing at the screen. She lifted her head and put her hand under her chin looking straight at April. “Why would she leave her family like this?” her voice was dull as if she was bored. “Because they don’t approve of their relation,” Replied April, shrugging at the obvious. “Yes, That; I mean if they don’t approve, shouldn’t she back away, call it off, break up? It’s your family for God’s sake, Why would you betray them?” “Love! My dear Rumi, can make you do the most immoral of things and turn them moral,” April said charmed. “It doesn’t appear moral to me, Leaving your mother and father, to be with a man you just met, and call it Love,” “They are the ones who didn’t approve, while they very well knew of their daughter’s love for the man,” “They disapproved because he is unemployed, Her parents are looking out for her. She should listen to them. A stupid message they are depicting through the movie,” “He is a good man. She loves him and he loves her, they are delivering that love is powerful enough to conquer every tribulation,” “Yeah? If it is that powerful, What about the love she has for her parents? Wasn’t it powerful enough to stop her from breaking their heart?” April was quiet for a while, then smiled lightly. She knew how countered Rumi was to the idea of love. Even the most romantic movie of the era was a vain attempt to break through her firm idea of love being meaningless and fake. “What are you implying Rumi?” She asked. “You know what I am implying, Love is as real as Unicorns,” “What about the people who feel Love, and don’t say there aren’t any, because there are,” Romaisa sighed and sat up, folding her legs and facing April. “What people feel…is their hormones. It is just a foolish thought your mind generates. A nature’s trick to get you to reproduce for the continuation of the species. Soon enough, your mind gets back on track and you realize how wrong you were, and then it’s too late because you have already left much behind and now all of it is lost, and all you have left with is regret and a miserable life ahead. Now don’t say it doesn’t happen, because it does. You have many examples of it even around yourself,” “That was dark!” Said April wide-eyed and still breathing. Romaisa shrugged, “Dark and True,” “You are a lost cause,” April laughed it off. but somewhere deep within her, she herself had faced the same regret Romaisa was just talking about and knew how painfully right she was, But not for everyone. April was mature enough to realize not everyone has the same fate as hers or her parents. Mature enough to tell Yes, love isn’t everything but it can be if you find the right man. A kind man. “I hope one day you find the love you never regret,” She said and kissed Romaisa’s head. Her lips turned into a smile when she inhaled the usual scent of lavender from her hair. Her little cousin she loved dearly. Romaisa took a deep breath almost wanting to say ‘Hopefully’ But thinking better of it. “Okay, common play it, let’s see how much she regrets it!” Romaisa pressed her lips together in denial but sighed and pressed play on the remote,” The movie was almost over when the bell rang with a ting. A woman somewhat chubby, wearing a white dress that reached below her knees and red slippers. Kitchen apparel was tied around her waist, and her hair was tied in a bun. She reaches for the door and opens it. “Good afternoon,” she says with a dismissive smile. A man, half bald, in a white and blue striped shirt and pants appears from behind the door and nods his head in acknowledgment. “Dad, you are late!” Says April and both April and Rumi stand up, “We were so hungry Steph,” Said Rumi, calling her uncle by his nickname as she always did. Stephan smiled at the two young ladies, and follow them to the kitchen. “Oh God, It smells so nice,” Says Rumi, “I can almost feel my taste buds exploding with this badass fish,” “Language Rumi,” says Steph, while Charlotte, her aunt, shakes her head at her, and smiles. “I meant bad sass,” She mumbled taking her seat. Charlotte placed the dish on the small wooden table and Rumi served everyone with plates before they continue to eat. “Met a friend of mine, at work, your classmate’s father,” said Stephen to Rumi, and she stopped eating. Melissa, her classmate, loved to tell everything to get mother, who loved to tell everything to her husband, who loved to tell everything to my uncle, and I was caught every time. “You complained about your head teacher to the directors, and created a big fuss in school today?” It was a statement but Stephen his eyebrows indicated it to be a question. to which Romaisa nodded her head Yes. “Didn’t your friend tell you, that his daughter told you why I did that?” “Why?” “He is a pervert, always harassing the students, making them uncomfortable and all, No one ever complained till today. when he asked me to give him my number and some pictures, so he would give me an A plus in Literature, I complained to him to the directors and many a student testified to my statement,” “I told you to ignore such people, the humans are dangerou-,” said Stephen. “I have had enough Steph, Everyone had enough,” “Why didn’t anyone else complain then? Do you happen to have an extra life from them?” “Life…Are you implying he’ll kill me now? He is a pedophile with a big fat stomach and barely seeing eyes,” “Romaisa Shaw, I have told you many many times, People. are. dangerous. Anything can happen, and I am not ready to lose any more family,” Romaisa took a sharp breath, “Yes, Uncle. I understand. I am sorry and it won’t happen again,”

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