Yeza, Lianne, Reign, Chloe and Yuna were the five members who are part of the special class.

Yeza, being the abandoned child, faced a problem of how will she be able to enter college and finding a place to stay. A fortunate event happens, while she and her best friend Lia staying at the hotel, the university president of Celestine all girls university contacted them. She and her best friend were chosen to become a part of the Special class. Where dorm, food and school materials like laptop, tablet, notebooks, pen, etc. will be able to acquire for free, once you are part of it.

Reign, a calm and silent type of person, who enrolled in the university for her sister, Mina. Because she heard the rumors about their older sister so wanted to investigate about it. Together with their younger sister, Yuna. Reign do not have any plans to be part of the top class, but intelligent genes are running to their family. She was able to get the top position, easily.

After the Kisscam accident, Yeza (the number 2) promised herself that no matter what, she will become the number 1. To prove to Reign that she can get her spot and compensate to that kiss accident.

Will she be able to replace Reign and get the number 1 spot?

What will happen to their unending battle?

Will the chaos since day 1, last?

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Chapter 1
Reign's POV   Finally, we are back at Korea. I saw Mina, my older sister waving at us. She waited for us here at the airport.   "Unnieeeeeee" Yuna shouts excitedly as she runs to our sister. Yuna loves to call her unnie, which mean older sister.   "How's my little sisters?" Mina unnie asks.   "we're fine unnie and weee misss youuu sooo muchhhh" Yuna said with excitement in her voice.   Yuna is always excited and full of energy. She’s always our happy pill.   Mina unnie smiles at her warmly.   I just sit quietly while looking outside the window. "When will I see you?" I said to myself.   "Anyway, there's an event in our school, it's U-week. Do you want to go there?" Mina unnie asks.   "Oh oh… Is the rabbit and squirrel there?" yuna asks   I just shake my head on yuna's attitude.   "hahahahaha yeah, there is." Mina unnie said.   Well, the one she is talking about is Naomi and Stacy, our cousin. Yuna is scared with Jessica unnie because of what happened before.   "Then lets goo!!" Yuna excitedly said.   "How about our things?" I said.   "Oh let's put it first at Felix' condo then we can go" yuna suggested.   "Felix actually went to Australia last week because apparently Grandpa needed his help about something. So, the condo is all yours for now." Mina unnie said.   "That's great." Yuna said. We arrive at Felix’s condo to leave our belongings and went to Mina unnie’s university.   I saw a girl sitting on a bench the tree on a distance. She seems familiar. Wait, Is that Stacy unnie? Why is she crying?   I saw Stacy unnie sitting there with a guy who seems to be comforting her. This is bad. Yuna should not see this.   "uhh Yuna, you'll meet your friends around here right?" I ask her. Yuna told me earlier that she met a friend online which coincidentally studying here.   "Oh, Right. Is it OK to walk around and find her, Mina unnie?" she asks permission in a cute tone.   "Sure, go on." Mina unnie said. Mina unnie is so jolly when in front of us. However, I heard that she is feared around here. I have heard a lot of the rumours before. I should ask her about it next time.   As soon as Yuna gets out of our sight, I drag Mina unnie to where I see Stacy unnie and the guy were sitting.   "Where are we going?" Mina unnie asks.   "I saw Stacy unnie crying, she doesn't know Yuna and I are here right?" I ask.   "Yes. But wait…" mina unnie was trying to say something, but I interrupted her.   "Unnie, if yuna sees her crying, you know what will happen right?" I said. Mina unnie nods. Yuna is a sweet girl, but whenever she sees one of her big sister crying, she becomes over protective. You wouldn’t want to know what she can do just to protect us.   While we are on the way to the tree, we saw Stacy unnie and the guy suddenly stood up and seemingly trying to go somewhere.   I know Mina unnie  is worried too, so we followed them. We ended up here at the rooftop where we heard Stacy unnie shouting, looks like she’s venting it out.   I look at Mina unnie, it is obvious that she is also hurt seeing her crying, well, who wouldn't?   Mina unnie walks over to them. When I saw Stacy unnie getting calmer, I decided to walk away and let them have their privacy. I am sure whatever Stacy unnie is struggling with, she’ll be able to get through it with Mina unnie and that guy’s help.   I walk around the campus and start wandering.   "Reignieee??" I look at the person who calls me.   "Jessica" I ran into her and hugged her tight. Jessica is Mina unnie’s friend, the closest friend to be exact. She always used to hang out with Mina unnie at our house so eventually we became close too.   "Hey. How have you been? Come, let's go to my office, so we can catch up." Jessica invited.   "Oh I forgot, the miss president." I said to her. I heard from Mina unnie that Jessica became this University’s President. Jessica Unnie just laughed at me then pulls me towards a room which I’m guessing is her office.   "Let's have some food to snack on while we talk, what would you want?" She asked.   “How about cookies? I’m kind of craving cookies right now” I said.   “Cookies it is then” she answered.   We’ve been catching up on things about what’s been happening in our lives while we are eating chocolate chip cookies.   "Did you came here alone? When did you arrive? Did Mina know you’re here?" She asks.   I swallowed the cookie I'm munching on and sip the tea Jessica Unnie served me.   "Yeah. Mina unnie is actually the one who pick us up at the airport earlier. I’ve travelled with yuna. We basically came here just after we left our things on Felix’s condo." I said.   "Yuna? How has she been?" Jessica unnie asks.   "Same as usual, she's still scared of you hahaha" I said and laughed. I still remember when Yuna saw how Jessica unnie got mad about something I’ve already forgotten. After that, she became a little timid and Ansty around Jessica unnie whenever she came by.   "Where is she?" Jessica unnie asks.   "Hmm, she said she'll meet her friend here." I said, then continued to eat more cookies.   "oh she already found a new friend, that’s nice.” Jessica said then sipped on her tea “Anyway, I've received your grades and requirements. As expected huh? Intelligence is really running in your family’s bloodline” she added.   "Yeah, I guess." I told her in a little bragging tone.   "Anyway, do you want to tour around the campus? There is an archery match going on in the gym." Jessica unnie suggested.   "Archery match? Interesting, okay. Are you going to be my tour guide?" I asked while I am finishing the cookies and the tea that Jessica gave me.   "No, but I will come by at the gym later." she said. Before I leave I asked the direction as to where the match is being held. After that I bid her goodbye and made my way to the gym.   "Rianne?" someone called me in a sweet voice. I turn my head to the side where I heard the voice. There is only one person who calls me Rianne. My full name is Reign anne. But this Unnie of mine, come up with her own pet name for me.   "Stacy unnie.” My cousin. Yep! That’s her alright. “Hey! Don't call me in that nickname, we're in public." I told her. She looks fine now. "Anyway, Where is Mina unnie?" I asked.   "Haven't you seen her again? Well, she is at the gym. Cheering someone who joins the archery."   "Oh is that so?" I said. Hmm, who would it be?   "Anyway, Rianne do you have a special someone right now?" Stacy unnie asks as she clings to me.   "Yah! Of course, not." I said as I remove my arms with her. Aish this squirrel, why so clingy.   "Really? Didn’t you miss me? You are always with Momo back in Japan. I am sure she let you starve, I know her well, she is so greedy with food. I envy her; she has a lot of time with you back then. But now, at least I can be with you." Stacy unnie really loves to cling and be flirty with us.   "aish. Stop it unnie. You're so flirty it makes me want to puke." I said. Aish I need an escape plan. I cannot escape this easily with Stacy unnie in my arms, clinging and being touchy.   I see Yuna with a girl. Maybe that’s her new-found friend "Yunaaa…" I called her. Yuna really is my saviour when I am with Stacy. Yuna and Stacy has a same energy. They can be each other’s distractions and with that thought I can easily remove Stacy unnie’s glued arms and clinginess on me.   "Oh? Yuyu??" Stacy unnie said. As she run towards Yuna.   "Stacy unnieeee" Yuna said excitedly and hugs Stacy unnie.   "Aish finally." I bolted to the entrance door of the gym. If I let myself stay in there, Stacy unnie will drag me along with yuna and I will not hear the end of their loud and annoying voices conversing from one topic to another. Argh. I need a peaceful place.  

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