Chapter 1 : May We Come In....?

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May We Come In ..? Arhaan was staring himself in the mirror, looking at his reflection , wondering how his life turned upside down in the last few minutes .. Flashback Arhaan woke up feeling great. Why shouldn't he ? After all, it was his eighteenth birthday . Finally, he was an adult now , who could make his own decisions ,could wander around , explore nature and all those adventurous things he had been dreaming of doing but never got a chance . He went downstairs and made breakfast. After making sure everyone had their breakfast and finishing the chores, he asked for permission to go to the town library, which is his favorite place . He put on something simple and headed towards the library . He stayed there till lunch , reading some books his mother used to read him when he was a child . Feeling a bit better, he went toward the cemetery. It was a special day for him, so he bought some flowers with the money he saved from his pocket money, which was twenty dollars per month, and went to see his parents' grave , had a chat with him and finally he returned home in the evening . As he expected, no one remembered his birthday though he was used to it, but he still hoped at least his eighteenth birthday would be a little bit special , a cake or some simple gifts. He stayed in his own room till it was dinner time and, after silently eating his dinner, he went back to his room . He laid on his bed staring at the ceiling and imagining all those happy moments he spent with his family, his life before the accident was so much more colorful compared to his now colorless life . Finally, he went to the bathroom and changed his clothes. Meanwhile, someone held him from behind. He stood there still knowing it was none other than Aryan . Aryan took a little box out of his pocket and gave it to Arhaan . Arhaan was reluctant at first. After looking at Aryan, who was now glaring at him, he opened the box and found a bracelet with his name Arhaan on it . " Did you actually think that even I would forget your Eighteenth birthday...? Aryan asked. "It's not much, but I hope it's good for you ". Arhaan was a little bit startled. Now he thanked Aryan . But Aryan did something completely unthinkable. He pinned Arhaan to the wall and kissed him hard .There was nothing passionate about that kiss, but Arhaan knew what would be good for him . He only broke for air and then again kissed Arhaan while Arhaan just stood there still lifeless. Aryan said good boy and went to his room . Arhaan was now looking in the mirror, staring at his own reflection, thinking how his life had turned upside down in a few minutes . Arhaan always knew Aryan liked him . At first he found it funny, but then Aryan's possessiveness and anger opened his eyes . He found out Aryan was obsessed with him . After turning fourteen, the obsession turned into abuse . But Aryan never touched him up until now . He was angry with himself for being so weak and not being able to defend himself . He even took his first kiss forcefully without caring about his feelings . He removed his clothes , took a shower and went to bed and fell into a deep slumber . Beep Beep Beep Beep Arhaan woke up hearing an alarm . Finally, the vacations were over and now he was a senior . He went to his bathroom, finished his job and made his way to the kitchen to make breakfast . He was not feeling well so he just cooked something simple . After having breakfast together, the trio ( Aryan , Arya and Arhaan ) went to their rooms . After all, it was the first day of their senior year . Arhaan put on a black shirt with black jeans and his hair messy . Aryan was wearing blue jeans along with a white shirt while Arya was looking gorgeous in her floral dress . Mr. Smith dropped the trio at school and wished them good luck . The trio walked towards their homeroom and after getting their schedules they went towards their separate classes . Arhaan had Mathematics, his favorite subject, so he quickly walked toward his class and found his only friend, Sky, was waiting for him . He greeted her and asked her about her new pink-colored hair . After sometime, Professor Mr. Ryder came and started talking about trigonometry. Halfway through the class, someone pushed the door open, asking "May We Come In ..?
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