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Before you start reading this story, please understand that this is a work or pure fiction. Anything resembling to the real world is just a coincident. I have no intention of offending anyone or any group. This whole story is nothing but just a fiction. Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep The alarm sound woke Arhaan up. Waking up lazily, he went to his bathroom and did his business. He went downstairs and started making breakfast for everyone . He made sandwiches, scrambled eggs and some freshly squeezed orange juices. He also made his signature special dish, spaghetti with red sauce. After all, it's a big day for the family. The twins Aryan and Arya turned eighteen today. Though he still missed his old family , he was lucky enough to have someone adopt him . There were some issues, but he was still really lucky to be adopted into a house like this . After a while, we all went down to have breakfast. His adoptive parents, Mr. and Mrs. Smith were nice people, though Mrs. Smith didn't acknowledge Arhaan much, but she never hated him. He is somehow close to Mr. Smith and according to him, one day Arhaan will find his own happiness ,his goal in life and become successful. Both Mr. and Mrs. Smith surprised the twins by giving Aryan a new bike and an all-new iPhone 12 max pro to Arya. They were both freaking happy, Arya even squealed and hugged her mom . These were the times when Arhaan missed his family a lot . After having breakfast, they all left for shopping . They went to one of the busiest and fanciest malls in the area . Both the twins were extremely addicted to shopping , shopaholics as they called themselves . So it took almost five hours for them to finish their shopping. Even after five hours, the twins were making sad faces as they wanted to buy a few more things . Arhaan also bought a black shirt and black jeans for him. They all went to the food court and ordered an extra large pepperoni pizza . While eating pizza, Arhaan felt like someone's eyes on him, so he looked around but found nothing . Then they left the mall and returned home. Their home was already decorated ,ready for the big birthday bash, so Arhaan just went to his own room and went to the bathroom to freshen up . Meanwhile, someone pinned him to the wall of the room and he saw it was Aryan. "Don't wear anything nice so that all of my friends won't have to stare at you " said Aryan ,his voice a little hoarse. Arhaan nodded his head. Aryan came a little close, their faces a few centimeters apart , he kissed his forehead, ruffled his hair and told "Good Boy" then left . Arhaan just stood there watching his reflections in the mirror , letting the moment vanish . Finally, it was party time . Arhaan wore simple blue jeans with a dark blue shirt . His hair was messy covering his forehead and there was something in his own eyes that Arhaan didn't understand. Letting this he went downstairs , some of their friends were already here and the twins came . Aryan was properly dressed, looking like a perfect gentleman in a blazer, while Arya was looking like a Disney princess with her long white pink gown, as growing up she was obsessed with Disney movies and how pretty Disney princesses were . After a while, the smell of booze , horny teenagers smooching each other , groaning and dancing noises , people grinding against each other became common. So Arhaan just went to his own room, took a bath and fell into eternal slumber, hoping for the next week to go nicely .
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